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  1. I''d like to say Well Done Iwan Roberts. He has taken some unbelievable and unnecessary slag*ing off on this forum but i think he has proved today he can still do a job for Norwich. Fair enough he hasnt got a whole season in him to be first choice striker but when called upon he still has something to offer us. I wonder how many of the fans in Carrow Road who have slag*ed him off jumped up and down when he scored today?? I think Iwan deserves the respect of every Norwich fan for the service he has given to Norwich City Football Club.
  2. I just don''t understand all the slag*ing off of Norwich City Football Club on this forum. I too have sat through the very bad times we have had, i too have paid out hard earned money which I really can''t afford season after season to go to every game, i too have been dissappointed by the boards desire to build bricks and mortar rather than buying quality players etc etc etc etc However I was born a city fan and will always be a city fan thorugh the bad times and the good and i will always support the team and the board in their decisions whether i agree with them or not. The club needs the fans to support the entire club in what they are trying to achieve right now. If at the end of the season we have slid down to mid table mediocrity then we can maybe criticise, but even then I will still continue to pay my money season after season because I cannot turn my feelings off for the club i love. Until then we are third in the table and have as good a chance as any of getting promoted.
  3. So Norwich have signed Leon Mckenzie for an ''undisclosed'' fee. Personally i think that its a very good buy and could prove to be what Norwich City FC are looking for. If we can get a new target man at some point Norwich could at last have a decent strike force. Come on you Yellows!!
  4. Absolutely. I am not disputing what he has done since he has arrived and what a big loss he is. I feel IF there was money available it should be spent on a prolific striker. Having said that who is there out there who would fit the bill? I can''t think of anybody. Huckerby is the best player available at the moment.
  5. I know Huckerby has done wonders for the team BUT he is not the prolific striker we need at this football club. (4 goals in 15 appearances hardly sets the league on fire) Huckerby would be an asset to any first division team but I think we should concentrate on getting someone who can get us 25+ goals a season.
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