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  1.   I must admit I do not often post on this message board that often In regards to Bryan Gunn has manager, if the board are going to go ahead with this appointment, they must ask about the coaching staff, has I saw no improvements in the overall skill level of the team Main points being   Defending and passing Creativity and patience when have the ball Closing the opposition down when without the ball If Gunn is to be given the job I believe Ian Butterworth is not part of the team and a more experienced assistant manager Ideally Terry Venables on a short term contract, ( maybe not relastic but in order for Gunn to be pushed forward he may be a people person but he needs better tactical understanding of the game) On squad details myself next season I hope the main focus is the promotion of academy players, younger lower league players no player over 28,and the ban of loan players who have destroyed the team building process. I like many fans on here have idea of players to sign to go to strenghen the squad, hungry younger players  Tommy Rowe Stockport Simon King Gillingham Simeon Jackson Gillingham Current Squad players who i would build my team around korey smith, michael spillane and chris martin Hope these comments do get read by the board, as the lack of entertainment since relegation has become to much to bear, we need to build the squad, i like many would rather see academy players working for the team with passion in order a to win games but also increase their ability and understanding of the professional game. 
  2. Saturdays Match With Dublin upfront we seem to play far to much pointless long ball, i rather he was at the back as doherty is rubbish. Doherty is never a centre half , no new contract and get a better faster defender.  Ostemboor is lazy player who is only here to pick up his wages, he is not a team player.  Gibbs critcism harsh a bit lightweight i agree but ball in air not his problem.  Please also explain why our players are scared to run into space all over the park. Roeder still needs 2 centre halves,  1 quality midfielder(hoolan blackpool very impressive),  2 strikers (both with pace and power) thats just to sort out the first eleven PS man of the match pattison at least had effort.    
  3. we8wba I do have to wonder why always posting on this message board because nine times out of ten its not worth reading as u do not follow the canaries   on the ball city          
  4. kieron Gibbs   Strong possibilty central midfielder u heard it here first    
  5. QPR I reckon are offering more money than us , promise to pay more up front . Birmingham want as much money for transfer window. Its a shame taylor makes no comment through his agent to come to us as this would push him to norwich  i think All I hope Glenn has some targets in mind and gets the support otherwise we will be at bottom of league in no time   Gary Docherty is not a centre half and never will be    
  6. Got to better than what we got , I only hope glenn uses is contacts at arsenal to find a full back or a creative midfielder Lack of creativity in side is for all to see.      
  7. Has been working at the arsenal academy , hopefully can talk wenger into releasing some quality youngsters to us on loan, hopefully a midfielder to replace russell.    
  8. Well no issue in the press of him ruling himself  out Paul Jewell  to sign is the hope I  have can then look forward to sunday with some hope Anyway look at the average attendances Mr Jewell (Redknapp on Sky sports said bolton attendance poor due to league position) Norwich fans turn out every week , it just be nice to see some good football played by us on saturdays  
  9. I hope Paul Jewell According to teamtalk website bolton can ask jewell if they wish as quoted by dave whelan, so why not we ask him We need to act quickly and persuade him to join by showing ambition Only negative of Aage Hareide never managed in England      
  10.   After Saturdays Performance    Marshall Otsemobor   Shackell  Murray   Lappin Croft     Smith   Spillane     Huckerby          Hartson  Strihavka   If I knew a quality left back in the academy i would play him instead of lappin who is poor   No russell he showed no commitment , I believe spillane puts himself in there and will close down burnley midfield if the usual defend deep all game and hit longballs all game will lose 3-0 Hopefully tonight brings in the last of duffy anyway:      
  11. Darel Russell keep quiet u were rubbish saturday    
  12. Today I emailed Mr Doncaster   Extracts from the email are as follows   .    In regards with the match I attended satuday with my dad I must say a few points in regards to this   1. A new era of management is needed.   2. Many of us fans can not understand on saturday why the team especially midfield and defence drop deep when losing the game, pushing up on bristol city would have made a lot of difference.   Players on saturday who deserved praise   are   Shacknell the only back four player who wanted to win the ball and did try to tell others to get their house in order   Spillane who in my opinion should play central midfield   Strivaka worked 100% with the worst dellivery to him   Martin and Jarvis who I know fans feel sorry for, especially martin who needs ball to feet not head.     Players I would fine and drop   Russell (no commitment he needs a kick or just dropped )   Lappin (no commitment and no tackling)       I would recommend youth players would show more commitment than them two players.   Like many fans who left when trundle scored , we are bemused by the tactical knowledge of the players and management, running away from the ball and playing so deep, I know this is not your direct responsibility but questions at interviews must be asked in regards to tactical knowledge, ie scenarios in games the prospective new manager  used to change a football match. I imagine delia like us would have wanted to know why no pressure on the ball when bristol city had possesion.     I like many others dream one day of a thinking manager/ coach if 24000+ fans can see small issues like playing deep how can not a manager.   Thanks for taking your time to read this email and hope in interview process questions in regards to tactical ideas can be asked   On the ball city     I  wonder what anyone else thinks    
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