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  1. I don''t hate Damien Francis. But if some Norwich fans do have negative feelings towards him then it is only his fault. There is simply no denying that in his head he left Norwich some time in January.
  2. Three excellent signings – as has been said, they''re all proven at this level. What I find equally important is that all three should be extremely hungry for promotion as opposed to arrogant players like Francis who think they belong at the top and shouldn''t need to put in the work to get there.
  3. Any offer for Ashton would have to be at least 10 million to make it remotely worthwhile for Norwich as Crewe would receive a large chunk of any fee.
  4. This is a good debate, it''s taking my mind off Sunday.
  5. There is nothing wrong with calling those people ''scum'', that''s what they are. As for your other point, Tim who?
  6. Whatever, Darren Huckerby is the King of Norfolk!
  7. Zipper you are absolutely totally and utterly spot-on, and I don''t see how anyone could beg to differ.
  8. I''m glad you''re recovering, but what medication are you on?
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