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  1. He''s gotta come to Norwich now, because me and a couple of mates have made up a pretty good chant, even if I do say so myself Its to the tune of the Adams Family song:- He runs as fast as lightning Defenders find him frightning And he deserves a knighting He''s Darren Huckerby Du Du Du Dum *clap clap* Du Du Du Dum *clap clap* Du Du Du Dum Du Du Du Dum Du Du Du Dum *clap clap*
  2. It won''t happen. We have a wise and sensible board at Norwich City. They have steered the club admirably through the dark times of football and cleared up the mess left by Mr. Chase comendably. However, not wanting to sound too damning, they lack ambition. Obviously they would love to be in the Premier League, who associated with Norwich wouldn''t? However, they will not carry out any action that will bring us a step closer to the hallowed land if it jeapordises, even slightly, the carefully balanced financial books. But, you''ve got to ask yourself. Would you prefer the sensible, reliable board we have now, or or an ambitious, risk taking board who would either guide us to success, or guide us to financial ruin?
  3. Wonder if they''ll be any "Buy Marshall" campaigns!
  4. At least one Supporter''s Group is doing something constructive. I was appalled at the comments made by Roy Blower, chairman of the Norwich City Independent Supporters Association. Ok, the points he presents are valid, but the way in which he said it was not right. "I am very angry with the people who are trying to hype up the possibility of getting Darren Huckerby here". I for one am not particulary bothered if someone in such a high status position as Ross or Roger Blower is angry at me. Neil Doncaster retained some tact whilst he ruled out the prospect of a fan funded transfer, why couldn''t Blower. Its enough to put you off joining the Independent Supporters Association.
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