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  1. [quote user="eddymelito"][quote user="JF"][quote user="eddymelito"]you lot would love to have a nice scoreboard like that![/quote] Aint got anywhere to put it! Our stadium is too full of fans![:P][/quote] i seem to remember a nice big gap between the away area and the barclay? maybe its the cost that stops you getting one [;)] [/quote]Perhaps you ought to have spent the money on some undersoil heating, rather than a luxury big screen? Cowling all over really, all fur coat and no knickers.
  2. If we follow the "Gunn''s Team" theory to it''s ridiculous conclusion, then we could say that "Lambert''s Colchester" has been doing even better than us. Until tonight, of course!
  3. I don''t think Coca Cola had anything to do with the name change - more likely the Football League. It was supposed to make Div 1 etc. sound more exiciting for Sky/foreign tv companies. Just happened to coincide with new sponsorship.
  4. Some of the 1st and 2nd round is covered live now, since ITV have the rights. I remember seeing Leeds lose to a non league team (the name escapes me) in the 2nd round last December live on ITV. So you never know, if we get drawn against a similar ''potential banana skin''.
  5. Also - it''s worth noting that the players/fans were applauding the more relaxed atmosphere at Colney after Roeder had alienated everyone. Seems that this is now seen as ''too soft'', and we may be back to harder times for the players. Funny how things turn around.
  6. Sounds good on there, but the way how Cody described things on Radio Norfolk was a little different. He talked about how the players were trying a bit harder to impress the new manager. Understandable, just as long as they don''t slip back into old ways after a couple of months. Remember, we also saw an upturn in performances when Gunn started.
  7. There''s another thread on this, it''s rubbish - he knows nothing.
  8. Exactly, this smacks of ill-informed Scunny fans, who probably think Delia goes around doing all the player contacts too.
  9. He knows nothing, look at his previous tweets, it''s all garbage. He even managed to predict that we were after a Spurs keeper...3 hours after it''d been announced by the club.
  10. Talking to Billy Davies. Is he our new manager?
  11. Yes he has. At the same time when we got the other two new board members.
  12. Coppell isn''t even in the country at the moment (so says our pet journo Cam).
  13. I was also annoyed by Neil Adams'' comments. If he doesn''t know anything about league 1 football then surely he should have spent some of his summer researching it. After all, that''s his job surely? Imagine if you had Motson or Lawro turning up to a game saying they didn''t know anything about the players? Sounds like Costa del Colney extends to the Radio Norfolk commentary team.
  14. Why do I get the feeling that the much vaunted ''timing'' situation just has arbitrary reasons behind it. Something like they had a pre-scheduled meeting on the Thursday and just decided then. I don''t suppose that satisfies people who want a juicier explanation.
  15. McNally has only recently joined the board. Before that he would have had no influence/power in sacking Gunn just as CE. Also, you have to remember that it is still a joint decision and all board members would need to be convinced that it was the right thing to do. Judging by the opinions just on here, he probably didn''t find it easy, and so the game last week was probably the ammunition he needed to give him the boot. People forget that Gunn was appointed after one successful game. I like the symmetry that he was sacked for one disaster of a game (or at least that''s how it''s perceived by most people with short term memories).
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