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  1. Dont think he can be loaned out again this season!  so he is stuck in the development squad at Man Utd for the season!
  2. [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="ReadingCanary"]Bournemouth look set to sign Afobe for 12 million....... No wonder we stopped our interest. Absolute mental money.[/quote]Really glad we didn''t sell Grabban to them though. That was really sensible business. Don''t sell them a striker who is wasteful and not even making our bench, but let them use that money to sign one of our long term targets and a far better player instead, who is a lot more likely to keep them up. At least we didn''t "strengthen" a rival by selling to them though.Good, positive, big picture thinking if that Grabban bid really existed and was rejected.[/quote]Bang on! 
  3. http://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/El-Chapo-Manhunt-Displaces-600-Traumatizes-About-100-Children-20151111-0007.html Good one you mate! 
  4. [quote user="Vanwink"]Well planned.[/quote] Ha ha well said! I thought the same
  5. I was just looking at that! Talk about an upgrade in life!!
  6. Sorry think it is pretty small minded to take pleasure from this? Ex Ipswich or not...
  7. This is a joke!!! Every time always the same!!! No ambition to improve or even do some serious business... Hello championship!
  8. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="Super-Spidy"]Another forward for a backup for JermoneAnother winger for a backup for RedmondandAnother centre-Attacking Midfield for a backup for HooalhanWe need to be quick[/quote] Did u come to this conclusion all on your own...,..WOW GO U[/quote] Totally agree, is this not a summary of the weeks of posts?
  9. This could be similar to Dean Ashton in terms of potential and a future England player. Let''s hope hooper is used as part of the deal.
  10. Hear hear, Probably on holiday in Italy...
  11. Some people must have time to burn putting up stupid posts like this...
  12. Just saw Bournemouth have made a bid for Murray? Also wondering, how come they are splashing the cash, I mean Gradel is an excellent signing... We have been left well behind by all the teams who got promoted in the transfer stakes..
  13.       I know we are trying to ensure we do not get into massive debt again by not spending loads of money on players  that do not make prem survival 100% I just makes me a little sick when you see the likes of West Ham going in for players like Carrol at 17m  and Jarvis from Wolves for 10million.... I know Swansea sold Allen to Liverpool for 15m,  but even they are buying players for 2m here and 5m for the lad from Celtic....  That lad Micu looked awesome against QPR at the weekend?   who did we get some championship player who has potential?   we need someone to set the world on fire NOW!  Why are we not taking buying a proven striker with pace?      sorry to moan,  but really worried about where we are going....    
  14. Does this mean he will not be playing for Lowestoft this season??? guess not with most youth sides playing Saturdays??
  15.     I was unlucky in the draw for a charlton away ticket also,  was wondering if anyone else was thinking about getting a ticket in the home end ?  I have never done it,  not sure if it is a good idea really,   but really want to go to the game.
  16.   I am not one to put a player down,  but having seen Rose play the last two games at Millwall and Brighton,  I do not think he is up to it...   I know he can put a good cross in etc,  but when defending he seems to come up way short,  he got beaten quite easily several times at the weekend,   I would hope that he is just cover for Drury,   as I think/hope we are going to be playing in the Championship next season,  and does worry me what a player from that division would do when running at him with pace! 
  17.     Hmmm agreed with what someone else said,  it was a shame we had never got Ashton at the start of the season...  Also think he could have been the answer for England!   
  18.   Just wondered how long we can keep Hughes on the bench?    I went to the game last night at Brentford,  and it was the worst midfield performance, I have seen for a long time from Norwich....    Gill looks very poor to me,   the central midfield pair did not appear to give the defence any protection....   Also they did not offer any sort of creativity!  Does anyone think Lambert will have any money available to make purchases?         
  19. After watching the game last night,  I hope Crook and Lambert can make up our midfield!    Gill is very poor!      
  20.     Hi I am a London based canary and this is a local game for me,   Brentford best way is to get the central line from Liverpool Street to Ealing Broadway and then get the bus from Ealing Broadway to Brentford.    check out www.tfl.gov I think is the website and it will show you the way!  I am looking forward to some old fashioned terrace action on Tuesday!  Good Luck      
  21.     Have to agree,  I mean I know managers have to start somewhere???   but where has Gunn got his experience from?   anyone can get the UEFA coaching badges!  I just wish we had gone for some exprience!   could have even given Gunn the assistant managers job. Also what is Butterworth doing?  thought he was brought into be defensive coach? 
  22.     I have only seem him a few times,  but heard he was quite lightweight?    maybe suited more to the skilled top flight than the rough and tumble of the championship....
  23. What was that you said Broadstair?   Gunn out?     ha ha  you joker!   notice you did not make any more Gunn out posts.....     Well done today boys!     [quote user="BroadstairsR"] One forward?? Did Roeder pick this side?   Gunn out! [/quote]
  24. [quote]Never say never huck tastic, if we start climbing the table and are in the top 6 by January Davenport could extend his loan and if we get promoted why wouldnt he make it perminant, at Spurs he is behi...[/quote] Huddlestone is a midefield player is he not ???
  25.     I agree totally was''nt it nice to have someone who actually was running at the defenders in area''s that actually hurts take note huckerby!!!!!!!! 
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