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  1. 2 sorts of fans aren’t there. Those who go for a sing song and not too arsed if we’re little old Norwich, win lose or draw. Those who can see the faltering atmosphere isn’t in fact the fault of the supporters, as is the line of Webber etc atmosphere will improve when performance inspires it, as it did with Neil, Farke etc, any other fan base wouldn’t be so soft about iT. They’re not a group of Under 11s, they’re not gonna be upset about it.
  2. Granted but we’re in England. It’s all a bit tin pot here
  3. Do we want to reach the play offs? The sooner the season ends we can rebuild. Promotion under the same regime will only entail the same embarrassing result
  4. Probably the happy clappers with the drum.
  5. Against it. been present at at least 5 of my away trips this season and now I’ve ‘NCFC the team for me’ burnt into my ear drums
  6. It never sits right when a group of fans try to elevate themselves above the rest. We are all fans, we all pay the same, no one is elite. The drum is a nuisance. It serves to stifle any chant emanating from elsewhere until we’re left droning ‘since I was young’ like Derby county. The drum is just the young persons happy clapping. The fella who plays it barely watches the match, instead faces the crowd in his cliche CP hat regardless of how derisory the performance. The players, the management, the board need to know when the football is not good enough. Unrest of fans should not be drowned out by this tin pot, American nonsense.
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