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  1. Starting to be reported now.... http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/ipswich_town_to_explain_winding_up_order_1_4427651 The response quoted on TWTD was only a ''belief'' that it was over a debt cleared before Christmas, and was made before the tim eof the official hearing into the case. According to the Star article a club statement later today is promised - once the hearing has occurred no doubt.
  2. Well whatever it is, it''s happening at 10:30am http://windinguppetitionsolicitors.co.uk/insolvency-lawyers-london/companies-court-winding-up-list-22-02-16/
  3. It doesn''t look defunct to me... https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/00315421
  4. [quote user="Pyro Pete"]Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Gary Hooper just called to say hello.[/quote] So did all the bonuses he''s received....
  5. Annoyingly Brighton is now sold out for NCFC (3100) and Brighton themselves have closed their general sale even though they have loads left. Wait list only allows 1 ticket per person. Come on NCFC - ask for a bigger allocation please!
  6. Very interesting to see that if you rank the "Highest Paid Director", NCFC had the 3rd highest paid director of all clubs in cash value, and 2nd overall when ranked as a % of turnover. If you focus on the clubs with turnover in the £61m to £86m range (Norwich in the middle of this at £75m), excluding Southampton, Norwich and WBA the average highest paid director earned £355k with Norwich paying nearly 5 times this amount.
  7. It''s good but it''s not as good as this http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jPVn9eLOkF0 Why the club doesn''t make more of having the oldest and best anthem in world football I just don''t know. It''s so much better than YNWA, Blaydon Races, Z-cars etc and Liverpool, Newcastle, Everton make much more of their respective anthems. Playing this before kick off would be so much better than what we do now and also have the benefit of educating the crowd as to how it''s really sung. We got rid of goal music, we can get OTBC sung properly too!
  8. 1 game 1 mother of all atmospheres 1 result No debate - everyone has to give everything they have on Sunday. The debate can come later.
  9. [quote user="MisterCarrow"]Hit me with your rhythm stick, Sebastian Sebastian, Das is gut c''est fantastique, Sebastian Sebastian, Hit me with your rhythm stick, it''s nice to be a lunatic, Sebastian, Sebastian, Sebastian[/quote] You sir, are a genius! If we don''t hear this next Sunday then life will be all the poorer for it.
  10. [quote user="Stephen Frys Evil Twin"] Minor point, but it would be a little bit more scientific if you replaced the promoted/relegated teams in a more logical manner. You''d expect the Championship winners to be the better of the promoted teams, and as such you''d use them to replace the top relegated side (i.e. the better of the relegated teams) and so on. Therefore, Reading to replace Bolton, Southampton to replace Blackburn and West Ham to replace Wolves? [/quote] I started this table before the Reading game. I picked the combinations I did as of the promoted teams I expected West Ham to be the strongest and Reading/Southampton to be much of a muchness. I thought we would be most likely to lose away at West Ham and win away at Southampton to make my substitutions seem fair. Either way, it just goes to show how well Hughton is doing. Obviously the more the better, but if we can hit 21 - 24 points by end of Boxing Day I would be happy with that.
  11. http://www.anony.ws/b2P    This table shows where we are right now based on the results in the same fixtures LAST season. Where some people have pointed aout that we are 1 point ahead of this time last year I would go as far as saying we are 5 points ahead of last season. I have replaced West Ham, Reading and Southampton with Blackburn, Wolves and Bolton respectively. This is all great, but what the table also shows is that on a match for match basis we are now entering a run of 7 games where we were unbeaten and took 15 points from 21. That could be areal tall order, but if we get anywhere near 10 we are still going to be on track. The other thing the table shows is how after Christmas it really should be our home form that will make all the difference with only 6 points taken away from home in the corresponding fixtures last season. Anyway, hope you like the analysis - now you can disect it!
  12. 3 wins and we''ll be safe imo   We will get considerably more than the 37pts that would mean, starting with 3pts next weekend - I gotta feelin''   I think each place you finish higher in the league is worth about £800k - not a sum to be sniffed at. The difference between finishing 8th (our realistic highest possibility) and 17th is a neat £7m+. I will be satisfied to finish 17th as that was our original target and my level of happiness will rise expodentially for every place higher than that.   Its OK to re realistic, but the reason we are succeeding is because we have ambition. Our ambition is that we finish as high up the league as we can, but at this stage it doesn''t mean we won''t be satisfied with 17th.   COYY!  
