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  1. How much longer are our other top strikers going to be out for? Was Mckenzie injured or was it something else, not relalated to football. I hear he is back in Norwich so whats his state of fitness? Peter Thornes injury seems to be running on for ever, we need these players back in team as soon as possible, so whats going on?
  2. When we only have the money raised from the sale of players and savings on their wages to spend on new players, to get a 10% discount on purchases from the club shops you used to have to spend £10, now its been raised to £15.00. It seems that the board are  battening down the hatches, surely to get back up to the premiership we should be able to find the money to spend at least double the amount raised so far.it seems penny pinching around to me.
  3. After watching all the home games and some of the away games, I would have to agree with all that has been said. Worthington seems to lose the plot when it comes to making substitutions, why bring on Henderson? In my mind you have to have a good strong midfield, that can hold the ball and pass it someone in OUR team, we give the ball away far to much. If you look at Bolton they play with 5 across the middle and where are they in the table? 4th or 5th. I know we have to score goals but when you don''t have the strikers that can score, then you come through from the midfield with someone like Huckerby up front who can run on to the through ball.  
  4. Even though I am a season ticket holder I agree entirely with what Bagpuss is saying. It must be hard for the fans which cannot afford to spend £60 for 3 tickets in one go. It would be far fairer if the club were to sell the tickets one match at a time.
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