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  1. [quote user="Fernando Derveld"] Petr Cech Gary Neville Ashley Cole John Terry Jamie Carragher Claude Makelele Michael Essien Frank Lampard Steven Gerrard Wayne Rooney Thierry Henry[/quote] I noticed you put Gary Neville in there, I don''t think that he should ever play for England in the first place, he is the most arrogant football player ever to play for England, I would rather have Rio Ferdinand over him any day of the week, I take it that you are playing 4 in central midfield or a diamond formation, because with them midfielders there is no width whatsoever. take out Essien and Makelele and put in Robben and Ronaldo.
  2. No mention of Koumas from anyone I think we could get him cheap plus he would put some talent into the lack of Central Midfielders that we have at present with the exception of Safri ofcourse
  3. Talking of Barclay supporters when are you lot gonna start making some noise?? Its getting harder carrying you week in week out in the snakepit. There aint as much of us as there is you and we still make more noise than you. We make my noise than you, We make more noise than you, la la la la la, la la la la la :P
  4. Well done to the Snakepit, the atmosphere was immense on Wednesday, lets have some more of it against Preston and show the Barclay whos best. Shhhhh
  5. I actually sit in the Norwich and Peterborough and I can always hear the Snakepit outsinging the Barclay. There is no doubt I would like to sit in the Snakepit because of the atmosphere where as im in the " dead end "
  6. Why is it that the Snakepit always out sings The Barclay these days?? It seems as though the Barclay have gone abit quiet and now the Snakepit are taking over
  7. Honestly why do you think that Dean is going??? 1. Because we are trying to sign Morrison?? 2. Because of all this Paper Talk?? Because that is all it is paper talk, 1. Ashton is not allowed to leave the club until he has served 12 months of his first contract because he is under 25, Why dont you think that no1 has made an official bid?? Because they cannot buy him!!! Its all paper talk, Get over it....................... ................DEANO IS NOT GOING !!!
  8. I think that until he went off he was one of the best players on the pitch, I think he will be really good this season and maybe just the person that we need to get us back up to where we belong, he is an excellent crosser of the ball and the 2 shots he had were going in if they wudnt have been blocked, all in all he looks very impressive and I just hope he is consistant any thoughts??? OTBC
  9. My dad decided to book a holiday the season we won the championship, meaning that i would miss Preston at home, Sunderland away and Crewe away. I was wearing my Norwich shirt in the pub and some Ipswich fan came out to me and said congratulations, I was gobsmacked, a congrats coming from an Ipswich fan. That night was the best night of my life against Sunderland, Champions on my 18th birthday. Is there a better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than your home team that you have supported since you can remember being Promoted to the Premiership as Champions. I think Not.
  10. IMO it has to be what us snakepit boys were shouting at Jermaine Pennant, "Whats it like 2, Whats it like 2, Whats it like 2 drop the soap, Whats it like 2 drop the soap"
  11. All these rumours about Ashton moving clubs is false speculation and i can guarantee it. All players must serve at least a year of their new contract before they can move to another club. So this mean we have Ashton until January at the least. I have been told this by Worthy, Munby and other resources. So don''t get worried because Ashton   will be at the club for at least another 7 months, but considering he is happy at the club i doubt he will go unless we are in a position where it looks likely that we are not going back up. So Lets stop all of this talking about Ashton moving and move on. Going Up, Up, Up!!!   OTBC Luke O''Donoughoe
  12. Ashton is not allowed to leave until January, All footballers must serve atleast the first year of a new contract before they are allowed to go anywhere. So in otherwords, we have Ashton until January at the very least
  13. Got mine today, Dean Ashton gave me his   What a ledgend!!!!   OTBC
  14. I can see the following happening Bolton - 1 pts, they are on form at the minute but so is Ashton and we will be fighting for our lives Arsenal - 0pts, they''re attackers will be back, they are too good for our defence Man Utd - 1pt, Palace can do it, so can we Palace - 3pts, Ashton will be on top form by then Newcastle - 0pts they are hitting a good spell Charlton - 3pts Shud be a comfortable win as charlton are lacking an upfront this season, we just played (rap last time Southampton - 1pt, both teams fighting for their lifes Brum - 3pts, a bad season for them and we will be as ready as ever, Us fans will make CR immense Fulham - 1pt, possible win but Fulham wont be a pushover, they show that at CR last time 13 pts leaving us with 33pts, will this keep us up?? Hopefully, its still possible, come on boyz lets get behind are team more than ever, WE CAN DO IT OTBC
  15. for every fan out there that has heard rumours of us getting rid of loads of players is complete bulls**t, I am good friends with Roger Munby through my dad, i speak to him every home game and see him most away, and on the odd occasion go round for a meal. This is what he has told me: when/if we are relegated there will be no mass-exiting from the players, the only players that will definetily go will be Greeno, Helveg, Mulryne and possibly Svensson. All the others should be staying apart from maybe Francis with a few clubs interested. Bently will be joining Norwich on a permanent deal, with Green going to arsenal plus we get some money. There will be a few youngsters going out on loan for the season, Hendo and a few others. Are main priority is 2 Defenders, possibly Bromby from Sheffield United and Gabbidon from Cardiff. That is all the information i have at the moment and i will inform everyone if i hear of anymore. Rememba you heard it from me first. OTBC Luke
  16. As a younger fan, I have to rememba a few good goals, Steen Nedergaard with a 30 yard strike against Coventry at home the season b4 last, Last season against Wigan when Hucks ran from the halfway line taking on a defender and then he ran into another, the ball trickled along to Svensson unmarked from the edge of the area, instead of taking it for a 1 on 1 with the keeper he took it first time and as soon as the ball left his left foot it just curled straight into the top left hand corner, leaving the keeper with no chance.
  17. Mauricio Tarrico of Tottenham say his days are numbered he wouldnt be very expencive 250,000 andi would very much welcome him at carrow road wat do u think??? Also there is a good player in the Arsenal reserves, potential loan target goes by the name MICHAEL SIBLEY, check him out on their website. www.Arsenal.com/Players/msibley.htm He is a very good goal scorer and could be like a Yakubu for us and keep us up. although he is 19 and ghanain Cheers O.T.B.C
  18. Nick Barmby has been bought out of Leeds United and I am sure that Smegson will be in there sooner rather than later He can play either left or right and has a bit of pace and gd experience in the premiership altho he is 30 so he will still have a couple of years in him. Would any otha canaries be interested in Barmby coming to CR
  19. I understand u went to see fantasy football last nite and i was wandering how u got tickets to see it, if u cud tell me it was be much appreciated
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