  13. I hate QPR! I hate their Captain Pugwash shirts, and their garden shed of a gound. I hate their winging manager with the humourous moniker. I hate Tony Fernandez who doesn''t know who the right Lotus were and so bought a Loftus I hate Anelastic Foreskin who is ineligible for a bus pass let alone to play in the Premier League. I hate "He''ll Cry In a Minute" Tarabt not keeping his toys in his pram. I hate Joey Barton and his tw@tter comments or whatever they are. I hated not beeing able to see the corner flags when at their ground in the old days. I hated thier plastic pitch covered in sand. I hate their mascot - what the feck was it - was it a rat? I hate their club shop full of blue and white sh!te. I hate their "meal deals" what a rip off. I hate that they are bad losers I hate their nickname - Super Hoops - sounds like a brand of savory snack from Lidl''s I hate QPR   I love that they hate US!!!! OTBC!  
  14. [quote user="lake district canary"] Its ok to say lighten up, but there are alot of people who don''t like something as simple and instinctive as cheering a goal becoming something choreographed like something out of a night club or some tv show.    Its a raw emotion when your team scores - the music for me - and others - dilutes and detracts from that emotion.  Cut the goal music - I am sure no-one would miss it............... [/quote]   Spot on - make it the clubs New Year Resolution   We don''t need ''celebration'' music - we don''t want it - lets stop it.   AND get the full length OTBC played just before kick off - IT IS AWESOME and THE OLDEST SONG IN WORLD FOOTBALL - it is OUR HERITAGE - I can''t believe the club can waste such an opportunity.  
  15. Absolutely!   Pete - if there is one thing that should be pinned to the top of the board it is this.   How do we make it happen? - I have written to McNally about this before but got no response.   This is something that is important to world football - its the oldest footie song - we should make far more of it than we do. Cut out the euro pap and goal celebration music and get this on at 150 decibels just before kick off!   Oh yes - and sing it properly rather than running out of breath in the first line! The crowd need educating in the majesty of the real way to sing it.  
  16. Its only fair to highlight that stewarding in and around the Snakepit on Saturday was top quality. No repeated demands to sit down, no antagonism between fans/stewards, all leading to a much better match experience. Respect all round. Keep it up.
  17. My lad and I came up with this today - at least its better than Mor-is-on et al.   He'' scores when he wants, He scores when he wants, He''s Steve Morison, He score when he wants.   Lets hope we can start it up against Spurs.    
  18. [quote user="TIL 1010"]..... i would not be at all surprised if correspendence from NCFC dropped on a few hundred door mats before the Newcastle game. Just an observation guys and girls so don''t slate me for it.[/quote]   As I said in my earlier post, I also expect it, and I expect it will get the same response as it did last time.   So if Mr County Council Jobsworth is going to shut the Snakepit - are they going to shut the Away section, and Barclay C,D,E ?? If not why not ?? Same behaviour should solicit the same action.   It''s time for some real dialogue before it gets out of hand - will the new face of ''club friendly'' NCISA (or whatever they are called now) represent or ignore?    
  19. [quote user="Lord Horn"] That''s weird.  We stood for all the game on Saturday on the Block B/Block C borderland and never got bothered once by a steward??? [/quote]   That''s exactly one of the points I raised in my post as to why Snakepitters find the stewarding approach antagonistic
  20. I think a lot of people are missing the whole point as to WHY this song was sung in the first place. Whether you like it or not the Snakepit is a very vocal part of the ground. I sit in the Thorpe Wing just to the side of the Snakepit and I love the atmosphere. I sit down for far more of the match than I stand. Now, whilst I am getting on a bit, I certainly haven''t reached the tartan rug stage of my life, and it really winds me up to have stewards CONSTANTLY (to the point that its grating) asking fans in the Snake pit corner to sit down when 1. they are not spoiling the view for anyone 2. they are not being a danger to anyone 3. they are not being a danger to themselves 4. they are not treating all fans equally My main gripe is that the area, being a fairly small part of the ground, has been targeted for this action, when other, larger, and hence more difficult to manage, areas such as the Barclay E, and especially the away fans, are not. This is undoubtedly causing bad relations between the stewards and the fans in the Snakepit. It seems to me that there is a startling lack of common sense being applied. The resulting antagonism between fans and stewards is more likely to cause an incident than anything else as heat of the moment exchanges escalate. I had quite a discussion on Saturday with a steward trying to point out the disparity between the way they were treating the Snakepit versus the away fans. The response is that ''that (the away fans) is not my area'' and simply to trot out the ''government ground regulations'' mantra is simply not good enough. If ''the regulations'' were applied equally EVERYWHERE then there is more of an argument, and I am sure whilst people may not like it, they would be more likely to comply as they could see the rules being applied equally and fairly to all, but when 2 - 3,000 away fans are left to their own devices, the inequality leads to more antagonism not less. Another argument said to me was that someone could be hurt. Oh well deary me - please let’s start letting people take responsibility for themselves. If you are acting in a way to be a danger to others (note - standing in front of your allocated seat does not constitute a danger) then out you should go. I for one would have no issue with ''ground regulations'' stating that if I cause myself an injury then I could not sue the club, and if I am causing a real and present danger to others that I can be asked to leave or be ejected from the ground. Where there was once dialogue between the club and fans on such issues, there no longer seems any. There is only one point of view that counts – and it isn’t the fans. I expect the fans in the Snakepit and adjoining area to be receiving another letter from the club very soon – which is likely to solicit the exact same response. The whole situation is just both unnecessary and in my opinion pointless – and that my friends, is why the song was sung.
