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  1. If you have sky on Sunday 12.00 kick off is SPFL playoff final second leg Ross county v Raith rovers.
  2. Here it is…. 1980 Arsenal v Liverpool 12/4 Hillsborough 0-0 16/4 Villa Park 1-1 28/4 Villa Park 1-1 1/5 Highfield Road 1-0 Talbot winner. Also played a league match on 19/4 at Highbury-score was, yes, 1-1!
  3. Correct me if I don’t get the details totally correct but I think Arsenal and Liverpool semi final went to 4 games finishing at Highfield road back before football began in the 1980s. I repeat from an earlier post, the PL (I can’t even bring myself to give it’s full name) has been corrupted by money and is controlled by the money grabbers (Ch*****ns, which it is not) league teams and 2 or 3 hangers on. The league is all about money, greed and for the benefit of the few with the Football League getting a few crumbs from the top table, for which they should be grateful and tug their forelocks. They won’t be satisfied until they have it all and I want no part of it…..
  4. Exactly!! Premier League has been corrupted by money and self interest. The regular money grabbers (not champions) league participants and 2 or 3 other wannabe hangers on are trying to control the game and buy off the FL teams with a few crumbs off the table, which they should be‘grateful for’. The whole farce of a competition, ruined by money, power and greed holds no interest for me.
  5. Their owner has put about £700m into the club.
  6. GuardIan report by Jacob Steinberg (a respected journalist) suggests Brighton’s choice to replace De Zerbi is the messiah from Portaloo Road.
  7. Weren’t you frustrated, even angry, at getting into a winning position and not managing the game to make sure you win the game? That was supposed to be the theory behind bringing dads army into the squad. Having know how and nous to make sure you win the game from those positions and not be bullied and at times overwhelmed. Big deal we made it into the lottery that is the playoffs but along with even half of those points not given up AND a better quality backup in the squad we could have been looking for more than sneaking into the playoffs?
  8. Please correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Webber/Wagner decision last summer to add experience, know how into the squad meant to stop folding and lose points? Along with having a strong first eleven but weak backup in terms of quality and then in January replacing Idah, who despite his limitations and mismanagement scored a few goals, with a player not deemed good enough were factors.
  9. A large proportion of the investment probably has been to their new stadia. However, by having a new far better ground will have drastically increased annual revenue. Would Brentford be where they are today if they were still at Griffin Park or Brighton if they were still at the Withdean or Gillingham or even the Goldstone? If we had had the investment to increase capacity to 35000, maybe, yes only maybe considering some of the poor recent signings, we would be in a better position?
  10. McCracken played well in the game I saw at Accrington in November when they beat Wrexham. He was very popular with the fans, along with Hills and Shipley. If you want a game to watch on Friday and don’t have Sky, go to the BBC iPlayer and watch the SPFL playoff semifinal 2nd leg Raith v Partick on BBC Scotland. Full blooded stuff! For those of us who aren’t PL lovers it’s a good watch on many Friday nights during the season. Enjoy!!
  11. I agree that they have done excellent transfer business but both have had significant financial backing from their owners. Brentford estimated at £170m and Brighton estimated at £700m. It would be interesting to see what NCFC would have done with similar investment?
  12. I’d qualify that to what a mess the PL is……
  13. Good to see you back on the site. Always find your posts both insightful, interesting and more sensible than some on here. I use this post as an example.
  14. I have the same opinion on the money grabbers (champions) league. A competition manufactured out of money, greed and self interest by a small number of clubs. Who could possibly be interested in it except those clubs. At least football at ridgeon league level is played for the right reasons ie love of the game, and not pure greed and self interest.
  15. Absolutely, agree with every word! The PL has been corrupted by money, some from dubious sources. Before football began ie pre 1992, teams could get promoted and have a genuine chance of competing. Now unless teams have large amounts of money thrown at them you are likely to end up like NCFC or Sheffield United. Even Brentford’s owner has put about £175m in to the club. Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest have stayed up with large cash injections. This season 3 of the top 4 teams in the championship were relegated last season and the bottom 3 in the PL were promoted last season. The only reason to want promotion is for the money because we will never compete, yes compete, in this horrible league. After supporting NCFC for 60 years (old git, man and boy) I have to believe that football at this level is broken, overhyped and just for the benefit of the few. Mere survival when anything more is out of reach is not my idea of being a fan. I am now a part time supporter-most home games-and part time National League watcher, at clubs with a real friendly community feel.
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