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  1. Wiz - Do you not think if we were broke we''d be flogging Ashton and keeping together the majority of the squad who played in the Premier last season? I can''t see any logic in selling a host of players, taking your squad size down, and then not actively bringing in anymore than 3 players in. I trust the board, and i trust Worthy. It''s late in the day, but the players who we''d all like - Commons, Taylor, Riordan etc, are all still available. I''m confident that negotiations are ongoing for quality targets. Why gamble to get to the Premier, and then give up the dream the minute we''re relegated. The problems will start if we don''t get promotion, but until then, NCFC are aiming once again at the promised land. Worthy will make sure of that.
  2. Interesting post Yankee. However, statistics are not a set-in-stone guide to what will happen. Looking at our last few games of last season, going into them, the statistics over the course of the season said we would only pick up a few points. This wasn''t the case. I share your concerns, but feel with a few more signings, we''ll have the quality and desire to get back up. What you have to remember is that a lot of those teams who came down had the better players leave. Bar one or 2 departures possibly still to come, we still have the core of a superb Championship team. I''m confident that we''ll be challenging from the off for an automatic promotion slot. I don''t think we''ll win the league, but i do think we''ll come second. Let''s just wait and see who Worthy brings in over the next few weeks before making snap judgements based on previous stats.
  3. Well said Evil Monkey. What people so often tend to forget, is the position the club was in before we had Worthy. If you had offered them Play-Off Final, Going up as Champions and a year in the Premiership within 4 years of having Cap''n Worthy at the helm, most of them would have sold an organ for that. How easily we all forget.
  4. First point: Wiz, i believe the guy who accused you of faking a heart attack is Jean Luc Picard. Second point: Would everyone just calm down a bit and stop abusing each other. This is a messgae board with some brilliant views, and some crap views. But they are all INDIVIDUAL views, and that''s what counts. If someone doesn''t like Wiz, fair enough. If others think he''s a legend, that''s their opinion. I think you will find it''s called freedom of choice. I happen to enjoy his posts, but this doesn''t mean i''m his biggest fan. If you don''t have anything to offer this board in terms of views and opinions on NCFC, then go and find a board where your personal views are appreciated and you don''t start offending everyone left right and centre by your unnecessary abuse. And for God''s sake, would some of you grow up.
  5. No offence Jamie, but i thought that looked sh*te at the Hawthorns. Surely they could have outlayed a few more quid to have all those additional empty seats every couple of weeks.  
  6. I think he''s the wrong type of player for the Championship. To spindly, and too much of a show pony. Coincidentally Mel, are you now taught english on your mobile phone in school, or do you still use jotters? I dare you to write a sentence that''s grammatically correct.
  7. Melanie - You''re more than welcome on the board to share your views, but do you actually have anything further to add than your now token effort of wanting Henderson''s love child? You do know you''re not legally allowed to look at boys legs until you''re at least 12. And Henderson''s not quite mastered the art of scoring yet, so you may be onto a loser. luv''n yr txt spk tho, & kp the masv fnt as it lks gr8.
  8. Al. 28. Account Director in Laaahndahn Taaahn. Originally from Scotland, but lived in Thorpe St Andrews during my ''formative'' years. Season Ticket holder in the mighty Norwich Union Community Stand, where incidentally, they have a cracking selection of drinks, and very small queues to get them. Oh happy days. Shame about the bloody post in my line of vision. "Poooooost!!!!".  
  9. Wiz - it''s going to be a right pain to get a neutral referee, and as you say, you may well be able to go moan on other forums. However, it''s been 6 days since you last moaned about Worthy. I reckon you must be feeling brilliant. All the little birds singling, and the sun shining. No longer marooned under your Worthy black cloud, where the whip-crack of the lightening, forced your Worthy berating on to greater heights. Come on into the Worthy sunshine Wiz. The waters luverly. And your silence is deafening.
  10. I think it''ll be a good signing. Having a player of his undoubted prowess just waiting to get his chance, will keep Ashton, and more so McKenzie, on their toes. What a great sub to bring on when one of the front 2 start to tire, or even when we''re going all out for the win - Ashton, McKenzie and Parkin leading the line. Championship defences will be bricking it. I''d rather the money was spent on a quality player in a position that we actaully NEED, but i''m sure Worthy has a couple of peachy purchases up his sleeve.
  11. Ah, Schadenfreud. The italicised word. A Norwich forum is for all things Norwich related. Seeing your bitterest rivals lose their best players in the summer is most definately Norwich related.
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