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  1. PMSL We''re now three pages into this thread and STILL some people have missed the point completely. HE''S BEING IRONIC!!!
  2. ''The last time Steve Coppell had to make a managerial decision of note was probably September'' - Likewise Worthy ''Reading have virtually managed themselves'' - This really bugs me because its totally discredting Coppell''s good work. If someone opposed to Worthy was to suggest that Norwich virtually managed themselves during the promotion campaign as Worthy stood by and take all the praise, they''d be shot down Very desperate offerings from Waghorn      
  3. 250? I think its you thats having the laugh! Why can''t you just conceed to the fact that today''s mass show of discontent was not just some couple hundred minority content on rocking the boat, but actually a telling sign of what the general consesus is within the club''s fanbase. If you can still sit and defend the manager, well thats you perrogative.  I''ve had enough reasoned debate with like minded fans to last me a life time...      
  4. Haven''t been able to attend the last few but will definately be there come 2pm saturday
  5. Taken from the canary preview released last summer, enjoy!   [IMG]http://pic19.picturetrail.com/VOL1074/3562960/7330416/121301366.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Agreed Wiz, I''ve felt this way for much of the season. I haven''t warmed to any of the new signings Worthington has made this season, hardly surprising though considering all the loans that have been brought in. I''ve never felt so distanced from a Norwich City team in all my life and thats whats dampening the entertainment value and the enthusiasm I have for them to succeed. WORTHY OUT, FOOTBALL IN!
  7. Top post Wizard! Anyone who still thinks we can turn things round under this current set up needs to book themselves a place in the nearest funny farm
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