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  1. [quote user="grdean"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omTbgkhO0Fk[/quote] Frustrating player as I said above, but for every terrible miss there are good goals. Like this hattrick game: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uy4sFlcKsOA&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Duy4sFlcKsOA He won''t start ahead of RVW or Hooper, and doesn''t deserve to, but give good options - pace on the wing, unpredictable, and good energy off the bench if we''re chasing the game
  2. Frustrating player but match winner on his day. Wouldn''t say no to that for a season-long loan deal
  3. [quote user="87canary"]Done his job in keeping us up. Time to build the midfield so RvW can get a supply line. Then we''ll see what happens at the start of the season.[/quote] Agreed. Concerns still linger about form since Christmas but if he addresses the weaknesses through transfers I''d be happy to be going into next season with CH at the helm. The big question is whether he''s played (overly) cautiously recently because he genuinely thought we had to in order to get the best chance of achieving what he HAS achieved... Or whether any CH team will always end up that defensively-minded
  4. SONYC - we bow before your godlike genius...
  5. Oddly enough, I think he WAS trying to win against Swansea - and if Kamara had scored that near tap-in, we would probably have done so.  Rather than negative tactics, I think he reasoned that trying to outscore a team noted for their possession was less likely with 4 in midfield than competing there with 5 and hitting them on the break.  If it had come off, which nearly did, we would be pretty much home and dry.  As it is, a point earned - we all wanted 3 and nearly got them.
  6. Agreed! Get behind the lads. There will be a time for debate over next season (even over whether CH is leading us in the right direction) but that is for when the season is ended - hopefully we''ll be looking forward to another season of PL, much greater resources, competitive signings, the impact of RVW and others.... I think it will be an exciting time to be a fan of the Canaries.
  7. And, from the past two games, starting with Holt looks like it would mean ending the game with ten men. I appreciate that winding people up and making his presence felt is a big part of his game but referees are going to be very unsympathetic when he next puts in a red card challenge...
  8. Bookies see it as very bad news for Sunderland. Best price on them to be relegated has shortened to 3:1 whereas by contrast best price on us is 20:1
  9. I agree - and I think that the stats bear that out also.  On the evidence of previous years, it looks like the "safety" target may be more like 37 rather than 40 points also. If you look at the midway point (roughly, given that teams will have played slightly different numbers of matches) and then compare to the final total needed for Premier League safety, you get the following for midway totals of teams in the relegation dogfight (in 18th place or just above): season       midway pts total        safety pts 11/12              15-17                     37 10/11              19-20                     40 09/10              18-19                     31 08/09              18-20                     35 07/08              16-17                     36 06/07              18-19                     38   in other words, the safety total is very likely lower than 40, and given that the current season "midway total" for the battle to avoid 18th (wigan, villa, saints) is 17-18 then we could be looking at less than 37 even.  What are the chances of ALL of the bottom 5 teams doing better in the second half of the season AND none of the other teams below us performing below current levels?  Not very likely. So, we''re never mathematically safe until we''re safe, but the likelihood is that we only need 12 points in the second half of the season.  I still predict that we''ll finish in a similar position (at least) to last year.
  10. [quote user="ImDrunky"]Also any games against Stoke is never pretty, they seem to make any game look bad. I''m just happy with the 3pts, I don''t care about the performance if we get the win.[/quote] I think that is the main point - when people try and play pretty football against Stoke they tend to get muscled off the ball or hit by the aerial bombardment. We played the game that we needed to play today in order to get the result. I think that is a great sign of a maturing team. I love to see us play good attacking football but you have to play the opponents in front of you.
  11. Will take the point although clearly it could and probably should have been more. Villa are another tema below us though that are in a whole hell of trouble. If you look at their fixtures they could be around ten points at the turn of the new year.... I''d rather survive on our own merits but there at least 4-5 teams that are worse than us
  12. [quote user="spencer 1970"][quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] WTF is gorn on? 4-3, who got sent off? [/quote] matt Fryatt got sent off. he scored then ran in the goal to get the ball from leon but kicked him in the back. [/quote] Nerve-shredding game but the timeline on Sportinglife.com made me smile: 78 Goal scored by Matt Fryatt (Leicester) 80 Matt Fryatt (Leicester) sent off for violent conduct 80 Leicester just have the edge. Key player: Matt Fryatt
  13. Am in the US on holiday and just noticed that Fox Soccer Plus has the game live at 1pm CT!
  14. Yeah, still waiting for some reason. Hope it goes through though. THis video is the opener 5-0 vs Swindon last year. He makes the 1st, scores the 2nd, 4th and 5th. Also interesting flash of Mc Namee looking very good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miO6X4z4DUk&feature=related
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