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  1. [quote user="ellis206"]I expect to see Tim Sherwood take over now.   How would fans react to that? Less experience than Neil but did well at Spurs [/quote]Slightly more experienced as a first team manager than Neil was.Another ex player, and a bit of a twonk at that.  Whoever is appointed I hope they will be a success.
  2. Norwich City FCVerified account‏@NorwichCityFCBREAKING | Neil Adams resigns as manager. Full statement to follow.
  3. A sad end to his tenure.  The Board has been completely incompetent this last year.
  4. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Yes Rickyyyy! Those who support him will try and excuse the defeats and I those who don''t will try just as hard to discredit the wins. But ultimately Gunny is spot on. Results are king![/quote]And of course, there is no guarantee we will make the right choice to replace him, as Adams seems to be proving at the moment.Phelan would get a couple of games as caretaker and assuming we don''t lose them all will be given the job.  Having said that, Adams performed poorly in his cameo and was still given the job, so who knows.As it is we sit 7th, not terrible, but not good either given how we are slipping down the league - probably the worst situation to be in given we have an unproven manager.
  5. [quote user="Mind the gap"]I realise it fitted most peoples agenda. Just not mine. For me,all this fury building up is born out of the myth that this squad is something special. I don''t see how it is. [/quote]It is a very good Championship squad, we have strikers who can score, strong defenders & goalie, and proven midfielders at this level.  We probably lack a decent ball player in midfield, and options wide.Football is not only about having decent players at your disposal, you have to organise those players into an effective unit, playing to a style which will maximise the players potential.  At the moment this is where we are failing.
  6. [quote user="The Butler"][quote user="Tim Dawson"]8 wins, 4 draws and only two defeats since taking charge of a side that was heading only one way, case closed .......[/quote] There is a well known poster on this site who will tell you that as Norwich beat Bolton then Adams MUST be a better manager[:D] [/quote]Only a fool will form an opinion of a manager based on a single result.
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Agreed Foggy but he was injured. I keep asking this but can anybody who was at the game confirm the impression I got from the radio commentary that Phelan kept trying to motivate Hooper from the tec area?[/quote]Then perhaps Lafferty up top with Hooper.  Sounds like Adams was determined to play Howson, Wes and Redmond - and thus five in midfield. Even this puts Wes out left where he is generally less effective, and the very ordinary Howson gets the key spot behind the striker, despite being the least creative of the three.Neil Adams still hasn''t found a system, tactics or style of play that best suits his squad - very worrying.
  8. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"][quote user="Yellow Messiah"]He ignored Gary Hooper for most of the season, in favour of a player who is much inferior to Callum Wilson, who he brilliantly decided not to sign.[/quote]Hooper got his chance today.  He appears to have justified Adams''s decision to ignore him.[/quote]Gary Hooper has 4 goals and 5 assists from his last 7 games.  However, Gary Hooper looks lost when up front on his own, but then we already knew that from last season. If Adams wanted to play a lone striker, he should have picked Grabban who looks the part in that role.
  9. I was surprised to see Hooper up top alone, when has that ever worked for us... 
  10. Both could probably do with being out on loan this season.Looks like Jacob could do with taking things a bit more seriously...
  11. His conclusion:  If you get relegated, get yourselves back up as quickly as humanly possible. It only gets harder.
  12. A few players are coming through, some out on loan.  Josh Murphy has been given a few chances. Jacob Murphy is playing for Blackpool on loan. Jamar Loza has been on loan to a few clubs. Harry Toffolo is at Swindon, Carlton Morris is at York.If we get even one or two regulars out of these, it will be a success for the club.
  13. [quote user="morty"]Much the same as Hoolahan, his inclusion means that you have to sacrifice something else to accommodate him.[/quote]And Bradley Johnson, on performances like yesterday you have to do a lot more defending with him in the side - as he gave the ball back to Reading 27 times through misplaced passes. 
  14. [quote user="chicken"]In many ways you could compare him directly with McCormick. The fact that we spent less than a third on a comparable player says a bit to me.[/quote]It says Fulham were mugged...  10 million quid for a 28 year old player with one decent Championship season behind him.Becchio is just as good a player, and he will be back at the club and returning from injury in the new year.
