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  1. 7.00 kick off according to Tottenham website. For the info of anyone going to attend. See you there
  2. Since when has a goalkeeper commanded a fee of £10million, Buffon yes but that was in the days of silly money, realistically we could get up to £5m, but remember fees above £3m might secure Greeno. When not if Greeno goes which at soonest will be at the end of this season, lets be thankful we have enjoyed his undoubted abilities for 4 seasons, best of luck Rob sincerely hope to be testing you next season.
  3. Nigel plays the Doc because we need some height in the team from deadball situations, think about what might happen when we play teams with a real height presence, Bolton for instance.Whilst the Doc plays up front it gives us a problem because however manfully he tries City have no real striking potential.Perhaps the Doc needs to fit in the back four to counteract the height argument, but who to leave out? a real dilemma, could we play with 3 centre backs and wing backs?, sorry I don''t know, but the Doc will play until we get some height in the team until then we will struggle to ask questions up front.Leon and DH to play up front tonight, lets see if they can play together, only Bristol Rovers, but lets try something.
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