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  1. hey.. well for all 6500 of us heading down to the cottages we need to create the greatest away support ever -  im picturing carnival scenes so a bit of a girly question- what are you all going to wear?? otbc!
  2. start a campaign to get freebie larson!
  3. im in malaysia, its hot, and we''re going to win the league
  4. im afraid so, teaching some corner of malaysia a proper norfolk accent... the flight cost me 500 quid, there and back to sunny norfolk, but thats only biggest expenditure you''ll have to do, other than that standard of living is really cheap (+ there are even cheaper flight, buts i missed out, cause i was a lazy sod) does any one know the dates city will be in malaysia, any queries and don''t be frightened to ask me
  5. hey, at the moment, im doing a 6 month teaching placement here in malaysia which will finish at the begining of july... its agnoying finding out the weekend result on wednesdays! cause im a canary fanatic, malaysia as a place is awesome, hotels (with a bed,shower, tv and the odd cockroach) cost about 2-3 quid a night sharing with only one other....nice meals out our about 50p.....the weather is humid, i do admit, but within a week you get use to it and its lovely....even the people are amazing, so friendly they''ll buy you tiger beers (though i do miss my caffreys) anyway i hope this we''ll make as many of you come out as possible.. does any one know the dates and places the might canaries are playing out here? also any questions, im willing to be the offcial malaysian insider.. otbc
  6. leo the lion, him and huck,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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