  15. [quote user="Herman "]"but having wasted a fair sum of money on average players like Lafferty and Grabban"Grabban was one of the top scorers in this division last year. Nobody would have turned down his signing.Lafferty has a reasonable record in the lower leagues, but for various reasons hasn''t shown his potential yet.[/quote]Grabban looks technically poor, if we scouted him we must have seen this - maybe he was just in a decent side.  Also Grabban banged in 7 penalties last season - an unusually high amount - no lessons learned from RvW?  There is more to judging a striker in this league than goals scored.At least we didn''t fork out £10 million for Ross McCormick - another average player - his goals per game ratio was almost identical to Becchio''s the previous season when we signed him.
  16. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]I don''t think anyone is increasing Surman''s prowess, he has always been a top level championship player.[/quote]So why didn''t we keep him, or make him an offer he couldn''t refuse? Despite being light in his position?I think, regardless of anyones opinion of him, he had clearly decided that he wanted to go. So I find the whole discussion a bit moot, like its somehow he slipped through our fingers.[/quote]It''s funny how players can fall out of favour, clearly not defensive enough for Hughton, he dropped out of the reckoning and off to Bournemouth on loan.  In the end, Surman is not a big bustling midfielder, and in this country we often ignore more technical players in favour of the hard working. Looking back, it was a midfield diamond of Crofts, Surman, Hoolahan and Fox which helped us to promotion back in 2010-11, interesting that there are three excellent passers of the ball in that lineup.
  17. [quote user="Year of the tiger"]That would be 5 goals in the 5 games he''s played on the left BJ would it? I suppose Surmans prowess will increase as have Pilkington & Bassong as they are stick to beat Adams with.[/quote]Today BJ also had less than 50% pass completion rate, out of 53 attempted passes he gave the ball to Reading 27 times.  For comparison, today Surman gave the ball away 7 times in his 53 passes.I don''t think anyone is increasing Surman''s prowess, he has always been a top level championship player.
  18. [quote user="Jenkins"]The reason the binboys are doing so well is because they stuck with a manager for a full and two half seasons to build a squad. A point conveniently overlooked quite often[/quote]Ipswich were a mess when he took over - lingering in lower mid table - and McCarthy has a proven track record in this league. Without a big spend, and low expectations, they have seen improvement over the last couple of seasons. Previously they found to their cost, how easy it is to blow a lot of cash on very average players.Compare that to us, who just dropped out of the Premiership, but kept much of the squad intact, with a good £10 million spend in the summer.
  19. I don''t see why Bournemouth can''t go up.  Eddie Howe has built a decent unit, playing effective football which is yielding results.  Compare that to us, who really don''t know how we should be playing, from style to formation, let alone who is our best XI.
  20. [quote user="morty"]As I said somewhere else though, the game is played for 90 minutes, by up to 14 players.[/quote]Well yes, but the system was changed to something else in each of these games as we were losing / or failing to beat 10 men.  In fact this system has only actually managed a win once - against a toothless Wigan side.[quote user="morty"]And it relies on fullbacks getting forward, which was negated today, partly by Readings wide midfield, but it could just as easily be attributed to really nobody having a particularly good game. [/quote]The thing is, while playing with these four central midfielders we don''t look very threatening, and by most accounts didn''t again today.  I think the system had its use in helping stem the tide of goals we were conceding pre-Wigan, but I am not sure it is the way forward for the rest of the season.
  21. [quote user="morty"]Don''t forget this is exactly (virtually bar Cueller) system that almost yielded a win at Derby, that everyone was purring about.[/quote]This system had us losing 2-1 at Derby before we changed it.  Today Reading were leading 2-0 when we changed it.This system is a bit lacklustre in attack, and the goals are still being conceded - away from home at least.I still don''t think Neil Adams has found the system and lineup which will get us promoted yet.
  22. I really think it is difficult to spend money in this league - anyone with real quality is picked up by the Premier League sides.  It is easy to waste a lot of cash on ordinary players.  I would rather see us pick up some smart Premiership cast offs as freebies, or talented youngsters from League 1, than fork out 5 million quid for a couple of average championship players like Grabban and Lafferty.
  23. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Eleven appearances so far this season.  [/quote]Surman has 18 starts in the league as a central midfielder this season, 2 goals, 3 assists, 88.3% passing accuracy.  
  24. Too lightweight.... apparently. Actually a decent technical footballer with a good pass on him.Considering all this talk pre-season of playing attractive attacking football, it seemed ludicrous to let a decent passer of the ball go for nothing.
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