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  1. the MAN IN THE STAND has become extremely boring lately. he used to be quite witty at times but i think he''s run out of ideas now. the CANARY FAIRY is a little bit embarrassing but quite harmless really. but i have to disagree with your choice of Roy Blower as an annoyance, i think he seems a very nice chap. one you could have included is Rob Butcher, pinkun writer and the worlds best super-fan!! he has a massive ego and is always droning on about the world''s best supporters group{my words}the Northern Canaries.
  2. Tremendous stuff from Wolves. I thought ****** looked quite vulnerable at the back almost every time Wolves attacked. With any luck their best hope for promotion will be via the play-offs, where hopefully they''ll fail miserably to win through. There''s one consolation, if they do return to the Premiership I cant see them staying more than one season,not with so many weaknesses in the team and such a small squad.
  3. As i was unable to get a ticket for Saturday''s brilliant victory i watched the game in the Woolpack (Golden Ball street) instead. As the game started i was aware of some vociferous Man Utd "fans" near to where i was sitting. Initially I thought they must be typical locally based glory-hunters, but no, listening more closely I realised they were true Mancs. Unbelievabally, it turned out they had travelled down from Manchester to see their team, and then did very well on the Grand National, so decided to give their match tickets away so that they could go out on the piss instead. Apparently they thought it would be a dire game - which it was if you were a Manure fan.I just found it hard to believe that anyone would go to all the trouble to travel away, only to then change their minds and watch it on TV instead.
  4. i saw it and dismissed it as paper-talk. according to the "screws," the scummers were also interested in francis, and spurs interested in greeno. let''s face it could the binners afford either hucks or francis, and even if they could, would either player fancy a move there.
  5. his face was an absolute picture of despair and despondency and he looked a bit as though he might burst into tears at any moment.i should think he must be quite worried about his future now - miss out on the fa cup and he could be fired.
  6. [quote]there is no way... green is up for a corner in the dying seconds of our last game, we must win to stay up..... its 2-2, ball come in headed away, green controls and runs towards box.......... gets br...[/quote] There''s one thing, Green can''t possibly be worse at taking penalties than he is at saving them, can he? Am I right in saying that his penalty saving record is 100% failure?
  7. it certainly makes the ground look a lot more complete.i agree that it would be nice to see another corner stand between the jarrold and barclay stands,rather than the proposed hotel.obviously,it wont happen though.
  8. Has Worthy been sneaking a peak at this message board, by any chance? 1st of all posters were calling for Shackell''s inclusion in the team and Worthy eventually made the change, then more recently we''ve suggested the dropping of Holt and Eddy, with Saffri and Helveg as their replacements, and Hey Presto!what does Worthy do? He makes those changes. Keep your fingers crossed everyone, his next decision could be to leave Fleming off his team sheet!
  9. "Thomas the Dansk Engine", that''s quite clever, Mello Yello. Did you think it up, or is it a clever little title doing the rounds?
  10. my humblest and sincerest apologies, twosheds. i totally misconstrued what you were saying. i think that is the danger with the written word, as opposed to speech. you cant always tell exactly what someone is trying to say when they write. when someone is talking to you, you get a fair idea from their tone of voice, facial expressions and body language etc. i think the mistake i made has been made many times on this board, and that is why you sometimes get slanging matches on here.    
  11. two sheds, as you found old boy''s usage of the word RUM so highly amusing, i can only assume that you think it is a norfolk dialect word. im sorry to tell you that if so you''re wrong. to be sure of my facts i checked the word RUM on dictionary.com, and sure enough it was there with, amongst others, the definitions: odd or strange.  
  12. Andy Gray must hold a Masters Degree in "Stating The Bleeding Obvious". I mean to say, does he really get payed vast sums of money by Sky, just to tell everyone what they know already?
  13. this board does seem to be becoming poisoned with negativity and pessimism, which to some extent is understandable. dont forget though, that the views expressed on this site are not necessarily representative of the majority of city fans.after all people posting messages here are probably no more than 1% of our total fanbase. when i talk to fans who dont contribute to this board they seem to be more upbeat about the team''s present predicament, this is something that always surprises me.
  14. Hi Rasputin was a c...... I checked out your full user name as it is always abbreviated on the message board. I was curious as to what the c stood for (i thought it might be a word that rhymes with hunt)and so was a bit disappointed on learning the truth. Anyway, congratulations for your entertaining piece, I''ll give you a mark of 8.
  15. Win more than 3 matches in a season would be a good start.
  16. im absolutely certain that we''ll be relegated. deservedly so, as well.
  17. i dont know whether the board are fully aware of how much norwich city football club''s support has grown in the last 4 or 5 years.it''s quite phenomenal, and it''s not just down to premiership football.i think we''ll see proof of that next season-even if we are relegated to the championship, i fully expect sell-outs for most games.i believe the club missed a chance to satisfy the demand for tickets, by building an 8,000 seater Jarrold stand instead of a 12,000 capacity stand(as was mooted).Nigel Doncaster amazed me when he told the EDP last year, that the board were afraid they might not fill the 8,000 seater stand and consequently had been considering building a 6,000 seat stand instead.what a missed opportunity that would have been! without the benefit of Nigel''s financial nous, i could have told him at the time, that the only options were to go for 8 or 12,000.
  18. if it''s not the anwser,could it be the answer?
  19. i have read several posts in which there is a reference to phil mulryne''s love of a big-mac. is this merely a little joke at our irish friend''s expense, or has he been spottedfrom time to time at the home of fine dining? regardless ofhis re-fuelling habits, he certainly is a handsome chap isnt he?
  20. i wonder if you can furnish us with the answer to your little poser, DD? that is of course, if anybody other than me is still interested. alternatively, you may be hoping for some more responses before you spill the beans I suppose.
  21. I think our support is still pretty impressive. As has been pointed out we were unlikely to sell all the tickets for the Bolton match as it was broadcast on Sky. I heard on the radio yesterday that City have already sold 17,000 season tickets for next season. As a keen casual supporter I hope they dont sell too many more or it could be the same problem as this year where it''s very difficult to obtain tickets for certain matches. I can see most games next season being sell-outs, or at least very near to sell-outs, even if we''re in the fizzy pop league.  
  22. Is it the percentage of the population who always vomit when they see Michael "Slimeball" Howard on Television? If not I give up.
  23. Sid Small and Dave Diminutive, a couple of midgets who support Scunthorpe Utd. They are respectively, 1ft 11ins and 2ft 6ins tall.
  24. IN. This straw poll is overwhelmingly in favour of Worthy at the moment. Im slightly surprised i have to say. I think if you surveyed most club''s fans, you''d find some who wanted a change, in all but the most successful set-ups. I repeat, stick with Worthy for the sake of stability and continuity.
  25. [quote]Our problem is not the defence. Its the midfield. Apart from francis what is there. Holt is just there to make the numbers up. Stuart was total anonymous. There is no service to the strikers. We need ...[/quote] well said mate. you''ve hit the nail bang on the head.
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