  21. Superb! How about this for verse 2 When I go to tesco, I just go out of my head I don''t get paid enough, I don''t get paid enough I want a krispy kreme, but I haven''t any cash I dont get paid enough, I don''t get paid enough I made my choice, picked it up and stuffed it iright inside my mouth, De de de... Etc
  22. I am almost tempted to say that the score tomorrow is irrelevant....   With the green ''n'' yella scalves, Rooney''s / Gigg''s / Ferninand''s misdemeanours and now the donught knicking Spaniard, tommorrow is set up for comedy gold! I can''t wait, the atmophere in our end is going to be EPIC!!!   Best £100 I''ll have spent in a long while.    
  23. How about this to tune of "Who ate all the pie''s?"....   Who knicked all our scarves? Who knicked all our scarves? You Manc bastards, You Manc bastards, You knicked all our scarves!
  24. I cannot compete with some of the illustrious efforts above, but here is my story, albeit with a little artistic license after all the years that have passed.   Date : November 1974 - age 10. Location : Sutton VC Primary School Field (this had a slope the Austrian''s would be proud of - in at least 3 directions)   It was a midly foggy afternoon, one of those old school dank misty ones you get in The Broads. There was a heavy dew on the pitch, the ball was like lead, and I had been told off by the teacher for misbehaving in the morning. My gander was up, I NEVER scored goals, but by crikey today was going to be the day! "I''ll show him!" I thought to myself. There were 21 of us on the pitch - the school was so small we only had 21 boys over the age of about 7 so it was 10 v 11. I was one of the 11.   In a nip and tuck first half, with the score at 0-0, I received the ball in the centre circle, and Cruyffesque I swivled, and much to my own amazement managed to kick the ball through my own legs (and those of the opposing midfielder) and lay a perfect ball out to I think Robert Ferguson on the right wing. Having amazed myself I set forth like the clappers, but Robert was quicker than me, but could only look at his feet Louie Donawa style while he headed straight down the line of the right wing.   This was my moment, and in true Lee Major''s 6 Million Dollar Man slow motion style, Robert scuffed in a through ball from wide right into the centre of the box, I was still at full pelt (well it felt like it for me - I was a bit of a lard arse) crossing the edge of the penalty box. I slid in, right leg outstretched as the goal keeper started to react. He clattered into me, I clattered into him, but miraculously, the studs on my right foot made contact with the ball and skidded majectically into the bottom corner at the near post.   Joy unconfined! I had scored my first ever goal!   I went on to score another 2 in the same match - a HAT-TRICK - me - A HAT TRICK! If I hadn''t have been only 10 I''d have been out on the piss that night. Instead, I think Mum made me a fish supper and I was allowed some fizzy Corona that had been bought for Christmas, and then sent me to bed - but I didn''t care, this was the best day of my life!   I can remember drawing that goal over and over again, in fact I wouldn''t put it past me, that a copy is somewhere up in the loft with my school certificates!   I never scored in a match again - but for that day, one glorious day, I was David Cross. I will never forget it.   Now its time for bed, goodnight all.  
  25. [quote user="Grant the Cat"]Of course ours will be the best supporters group in the land so we''ll get a website set up then aim for world domination![/quote]   I''m in - just asked to be added to the group - might be one of the most easterly members - right on the border of Herts and Essex, but still in Herts and handily near the M11!   I own a couple of canary related domain names that I have never done anything with that I am prepared to be used by the group - one is www.nmtd.co.uk (close to my heart that one being my handle on here) I always intended to upload all the issues of Never Mind The Danger fanzine from the late 80''s early 90''s that I used to edit to that address but I have never got round to it. The other one is www.criterioncafe.co.uk - I always wished we had called the fanzine that so I grabbed it!   Anyway, get in touch if I can help.   Twitter @iamnmtd    
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