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  1. Lets add a new forum to the front page. We already have: "have your say" "transfer rumours" and "noticeboard" lets add another called "1st Wiz rants and raves" It´s difficult to say which would be more popular! Although he can be damn right rude at times you have to give him credit in his ability to wind you lot up!, and it promotes probably more discussion than most threads - so long may it continue
  2. Kenny, your sources are obviously very good. Any more little tit bits you´d like to share with us? PLEASE!!! I´ll pay
  3. Don´t agree with you there chaps.  All three are excellent signings - maybe not in the "super signings" league but very, very good solid pros.  They are certainly better than Svensson, Holt and Eddy! So if you look at it that way, progress has been made.  Also I think you´ve got to remember that squad size is important now, especially with transfer windows in place throughout the leagues.  Look at last year for us! Remember that we have not payed a penny yet, except for a signing on fee for JJ? and wages.  To me this all indicates that a) It is excellent business for the club b) We can expect two or three more signings of "star" status c) Our manager has been a very busy boy during the close season
  4. Excuse my lateness 1st wiz. I´m Christian, single, 34 and I live in San Roque in southern Spain. I work in air traffic control at Gibraltar airport so if you´re ever on hols over here, fly into Malaga or Jerez please so i can concentrate on the footy. Un saludo a todos
  5. I totally agree with you Ulf We needed to buy quality but we didnt, although in defence of Sir Nigel, who would have thought that a Danish captain and a Swedish international winger would play like league 2 players!  We are now in the lottery of the coca cola champs and this requires a mix of talent and sheer brut.  So with this in mind the basis of the team has to be Ashton, Mckenzie, Huckerby, Johnson, Safri, Drury, Shackell and either Ward or Gallagher. So we need to add a fair few players.  I would hope that we will look towards talented younger players with the balls for the fight!
  6. No offence like, but what exactly do you think the captain of the Canaries should be saying to the public - "We are so out of our depth" or "I am having a truly awful season!" or "I don´t really give a monkeys ´cos i´m on super dosh" - please, he´s the captain, it´s his job to be positive!
  7. Ah.the great king of latvia has spoken. I can assure you my friend that i am a regular and indeed probably more than you. I can also assure you of a more educated reply than your drivel! My retort was indeed meant ´tongue in cheek´, but alas you could not detect this. I still retain the belief that Mr Svensson is not upto the standard that we require - nee last year nor this - if his was fit! Sell him and recoup! p.s please be more constructive in your argument next time.
  8. You lot are dead posh. Vegas indeed. My poor old man has never been further than Bungay - and he lives in well...Bungay. It´s got alot going for it you know!
  9. SELL HIM. He´s pants. My grandmothers only got one leg bless her and she´s quicker than him, and he´s got the touch of a giant baboon on stilts, and the worst haircut ever, and if thats natural blond i´m Elton Johns personal assistant - hold on i am!  It´s a tough job you know
  10. Why don´t we ask ´Next´ to design us one!!!
  11. well, guys i too am camp and joining your.....oops start again.  i am joining your camp too guys. i have watched this guy play many times on the tele and live too - and he is very very classy with the ball. Soooooo classy in fact that he´s got a phd in being........well classy i guess! Too good an opportunity to miss - as long as we get him on the old "structured divisional pay thingy".  We will we all grow up on here on stop slagging off a player just because he´s a binner or ex-binner.  Alan Brazil on the other hand is a different matter all together.....
  12. Chorizo is a spicy spanish sausage - very similar to salami - but nicer! There are thousands of varieties. It originates from the many fiestas over here called ´matanzas´, where a pig is slaughtered to celebrate, basically the fact that "god has provided us with enough food to live" type thing. As with everything here - the word "chorizo" can also be used for other meanings (not all of them kind!) Anyway, anyone coming over to Andalucia for their hols this year? It´s gonna be a hot one by all accounts. Susie-your room overlooking the long white beach with views across the straits of Gibraltar to Africa has already been reserved
  13. I think Worthy has been trying to persue this avenue, although both Arsenal and Chelski have both told him that they have no-one available because of their long own injury lists.
  14. Grinner. You sir are an      Ar*e
  15. Ah, so thats what it feels like! i feel for you susie b, i really do. But with supporting the mighty canaries we all have to go through this once, somtimes twice a week! Would that be a week-stural cycle?
  16. Amazing what one record signing = hopes of staying up at all time high, followed by woeful performance at Villa = hopes of staying up at all time low, can do isn´t it. I think i shall invest in some pharmaceutical shares. God i love football
  17. Isn´t that anders svensson of southampton they´re refering too!
  18. Am i or am i not correct in saying that the standard of wingers at our club has been very poor since the days of Disco and Ruel.  (NR9 - Hucks does NOT count as he is a striker!)  Eadie was ok - granted, but in general when do we see our wingers attacking the full backs, getting to the byline etc etc. Never.  If it were me, and i sat in the corner infills - i´d want my money back, because there is never any action there except for an occasional corner. "Oh look, another corner - that was worth 30 squid".  Ok, i am being facetious, but my point is that when we had good attacking wingers, we were such a bigger threat every time we went forward. I would also like to point out, that in order for a winger to try to take on defenders, he will require a modicum of vocal support from the crowd - especially if he does not pass the first time - so if you were one of those last season who moaned at Henderson, Harper or Cooper - shame on you Can we have Pennant on loan now please!
  19. A wonderful idea. Do you think they´ll buy it? Pennant is everything that we have lacked for 10 years - a pacy winger that attacks defenders.  Not since disco D and Ruel have we had a decent winger, and you´ll notice we have been in a downward spiral ever since.  Ok, we clawed our way back with semi decent wingers and now have Hucks (who´s not a winger!) but we seriously lack a someone to get hold of the ball and attack the defender! Although it´s a difficult job - as if you don´t beat the defender you are labelled a useless git! You know who you are. And finally please don´t tell me, we´ve got a winger in Johnson - ta
  20. No offence, but what planet are some of you on?  "No better then what we have?" - We have some very mediocre players in our squad that are carried by others and it´s about time they got the boot! I´ll start with mulryne, continue with helveg(danish international my a**e)  and finish on the wee fella mcveigh. There are others, but i´ll start a war if i continue.  Quashie is a quality player, and more importantly - a perfect foil to francis.  Forget all this - one holding midfielder lark - the game has moved on and is more physical and faster.  Move with the times guys......
  21. Because my friends he is out of contract in the summer! Bit of a bargain me thinks, if we have another 800k that is. What a fantastic midfield pairing that would be. Quashie and Francis - frightens me just how good that would be! Now, if my suspicions are correct, the board and worthy monitor these boards and take on board who the supporters want to see, so he should sign this week - after a bit of ´no more money ever´and a drawn out chase including every other prem club.
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