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  1. Come on guys, we''ve all supported this team long enough to know how we deal in the transfer market! Remember last January? "No Money" then we spent the best part of 4mil on Ashton. The money is there. The club just aren''t letting on what the deal is. Stop trying to 2nd guess what they are up to. I swear some quality will come through the door before the end of August!
  3. I wonder if the moaners are the same people who flooded out the ground the instant Klivert scored!!!
  4. [quote]Didn''t mean to offend Twosheds, but EVERYONE agreed this season would be hard and should be treated as a learning curve if we go back down, all I am saying is look at the wider picture. I think Wor...[/quote] I not pi**ed off with our league position I''m annoyed with the fact that 1 He lied to us all this week about changes 2 He bought in players he doesn''t use why are we playing the same team as last year?? 3 He plays favourites! Why??? Fleming, Holt are the biggest offenders - nothing against them but why are they not dropped like other players are (Helveg) after bad performances? 4 The Broken record he plays after everygame - we''re still learning, the opposition have quality we don''t 5 the pussy tactics - sod this fair play league stuff I could go on for ever - He has taken us as far as he can - we have the higher prestige to bring in a manager of more experience now and now is the time to do it!
  5. I think someone forgot to tell you we''re away to Bolton lol Like the score line tho!
  6. I was Chris Sutton and on his departure Mr Eadie. However I always celebrated a goal like Alan Shearer with the dipped head and bent arm raised above it!!
  7. This is easy 1st time up clear depts and make minor reinforecements to the squad and expect to go down (if you don''t you are automaticaly 4 years ahead of target) This is what our club is doing! 2nd time up the club should be solvent giving you more money than before to start preparing a premiership team (expect to go down again) do once more if you fail this time then something is wrong. If you survive a year in the prem you are expected to become an esablished premiership team and only expect relegation if major changes occur. i.e change of manager or board or major transfer coup!
  8. Someone at Blackburn on Saturday suggetsed Joe Royle when I asked him who he wanted instead! I question peoples memories. Worthy did a better job with us last year than Big Fat Joe has woth the Binners plus he was an awful prem manager! There honesty isn''t anyone I would rather have incharge ATM the Nigel and if any of you Glory Supporters (because that is what you are) who want him out have a better solution lets hear what it is rather than "Worthy out"
  9. I sat behind David and he did say 2 weeks but not sure exactly what is 2 weeks playing or training. We did give him some stick aswell, which was well recieved. "8 grand a week to sit there and drink coffee. The least you could do is sing" All tongue in cheek of course. Fair play to him though would be great to have him back.
  10. I used to go to the bridge back in the late 90''s so am not that keen to see the ground again. I will be making the trip to CR for the beam back I''m not spending £40 to line the pocket of an already very rich man, although that said I know the point is to see NCFC. not Chels but I''ll stick to the Pompey and Hammers games for now
  11. Remember they were at home in a local derby in a match they HAD to win or be eliminated. Different senario on sat the should be rattled. Agree McBridge needs targeting
  12. Am I right in thinking we were 2-0 up after 10 mins. Ruel Fox first return since leaving. They dicked on us but we still won.burnt out coach rings a bell why?
  13. Headline reads "Top of the league at Portman Road" Can you believe it? Does''t quite have that ring when your using your own ground and if you think your taking the mick out of us thats kinda back fired too as we''re laughing at you!
  14. I disagree. I think the board are now more than ever (sorry to say it) looking at the bigger picture. Surley they realise selling our top players is detremental to our survival and therefore will hit our pocket harder if we fail in our bid to survive. This club now exercisies extreamly shrewd business practice and is by no means reliant on the sale of our top players. Green is a different story but why splash out on players to take the club forward just to sell them at a profit. It doesn''t make sense and therfore won''t happen!!
  15. To expand the city stand the 2nd tier will have be built behind it. not on top. Imagine the city stand as it is. with a steep 2nd tier sitting behind it. It would have to be steep and raised up. Like the higher ties at St James with an underlap (walkway) to allow viewing. This is because the current stand was never built with the intention of expansion. However this is possible.
  16. In all honesty I can''t see anything that exciting happening in Jan. No player ,real decent player, is gonna want to join us if we''re down the bottom come new year. I suggest we hold on to the money and when we stay up at the end we can then bring in some real quality. I don''t think this would be a gamble either just being realistic.
  17. Thats class! Cheered me up any way. Hope you don''t mind if I copy this on another forum. (I''ll credit you of course)
  18. I think no one place in the side should be automatic. Opinions will vary but Drury''s form has certainly dipped and should be reminded their are people there to take his place if need be. Injured or not it makes no difference the best players should be on the pitch if others are not up to scratch. I agree he is more expose with Huckeby''s "energy conservation" but personaly I cannot see him being stuck on the wing to much longer as it halfs the threat he normally posseses up front, although this leaves the other ST isolated. Midfield need to cover him any how. This has become only too apparent in the Everton, BBurn and Charlton games!
  19. It appears to me that that alot of these so called "glory boys" are the one''s calling for the gaffers head and booing at the games. Those hardcore enough to be there over the last 10yrs have been the one''s getting behind the team regardless. Admittedly I''ve laid into Worthy and some of the lads recently but wouldn''t wanna see him go and I would never boo the team or do the whole "phil Mulryne" bollocks when a plyer on the field is lacking. I don''t wann tar everyone with the same brush but if you havent been there recently then that would be why your calling in the changes because your expecting a walk in the park and thoses of us with a sence of belonging seem to have a wholey different attitude.
  20. fully agree. I''ll support whoever is on the pitch whether I agree with the selection or not. Getting on the players back, IMO is just about the worst thing we, as fans, can do!
  21. Helveg has been looking more comfortable further upfield but has been kept out due to formation i.e. diamond, or other midfielders. I expect he will get a run in the back line now as Eddy''s form has dipped. Chalton, Flem and Drury are doing fine as long as they stay forward. See whats happened when they drop back. Their lack of height and strength lets them down. I think a few changes wouldn''t go a miss and I wouldn''t be suprised to see an intersting line up on sat
  22. Its not just this board its happening to. The boos rattling around after the final whistle over the last 2 weeks. reflect alot of city''s fan opinions. Get behind the team not on top of them. You want a win then we have got to continue our top o the league form as fans!
  23. I''m new to this forum so won''t say yay or nay. The guy seems to have a serious post count and IMO regular posters are valued member of any forum. be it for banter or knowledge. BTW whats the name of the guy in the bowler who was with you on sat. Did he know he made MotD?
  24. Thanks for backing me up guys. BTW nice to meet you on the tube on sat Stella. Nice to meet a canary that talks some sence
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