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  1. [quote user="1st Wizard"] The day that damn woman quits this board and sells up, will be the day this club and fans unite and hope will at last return to the club. [/quote] Yeah  I agree,BUT, If you think back it was Delia who saved this club from extinction with 48 hours to go. I for one thank her for that BUT she has taken this club as far as she can. Sell the shares Delia, it doesnt matter who they are as long as they are willing to put the money in and make us a fortress again and take us back to the prem!!!
  2. The trouble is the board havent got the guts to sack Worthy, BUT, I have heard that Worthy is going "upstairs" at the end of the season and Martin Hunter is taking over. I cannot commit to the source but it is fairly reliable. The other point is there was money in the transfer window and Worthy spent virtually jack **** only going in for players with a few hours to go.  (good management...NOT!!!) We were beaten on sat by a player who came off the bench which cost CP 2.5 million. That to me is a manager with ambition, unlike ours. I put a letter in the pinkun a few years ago saying that to accumulate you have to speculate, like when we let Hucks go back to Man City then to sign him., and that statement still stands today. It proves that because of the amount of 1st team shirts that are vacant. West Brom have parted company with Robson today after 8 games this season and we still put up with this minger. To sum up we have a manager with no ambition or a clue what it takes anymore........ SO DO EVERYONE A FAVOUR AND GO.
  3. Yep, and Greeno will follow this week. It just proves the board are as spineless as Worthy and should go too.
  4. For the first time in years there has been stability at the club, BUT, something must be going on behind the scenes at the club as the players ( who earn more in a week than most in a year) just dont seem to want to play for Worthy I have followed the team for a number of years and have been a season ticket holder for years also (in the lower barclay) and it seems as though we are back to the era of Hamilton, which I hate saying,so it must be best for the club, team  and supporters for NW to part company. Whilst he has taken this club to what we have seen the last two seasons the players we have ARE premiership quality BUt are playing as though we are in League1 which everyone pays hard earned cash to watch and support. So come on players , either play with the passion the supporters want and show us that you want to play for NW or ,come on Delia and the board , be brave and bring in a new face so the players can start to play the way they should/ the way they did, or there will be a mass exodus in the transfer window.
  5. Someone told me that Petit is training with us at Colney, now I dont know if its true but that should make interesting. I also heard that he has been looking at houses in the area, can anyone shed any light?
  6. The tickets went on sale last week and sold out quickly. Fortunatly I got one.
  7. Good luck Clint I wish you well,BUT will Rivers follow, Ihope so as he is inconsistent too.
  8. I see your point BUT dont you think that Zema will be back for that fourth place then?
  9. I think that seeing as it is Iwans last day at Carrow Road then we should send him off with a bang. We should show everyone what Norwich City football Club, as a whole, are all about. Iwan has given everything for this club and we should pay him back by giving him a send off that he will remember for a long time to come, sing your hearts out for him. I know we all love the "BIG MAN" so tomorrow will be his day for at least two whole hours as I and (hopefully) everyone in the ground will show Iwan what a hero he will always be. We love you Iwan Roberts OTBC.
  10. I too am absolutely gutted that "GOD" is leaving. When I was reading the messages under this headline I had a tear in my eye as I knew we would not be seeing the big man again after saturday. In my eyes he has been Mr Norwich City for the last seven years and will always have a place in my heart. Good luck Iwan, the whole of Norwich will miss you, especially your gappy smile after you BANG another one in!!!
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