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  1. I put up a post after the Reading match that Hughes was a "ray of sunshine". If we accept that he is a Gary Holt replacement then he is doing a decent enough job coupled to the fact that he appears the best captain since Malky. Accordingly he is worth his place in the team and I believe he will become increasingly effective as he finds his best role for us.
  2. I live just around the corner from Leon (and Flem), so I will genuinely go and see if he is at home and let you all know
  3. I am not a Worthington fan as regular subscribers will probably be aware. That being so, there have been two recent events that have not given me any encouragement as to the departure of Nigel. After scoring on Tuesday, Youseff ran half the length of the pitch to celebrate with Worthington BEFORE celebrating with the other players - this was spontaneous, unrehearsed, and a kick in the goonas for me Deano''s impromptu chat with the Press also, unfortunately for me, demonstrated a level of loyalty to W that I didn''t think existed. Do not misunderstand me, I am knocking either event. They both showed that W has not "lost" the dressing room, and both are a credit to the player''s involved - it just means W will be around longer than I personally hoped, but I can live with that
  4. As I understand it its - "Follow, follow, follow, Follow the boys in yellow, We''re in yellow and green, And we''re Worthington''s team, And its off the Premier we go"
  5. Green Tee Shirt.......Why is it moaning when Tom, and the people around you at the game, have merely responded to what is true? We played really well in the first half with Hucks in particular back to his best form. In the second half we struggled to have any penetration, or indeed to even maintain possession. That''s factual, not moaning.  
  6. Absolutely, MadDan. In fact in an earlier post on this thread you will see that I thought that his reply wasn''t said with any particular venom, and certainly Chris Goreham didn''t seem particularly concerned by it. However, as there is such a fuss over it, it does need to be reported in an objective manner.
  7. Is it just me or has our local press contrived not to print Worthington''s infamous reply? I haven''t seen anything in the Pink ''Un, The EDP or the EEN, or have I missed it? If they haven''t quoted him then it would smack of the old malaise of not "criticising" the Club when some truly objective repoprting seems to be called for.
  8. Questions for Amarillo.... "Two wins and we''ll be up near the top 6." 1) This assumes that the Clubs above us don''t collect any points whilst we get our 2 wins? 2) So far it has taken 10 games to amass 2 wins, and you are calculating how many matches to  get the next 2 wins?
  9. Meeky...I don''t think you should be so personal as to attack Nigel''s attire
  10. Having listened to the interview last night on the radio, and several times again today (thanks to the guys who posted the links -especially the mp3 one), I really don''t think his comments are that bad. It isn''t as though he went into a rant...he merely answered a question in a fairly blunt way expressing that he is responsible for decisions. Certainly Chris Goreham didn''t think it was particularly contentious as he moved on to another question without expressing any surprise in the reply. We should also be aware that Worthington didn''t say he didn''t care what the fans "think", he actually said he didn''t care what the fans "say"....and as any psychologist will tell you there is a huge difference in the underlying meaning of those two words. However, as he admits he and his coaching staff are responsible for the decisions that are made, then he ought to resign anyway  
  11. I thought Hughes provided a ray of sunshine on Saturday. His game was not only full of energy it was also very positive and without doubt he is the natural captain for the side. He is not the "new Francis" but he is an improvement on Gary Holt and we do need his type of player in the team. His post match interview was both intelligent and articulate - pity he is not a few years older as he shows all the signs of being an excellent player manager
  12. Carrow Road consists of four stands - The Barclay The River End The Main Stand The South Stand Any other names are just boll*cks
  13. I normally agree with most of Zipper''s posts, however, I do not agree that we don''t have the wide players capable of giving us width in a diamond. Both Brennan and McVeigh have shown in the past that they can play out wide, providing width, pace and penetration. Colin is also supposed to be a better wing back than he is a full back, so the options, correctly coached, are there. That would leave Safri at the base and Hughes at the head of the diamond. For my money, Hughes is getting better every game, and on Saturday he showed a considerable turn of speed on several occasions when chasing down balls. Couple that with his natural aggression and it might just work.
  14. Without doubt there is a ground swell of opinion forming against Worthington.  All sections of the ground expressed their views regarding the McVeigh substitution on Saturday, not by anti-Worthington chants, but by pro-Mcveigh singing. However, it will not take much for the chants to go anti-Worthington. After several games this season there has been noticeable vocal discontent after the whistle has been blown, and each time it gets louder and more noticeable. If this continues to get louder and loader, and if the "early leavers" continue to grow in numbers, then the board will have to take notice. No matter what some posters on this board feel about the booers and the leavers the fact is that they are growing in numbers and will continue to do so if the results remain poor. One or two more poor performances and the vociferous section of the crowd WILL turn against Worthington. When that happens even the reticent sections of the ground will join in because Worthington is really p*ssing off a lot of people right now. I sit in the Upper Barclay and have to say there is very, very little support from the people around me for Worthington right now. If we do not perform on Tuesday night I think the tide will turn noticeably against him.
  15. He should go due to his inability as a manager to keep us up last season and his continuing inability to have a positive effect on this season. As manager he is responsible for results, transfers, coaching, tactics and selections. As he is failing in all areas he should be replaced.
  16. He should go due to his inability as a manager to keep us up last season and his continuing inability to have a positive effect on this season. As manager he is responsible for results, transfers, coaching, tactics and selections. As he is failing in all areas he should be replaced.
  17. The only thing that slightly p*isses me off is the use of "text messaging" posts. Given that there is a spell checking facility I can''t see the merit in putting up a post that is difficult to read as you have to try and decipher what the post is actually saying. I am not particularly bothered about other people''s points of view, or their short sightedness.......that''s their problem
  18. "But there''s no disguising the point that we are looking very very average this season. Sell Ashton in January for £7M and Green for £2M and rebuild the entire squad and start again next season. We need a minor miracle this season the way things are going" Worthington has already rebuilt virtually the first team over the last season and a bit...and buggar all good it has done     
  19. Hughes is not Francis and he doesn''t play the same sort of game. Francis at his best was a very fine player, skilfull, strong, with an eye for goal. Unfortunately he was also quite petulant wqhich prevented him from being awesome. On the other hand Hughes does his job of being a spoiler extremely well. He covers the ground well, he gets his foot in and he breaks up play. I happen to think that he also makes a good captain as he does display natural leadership on the pitch. What we need is a playmaker playing alongside Hughes and Safri - unfortunately we don''t have that type of player at the Club.
  20. I guess it all comes down to what your personal expectation is. If you are rating Deano on the basis of a classy Championship striker of a young age who has showed that he can perform in the Championship, and who could, and should get better, over the next few years - then he is certainly not "overrated". If you are judging him as being the "finished article" who can dominate Premiership defences, and preseumably International defences as well, then he would be "overrated". Deano is what he is - a 21 year old striker still learning his trade who has an outstanding Championship scoring record and who also proved he could score in the premiership whilst playing within a struggling side - and that being so, he is not "overrrated".  
  21. I think it is important for the longer term balance of the team that The Doc does come good, and it seems that playing on the right side could be the answer for him.
  22. With reference to Dicky''s original post - "Let''s enjoy the moment" Let''s trust that it wasn''t only a moment and that we can now embark upon a run of results conducive the quality of our squad. "3 loan players" If those 3 were a major factor in the result, what do we do when the loans for Lisbee and Davenport end? Isn''t there a maximum period that they can stay even if Lisbee''s one month is extended? I seem to remember that players signed in such circumstances can only stay a maximum of 3 months?
  23. As the player who gave the Club their clearest sign of intent to succeed it is good news to read him being so positive about NCFC
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