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  1. it was parked in front of the hotel by the football ground on sunday
  2. great if we could get him, but i doubt he would leave spain
  3. he will get watford up again then maybe move on to a big premiership club
  4. carlton palmer, lenny lawrence, barry fry, tommy docherty, peter reid, dame edna everage, ron atkinson, ossie ardilles,dave bassett, mike bassett, fred bassett, bryan robson, gary megson, alan brazil
  5. that will teach sunderland for flogging chris brown to us, they can have dickson(i only play when the sun shines)etuhu
  6. is there another etuhu who plays for us? because the one i watch is bone idle for most of the season, he proved he can play at the start of the season but then seems to hibernate till the sun comes out again
  7. safri is a great player, but if it is 1.5 million, you have to take it
  8. he will be same as last year, a good start then bone idle for months, maybe if we had more competition for midfield places he would try harder, PNE seem to have done ok without him! let derby have him too, a straight swop for seth johnson
  9. Drury and Colin both look lost, Drury doesn''t mark his man and just hoofs it upfield, Colin only passes backwards, and as for his clearence for a corner last night!!!! the board must act now, Kevin Keegan will do till the end of season
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