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  1. yes there is quite a few famous supports about like her out of hear and say and them s club 7 hannah and paul
  2. well rivers is a good player better then easton anyday of the week does anyone agree he''s been having a lack of sleep latly caused by his new born child called fallon
  3. i believe in a club called norwich there''s a chance we could make it now going into the premiership and make man united died i believe in club called norrwicch ohoohhoohohoh
  4. no clint easton what about mark rivers then forget about him why not.well 1 thing is that clint easton we dont need him no more why isnt he playing if he is that good what everyone makes out so hello get him back on the pitch
  5. that is quite good i like that i dont know your song goes so ill try it for ya
  6. nooooooooooooooooo he is playin for kings lynn dont put alex notman down he is a good player its a shame that he done his knee in he would of still been playing for norwich
  7. was a 7210 blue nokia cause i have lost one.
  8. no theywill not they dont even deserve a seat
  9. why does roy waller get excited when the other team scores that is what i want to know
  10. i will help me and my boyfriend will help where shall we meet in scores
  11. yes ill be joining ya mate ill be singing my little heart for the team i love the best
  12. my dad took me to my first game at the age of 1 1981 it was against manchester united norwich lost
  13. i love darren huckerby i just wish he had his shirt off inthe changing rooms
  14. To all norwich we are going up to the premiership this year i have padied my shres this year and we will do it who is agreeing with me i have back up by roy waller saying that we will get up
  15. im not winding people up im a ncfc supporter and always will be i have been a suporter for 22 years prob more then u im no ipswich suppoter they are scum at least we beat them 2-0
  16. i think alex notman is one of the best that we hadf im
  17. i have one i can not anymore cause im going to scotland so i have one for the barclay stand lower
  18. yes i agree too it say on sky sports that the stewards saw leon spit its best to look on the website
  19. really ok fine all the years he has played for norwich he need s a break
  20. i have west ham tickets i dont need them anymore cause im going up inverness
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