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  1. First of all, i''m in heaven here in Norway - Canal+ has screened ALL of our games until now, and are showing Villa tomorrow.   On that note: Green Edworthy-Fleming-Doherty-Drury Bentley-Safri-Francis-McVeigh McKenzie-Hux The weak spots are Bentley & McVeigh''s defensive capabilities, but at FCR it should be all about going forward. I''d also like to see Helveg and Jonsson given 30 min.+ during the game.
  2. Johanssons stats from last season: Appearances: 25 Minutes on pitch: 1484 Subs. (on/off): 9/8 Assists: 2 Caught offside: 33 Crosses: 39 Goals: 4 Shots on goal: 14 Shots/goal: 3.50 Minutes per goal: 371mins Avg goals/game: 0.16 Pens taken/scored: 0/0 Last goal: 771mins And he did play as a striker for most of the season, so his stats aren''t too impereesive.
  3. Right back, but can step in as a centre back. But for gods sake he''s 33 and over the top.
  4. I watched him in quite a few games last season, where he started out playing crap and showing of extreme lack of pace - but played better later in the season when he got some games under his belt. A bit mediocre IMO.
  5. Canal+ in Norway are at least showing the Utd game. Canal+ are actually showing more games than Sky: 4 saturday matches, 2 sunday matches and one monday match each week + postponed or reschedualed matches. They are showing Utd-Norwich, Newcastle-Norwich, Arsenal-Norwich, Tottenham-Norwich, Norwich-Everton and Man City-Norwich this fall. They are also picking one saturday match (k.o. 3 pm.) each week wich means that if we put up a good fight, they''ll be showing us even more. And i''m planning two trips to FCR this fall as well. It''s good to be a Canary-man in Norway this fall :)
  6. The only thing i''ve heard during last season, is that A.Svensson (watch him for Sweden during EURO2004) was unhappy with the way Soton played under Strachan, considering he''s a creative midfielder who prefers a passing game. I haven''t watched Soton all that much under Sturrock, so i don''t know if the situation has changed?
  7. Finally, we''re included in the top flight at BBC :) http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/default.stm
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