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  1. Just a note to anyone in the Ipswich area tomorrow. Members from the NorwichMad forum are playing a match against members from the BluesWeb forum with all players donating to the ''Help For Heroes'' campaign. The match is at the Northgate Sports Centre in Ipswich and is due to kick off at 2pm. Anyone in the area is welcome to come a cheer on the Norwich lads.   Phil
  2. Superb piece of journalism Beaker. Agree with just about every comment made and made me smile after yet another depressing performance....OTBC   Oh yeah....HUGHESY FOR ENGLAND!
  3. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Okay, so on Radio Norfolk they didn''t get it intime but it''s up on the official site now so I will type to you what this moron has to say. Goreham: Glenn Roeder, that was a horrible night for everyone associated with the club. Roeder: A horrible night, because we were knocked out of the FA Cup. I''m not having it that they played poorly for the whole of the 90 minutes. (We) conceded a poor goal, where the through ball should have been cut out, it wasn''t and the ball was stuck in the back of the net quite easily and it should have been 1 on 1. But we had long periods in the first half and the second half where we should have got something out of the game. But I''ll be the first to admit, we didn''t play well for the whole game. So when we were playing well the crowd were with us, as soon as we gave the ball away a few times the were against us. I understand that. They were against the team, they were against me at times but I have very broad shoulders, I''ve been in the game a long time. I understand their feelings, but, I''m a fighter and I enjoy a fight. I''ll stand up to anybody. We will turn this around, we need to get new players in. Fresh blood, certainly in the top half of the team because this season we''ve missed too many chances when we''ve created them. We have created plenty of chances this year but we haven''t stuck the ball in the back of the net. Unfortunately at the other end we''ve made too many mistakes, but inbetween that there has been plenty of games where the football has been better than last year. But we know we are in a poor position that we need to get out of as quickly as we can. It''s a minute, tiny squad that I''m working with at the moment. But there''s more quality in the squad than last year and we need to keep fighting. Goreham: You heard the quite loud protests at the end from the supporters, how will that effect you and your players? Roeder: I will cope with that, no-one likes it, I''d be a liar if I said I enjoyed that, who would? But it wont have that sort of effect on me that some people think it will. Even from being a kiddy where I grew up, we always had to fight. Nothing''s changed now as I''ve become an older mature person. Football changes very quickly, the fans as I said were terrific tonight. I thought the crowd was a good size considering we have another home game here on Saturday. I think they got behind us when we were on top and there was no hint of them being unhappy. The patience is very thin at the moment, I understand that. We make a few mistakes, give the ball away when we shouldn''t, they let the team know and they let me know too. I hope it doesn''t effect the players, it wont effect me. But I have to protect the players so they can go out on Saturday and put in a winning performance. Goreham: You said a few moments ago, we will turn this around. What will it take to do that? Roeder: Sticking our chances in the back of the net to start with and not conceding sloppy goals. Saturday''s goal against us was poorly defended, the cross came in too easily, there was not enough effort to block the cross. If more effort was put in they wouldn''t have scored, we would have got a point against a team that will get promoted in my opinion. We put up a fight, no-one can accuse them of not trying tonight. They didn''t have their best games tonight, some of them can do a lot better in terms of quality. Goreham: You are convinced the players then, do have the stomach for the fight they''re in at the moment? Roeder: I have no doubt about that, football''s won and lost in both penalty boxes. Eradicate the mistakes defensively, we''re not getting away with one or two errors, that''s the luck we''re having at the moment. Equally down the other end when we''re making chances, the ball has to go in the back of the net, end of story. That''s what players are paid to do in good goalscoring situations, put the ball in the back of the net. Took me ages to type so I hope you appreciate it! [/quote]   About sums it up cheers Glenn...OTBC
  4. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="1st Wazzock"]I think Glenn said ''Let''s all stay in here until that rabid mob outside who keep singing ''We want Roeder out'' has gone home.[/quote]lmfao....probably right tho[/quote]   Rabid mob....LMFAO. 4 retards and a handful of kids that know no better...FFS get a grip. I wasnt happy with the performance(if you can call it that) but the players were to blame not Roeder. Clingan, Doherty, Lupoli and Bell are the only outfield players that even tried to play football tonight...the rest were a disgrace....OTBC
  5. Indeed but during the day its a council park but at what time do the football parking people take it over?   OTBC
  6. Does anyone know what time the County Hall car park opens for a midweek match???   OTBC
  7. Only on the Pink Un forum could you read a frigging ridiculous thread like this...WTF do Norwich have to do to get posiitve stuff from you? I cannot believe I am reading this let alone responding to it. You must be a scummer at heart to even think of posting this cr4p! OTBC
  8. I agree Hendo hasn''t really had the chance to shine under Worthy. As an away season ticket holder you get to hear the away whingers too and as he was brought on at Brighton many members of our following gave him stick. You could see it in his body language that he just wanted to do so well and pressured himself too much and made a few mistakes. Suddenly he scored a goal and gave the Home fans some stick and he was being applauded. Norwich fans fickle.................NEVER. Give the lad a chance, and read what Iwan wrote about how the youngsters are affected by the boo-boys and what it did to both Hendo and Easton. You''re alright by me Hendo, not the most gifted but god loves a tryer as does Philcanary......LOL.   OTBC
  9. Can anybody help??? I am trying to compile a list of all the players that have been given Testimonials by Norwich? Any ideas? OTBC. Philcanary
  10. YES, most definitely! Many years since I watched Robert Chase? Lets hope we dont go back to that era as Delia says she''s a fan 1st and a director 2nd. Prove it Delia and give all the cash to Worthy. P.S What happened to the £2m we supposedly had ready to buy Morrisson, if we had to get a loan from the board to buy Robinson?
  11. Fowler? Solskjaer? Or another proved clas Striker? Nah we''ll get Gray from Sunderland whose scored once all season.   Here we go again!
  12. Here We Go Again ... So Norwich''s board once again sell the fans out at Carrow Road. Bring back Robert Chase if this is how we are going to carry on. I really believed we had turned a corner during the past 10 years or so. Don''t tell me we needed the money because thats rubbish. We are more secure than most Championship teams and thats a fact. We are costantly told we are building a squad for the future.......Rubbish. Worthy will now get £5m or there abouts to purchase typically average players and the loyalty shown by our away support and season ticket sales is rewarded with more trips to Plymouth, Brighton etc. Dean Ashton was one of the most exciting prospects I have seen at Norwich in the 30 years I have been attending matches. We were told only a ridiculous bid would prise him away from us. Up to £12m for Walcott is ridiculous, not £7m for Ashton. Thankyou Deano for the excitement your brought my beloved Canaries and its a sad day for Norwich City in more ways than one.
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