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  1. "Glory supporter" I''d rather see people like you leave the club than the most successful manager we''ve had in a decade. Looks like we are haveing a short term memory block here. Boo Boys are in the minority at this club and we can do without your negative input. Why don''t you start getting behind the team (which BTW includes the management) What could Worthy do? We have lost 5 times, not as many as some, and been unlucky on more than one occasion to not get a win. This league was never gonna be a walk in the prk. Why don''t you go and join our friends down the road if this is the kind of supporter you are!!!!
  2. Doesn''t matter though does it. Hucks was not interfering with play or in anyones line of site (except IMO that of our own players) therefore, under the rules of offside, he technically wasn''t
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