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  1. [quote user="Smudger"]


    Even Google and Youtube have never heard of this new NCFC striking superstar... that''s how good he is!!!


    [/quote]I have just typed "David Strihavka+footballer" into google and the search engine provided me with nearly 400 hits. Never heard of this new NCFC striking superstar - my arse! Do you have problems with simple tasks like making an internet search, or do you just make it up as you go along, Smudge?

  2. There used to be a nasty piece of work, who was a binner, lurking around the message boards on the official site. After much protestation from City fans at his continuing abusage of that forum (he was a troll pure and simple with almost zero knowledge of the beautiful game) the site administrators eventually barred him. Perhaps Smudger and Cluck could meet a similar fate. Mind you if they do, don''t rule out their reappearance under a new nom de plume.

  3. Hi Michelle, how about Jennings Snecklifter ( wonderful name - wonderful beer), Hopback Summer Lightning, Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild (quite strong at 6% abv) or O'' Hanlon''s Port Stout? These are all excellent ales but of course wouldn''t suit everybody''s taste buds. Hopefully as I''ve resurrected your post you might hear the views of a few more real ale drinking posters now.

  4. I found this week''s Name That Team the easiest one yet, although it did take me a while to come up with the nine letter wide right player. The main reason for starting this post is to ask whether the web team could turn the board on which you type in the players names the other way up, so that your completed line-up has the goalkeeper at the bottom instead of the top. This would then mean you view players in their correct positions relative to the screen - left back on the lefthand side; right back on the right etc. I''m a simple soul, and I find it rather awkward having to reverse everything in my head. Does anybody else agree, or am I making a fuss about nothing?

  5. Jas, the new owners of the Kings Head have done an excellent job in their total refurb of the pub - it would be virtually unrecognisable to anybody familiar with the old venue. The owners, in their own words, are enthusiastic Camra members - and it shows. They dispense real ales of a consistently good quality in oversize glasses - so you are never served short measures. They have decided to specialise in real ales from East Anglia only, and they refuse to sell any of that lager muck - although they do stock Belgian and Czech beers. The main reason they decided on a lager-free zone was to keep the riff-raff away - and it works. For all those who have never been to the revamped Kings Head, I can thoroughly recommend a visit.

  6. Somebody mentioned a survey where we came out as between 20th and 30th biggest club in the football league. I believe a more recent survey (within the last couple of years or so) placed us at about 15th biggest. This tends to make me think our rightful place is in the Premiership.

  7. Why the chuffin heck are we debating the merits of Chris Brown, when it''s close season, and he hasn''t had the opportunity to prove himself for weeks, if not months. At least give him the opportunity to play a few games before you dismiss him as rubbish.

    As a comparison, I seem to remember Alan Smith was once being hailed as the next messiah, then you see him playing for England last Friday and he was poor. And the lesson is? A player''s form can be very in and out. It''s a certainty that they are not going to perform very well, while they feel the crowd is against them. Back them and their confidence will grow and they should give their best. If they''re given a fair crack of the whip and still prove to be disappointing, then you can think about dropping them.

  8. Maybe it''s not so silly to be thinking about stadium expansion. Reading are going ahead with work to increase their stadium''s capacity from just over 24,000 to 38,000 plus. Yes, yes I know they are currently a Premiership club, but they are hardly an established Premiership club, are they? Also I should have thought that City is a bigger club than Reading. I''ve always regarded Reading as a tinpot little outfit.

    What ever happens, if the present demand for tickets is sustained, then we could do with another 5 or 6,000 seats. Of the bigger clubs in the Football League, we must have the smallest stadium. Certainly nobody, from the Championship down, has so many sell outs in a season.

    On the other hand, how do you pay the vast sums of money required to build another tier on the City Stand, while at the same time financing squad improvements? Very difficult indeed - if not impossible!

  9. I have probably been registered with this web site about as long as with www.canaries.co.uk, but I just haven''t posted here much in recent months. I must confess I tended to post more on the official site, but since the dumb twerps decided to ruin a perfectly good site, I''ve pretty much given up on it altogether. Are there many of you who have done the same thing? Are there some of you who are new to this site, having given up on the other complete shambles?

    This will be my main football forum from now on.

  10. Sorry to be pedantic, Skippy, but I think you''ll find Bristol Rovers is Jamie''s home town club, although he does seem to have a certain affection towards City. I would be quite happy if Granty could bring Cureton back here, but whether he would be happy as a squad player is another matter entirely.

  11. If we fail to make the play offs (fairly likely I would say), then I would blame Delia and the board. Why? Because, how can you have any realistic chance of promotion operating on a shoestring budget. Correct me if I''m wrong, but very few clubs win promotion to the Premiership without having a substantial transfer budget to work with. I still blame Delia and her cronies, as much as Worthy, for our poor showing in our single year''s adventure in the Premiership. If we''d bought a decent striker at the start of that campaign we may have survived.

    If we are in the disastrous position of being relegated from the Championship at the end of next season, then I would blame Granty and his coaching staff, because we ought to have a good enough squad to avoid that calamity.


  12. I don''t mind a few jocks coming in, but I would prefer it if Granty cast his net far and wide. Surely he would be more likely to find talented players if he was to look beyond just the one small country (Scotland). Still, we are supposed to be interested in an Irish striker at the moment, although I think he has links with the land of the deep-fried Mars Bar.
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