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  1. It''s as Arthur says. Please end it here - it''s getting nowhere and it''s obviously annoying both parties. The thread will simply be removed otherwise.
  2. I used Pete''s sign-on to try and speed things up. Meanwhile, I am assured that work is underway to investigate the reported issues and we hope to restore normal service soon.
  3. I too am having problems - I have alerted our IS people to check why we are running so slow.
  4. No simple solution on the current set-up. Proposals are in hand about non moderation, though. Just waiting for technical details.
  5. Not in the immediate future. I think, somewhere in the distant past on this board, we explained that there was a technical hurdle using this message board format. If and when we change over, we will definitely look to going unmoderated.
  6. OK, watch this space - or go to the EN24 site. Can''t promise anything though.
  7. Thanks for that. For clarity, go to: http://www.pinkun.com/terms.aspx
  8. We would only do the same search as you would - and our search function isn''t the best in the world.
  9. Cureton was PinkUn MoM < http://www.pinkun.com/content/NCFC/Stats/2007-2008/matches/071229Wolves.aspx >
  10. I''m not aware of why it was removed - but we do not delete posts without good cause.
  11. Cityangel, see previous post by Celia and go to Hollman position unclear
  12. Vince has gone for a lie down after a long day at the interface. PinkUn circulation, like nearly every publication, has been on a gradual decline, but this is not necessarily to do with the internet. There are so many platforms out there now that it all adds up. However, while circulation may have dropped, the audience - and that includes the online visitors - has risen. Hope this helps.
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