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  1. I wouldn''t be unhappy at this signing. It sounds as though he would be a squad player rather than a 1st choice man, so the fact he''s a utility player probably doesn''t matter. On the front page of this website Clarke is described as being happy at left back, left sided midfield and right back. It would seem that the main reason for buying him is as back up for Drury, which is essential now that Charlton and Brennan have departed.
  2. What a struggle that was! I just couldn''t think of the right back or the 5 letter centre back so I had to look them up. I probably should have worked out the man (playing out of position?) at RB, but I wouldn''t have found the CB no matter how long I thought about it.
  3. What an astute wheeler and dealer Worthless is!! I have every faith in him...... waiting for all the best players to be snapped up by our rivals, before finally waking up from his stupor and signing a Colin or a Thorne or a MLJ. How wonderful!
  4. Could this difference of opinion between the board and Worthy over which man to pick as the new coach develop into a major row? It would be a great shame if Worthy threw his toys out of the pram again and threatened to take his talents elsewhere, wouldn''t it?? How on earth would we cope without one of the brightest young managers in the country??
  5. Up to £30 million if his replacement can guide City to the Premiership - even more if he can turn them into an established Premiership club.
  6. What car would a Worthless be the equivalent of? For me it would have to be the good old 1960''s Vauxhall Viva. Old fashioned, unreliable, rusty, always breaking down and a heap of crap basically. Or am I being unkind?
  7. Norwich Onion - aren''t they known as Aviva or some such now? Sounds like a crappy 1960''s Vauxhall model, doesn''t it?
  8. Terrible news indeed. I think the reason Greene King are taking this pernicious step is because the current tenants are packing up. It''s just a pity that an independent entrepreneur can''t take the Ferryboat over and turn it into a Fat Cat mark 2. That pub must have huge potential - but NOT as a trendy winebar, Norwich is definitely not in need of another one of those. A note to everyone: Use your pubs or lose them. Once they''re gone they''re gone, never to be replaced. Do you really want another "Upmarket block of luxury appartments" on your doorstep? I know I don''t.
  9. I doubt if the "bright young thing" Worthless, will even be considered by the Charlton board. I should have thought they would rather promote from within the club first. Still, we may be lucky to find somebody mug enough to take him off our hands - NCFC may even seek compensation as well. That really would be a win win SIT Y ATION!
  10. The World Cup win just shades it. As somebody else pointed out, if England somehow manage to win the World Cup it would be a memory to treasure for the rest of your life. Worthy being sacked will quickly be forgotten, especially if his replacement isn''t much better. Both of these events would cause me to drink copious quantities of beer in celebration, however.
  11. I would ask the same question as CJF, chicken. What was the point of that long rambling list?  How ever long did it take you to type all that lot?
  12. I did hear that Wymondham Town FC were looking for a goalkeeper....
  13. I think you answered blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa''s irrelevant point pretty well there, ZLF
  14. If a good manager came in now, he could even do the business straight away next season. This is provided he has enough time left to bring in the right players. I think his minimum requirements would be; a RB, CM (Steven Gerrard!!), RM and possibly a striker - hopefully he wouldn''t have to waste time looking for a goalkeeper. After that it is just a case of bringing the best out of the players we have here already - something that Worthington and his staff failed miserably to achieve last season.
  15. It goes without saying, that if the likes of Bolton, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Charlton and Fulham can all establish themselves in the Premiership, then NCFC should be capable of the same. I am pretty sure that Norwich City FC is a bigger club than all the aforementioned, so if they can do it, so can we!
  16. I shall nail my colours to the mast at the outset, and reaffirm my position as a Worthy Outer. The point of this post, is to try to uncover the reasons why Worthy turned from an able, competent manager into a total waste of space, in a relatively short period of time. In Worthy''s competent phase he used to bring in the right players, pick the right teams and they even used to play some decent football most of the time. Above all else, you could always guarantee that if City had a stinker one week, the next week or the week after, they would put it right and be back to winning ways in no time at all. I suppose one reason for his early success was inheriting a decent squad. Other than that, I''m afraid I have no theories myself, in fact it is a total mystery to me. But I wondered if any of you intelligent guys and gals can think of any reasons?
  17. I believe these infill stands are relatively costly to build for the number of seats you create (in this instance 2,000?). It makes more sense to add a tier to the City Stand, which it has been stated would give Carrow Road something like another 5,000 seats. This increase would give us a much improved capacity to help cater for a greater demand for seats if we return to the Premiership in the near future.
  18. Who''s the better manager, Worthless or Joe Royle? Joe royle by a considerable margin IMO.
  19. Craven Cottage was a very apt name for the ground where City put in such a CRAVEN inept display - one of the worst in the club''s history. Who would have thought that so many players would fail turn up, when so much was at stake! Worthless should have been sacked on the spot for his inability to prepare the team adequately for this massive game.
  20. I hate to admit it, but he had an excellent game.
  21. A better idea of City''s "true" support, rather than the number of people who might express an interest in NCFC, is to look at the figures for those who actually attend matches. The last statistic I saw for that was printed in the EDP not so long ago and was a direct quote from either Cullen or Doomcaster. They said they had 48,000 names on the club''s database. This represented 48,000 different people who were either season ticket holders, members or had bought tickets casually at sometime. A lot fewer people than this survey found, but still an impressive figure nonetheless. I suppose the figure may have increased to over 50,000 now, however.
  22. Worthington not linked to any job vacancies? Could it be because he''s crap?
  23. The official web site has a cute picture of Worthless wearing a swish bright red jacket at a training session and he''s following the current trend of having his initials in large white letters on the front of the garment. I have often wondered why managers and coaching staff at football clubs do this. I find this practice rather silly, pointless and juvenile. Do they have the letters added as a memory jogger, in case they forget their own names? Is it because the squads are so large that not everybody gets to learn the manager and coaches names? Could it be that footballers have such a short attention span, that as soon as they are told the manager''s name they instantly forget it? I think we should be told!
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