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  1. Actually, y wouldnt nemeth go to ipswich, cos he needs first team football
  2. I was just wondering, will dazza do a Kevin Phillips and bag 30 goals or will he be a Les Ferdinand type figure and score about 8. I personally believe 15 would be about right, what do everyone else think?
  3. He shouldnt go to Burley but he should go to BURNLEY WELL actually he shouldnt - he should be in norwichs first team
  4. Now we are in the premiership, dont you think we need a new song. singing about how we got promoted. It would be great hearing the fans singing their hearts out in front off all those ipswich bags on match of the day. Maybe a new song when city score wouldnt go with out a miss eh! Suggestions- Darkness- Norwich fans R.Kelly- the R of RnB Various England anthems Queen- we are the champions O-zone- brings in a bit of continental flair Faithless- Mass Destruction, which the opposition will get Any other suggestions wouldnt go without a miss!
  5. i have heard Mr worthington''s watching out for some Euro 2004 players. here are some suggestions- Tobias Linderoth (Everton)- not enough first team football at Everton (Sweden) Maris Verpakovskis (Dynamo Kiev)- Premiership class striker (Latvia) Giourkas Seitardis (Panathanaikos) versatile defender, young (Greece) Georgi Peev (Dynamo Kiev) Young, strong midfielder (Bulgaria) Joe Cole (Chelsea) Loan, creative star (England) Stephane Henchoz (liverpool) experienced central defender (Switzeland) Any other suggestions?
  6. if we need an away kit, which colours should we use. the classic purple and white, the navy blue, the white, the dark green, the light blue or the red?
  7. City sign should try and sign ex-England under 21 star Luke Young of Charlton. he has premiership experience whilst playing for Spurs and he can play at centre back and left back. he is in his mid 20''s and could add a bit of pace between the backline.
  8. Well why dont we make a clause in the loan contract saying you can recall the players if neccesary?
  9. Why? Hayles is just about good enough for division 2, not the prmiership. Luton may be interested, but not us, surely! Anyway, whats wrong with crouch partnering abbey?
  10. Postiga could be a great partner to the legend, Mr Huckerby. He is going to Euro 2004, gaining valuable experience from the likes of Figo, Rui Costa, Pauleta, Andrade and Deco. He stated his desire to get first team football and Tottenham would want him to have more premiership experience. Its a win-win situation for both clubs, so what do you think.........?
  11. Alrite i may be exagerating a little bit but having Abbey in the changing room definetly increases the morale the players must look up to him as a legend all the injuries hes had a hes still going strong so i think he should be offered a contract for life, he deserves it
  12. i dont think we need a striker we oughta be concentrating on gettin in a few centre backs like ronny johnsen and joleon lescott off wolves. And if they really want a striker at least get some continental flair in portsmouths Yakubu.
  13. look here fatty fatman fat Abbey is quality better than hucks and definetly better than Shackell so sign him up quickly on a 5 year deal before another prem team does
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