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  1. How many people would be prepared to further boost our transfer kitty through another share issue, I for one would buy some more shares as the excitement generated last year through the fans giving Worthy a transfer kitty was the best xmas present I have ever had.  I would also trade friends & families gifts of socks & pants for money to be donated to the club. What do other people think ?  
  2. Absolutely not never give an end to your opponents cause teams like to kick towards their supporters. Keep it as it is.
  3. Gazza I don'' want a slanging match but in your first comment you stated for god''s sake, are we never going to get over the fact brum won and we didn''t?  Were they really ungracious to us afterwards, no. This line alone was annoying for the following reasons. 1) I am sure all Norwich fans are over the fact that we lost & you are missing the point.  My comments were not about the result that day but their fans behaviour. 2) Were they really ungracious to us afterwards, no.  Is that no. because you had a lovely day out & all their fans are saints in your eyes because in mine they are on a par with Ips**t & Wolves.
  4. Sorry Gazza obviously you are right as always & I must be lying about there fans running on the pitch, there mood change when Iwan scored & there attitude towards me & my family after the game.  This is not living in the past these are just things that I saw maybe I got unlucky but they did not leave me with nice thoughts of Birmingham fans.  Quite frankly I am not jealous of them & can accept that we were beaten in a penalty shoot out as my post was not about the result that day but WAS about there fans behaviour. Also in the past they tried to smash my brothers car up when we beat them 4-0 at St Andrews a few years back. About 8 years ago after making them welcome in our local pub just before they left they stole pictures from our Landlady''s & we had to go & confront them to retrieve the pictures. So sorry I do not like Brum fans whether you like it or not.  
  5. Why try to re-create an atmosphere that can only help the home side, my memories of Cardiff are Great stadium & great Norwich support. A devestating defeat, ignorant Brum fans running on the pitch, Brum fans being rude & hostile after the game.  Believe me if Norwich had won that day there fans would not have been gracious in defeat & there would have been trouble after the game & the presentation of the Cup would have been spoilt.  As soon as Iwan scored that day their fans started spoiling for a fight. So sorry no carnival for me just the undying support for the only club I give a stuff about.  
  6. 1st Wizard its all well & good giving us all this information but you don''t mention his name.
  7. I cannot believe fans would slump to the depths of sending hate mail (EEN Headline) to Gary Holt even if it is a handfull of people this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.  What price loyalty & commitment Holty realises he is not the most gifted player but I feel so sorry for the guy who''s crime is to play at 130% every week.  I say to those cowards go & support someone else cause you don''t belong in a club like Norwich.  Lets get behind him next time he plays & let it be heard that we still appreciate his efforts.
  8. Holt has done nothing wrong & although I feel he needs a rest we will miss his ball winning skills, hes a very unselfish player & has deserved to be in the team.
  9. When I was young and reading the history of Norwich City Geoffrey Watling''s name often appeared when things looked bleak for the Club Mr Norwich City was always there to help turn the club around.  A true icon in the history of the Club the impact & legacy Mr Watling has made on the Club is something that us fans could only dream about.  At this time when the Club has been struggling the results pale into insignificance.  This is the biggest loss the Club has had in many years & you will be sadly missed.
  10. Because booing has never helped anyone & is counter productive how ever bad we feel.  Most of the people who boo are the same people who sit there all game not making any attempt to sing or get behind the boys.  The one thing you can say about our current players is that they do not intentionally go out to do badly and the last thing they want to hear is booing. Yes you pay your money and you can have your opinion & if this leads to booing so be it but I think its negative & STUPID & I will never boo or leave before the end of any game & thats my opinion SO TOUGH. Norwich forever  
  11. I agree Barclayend boy, I was absoloutely distraught after the Blackburn & Charlton games but I applauded the players & sung with the real fans because I want the players to feel that we are still in there with them.
  12. I respect that and can certainly see your point on Bentley for Brennan.
  13. My team for Saturday would be          Green (if fit) Charlton, Shackell, Helveg              Holt, Jonson, Mulryne,  Francis, Brennan         Huckerby, Svensson Subs McVeigh , Flem, McKenzie, Drury Ward or Gallagher I think by playing this team Holt can protect the defence the 2 wide players are good at getting up & down, Shackell solves the height problem.  Mulryne can pass the ball without having to work his socks off & also get into the penalty box from deep positions & lets give Hucks his free role back. I just feel that this style of team gives lots of options & is better than going with 2 the Hucks up front formation. I feel that since we have changed formation we have been less effective & need more fluidity in the team.          
  14. Looks a long way off, never mind I will settle for 10th.
  15. I think your good authority misheard The statement was Gary Doherty in Irish squad for match Dion Dublin  
  16. Aaron I have the same trouble me & my brother & our boys are noisy but people look at us with disdain.  Very frustrating when you are trying to get behind the team.  There should be a section in the riverend for those who like to vent there support.
  17. Anderz Away from home I believe we sit back & bring teams on to us & this seems to suit our style of play as we try & use pace to catch teams on the break.  Although we don''t score many goals away from home I think we look tidy & quite dangerous.  At home there is more expectation to deliver goals & to attack more & I beleive this means we push further up the field leaving us open to counter attack & more space to opposition forwards & this is why we have conceded quite alot of goals at home by teams hitting us on the break.  Main difference is, our game plan away nearly works but we don''t have the finishing ability of those teams who we have played at home.
  18. The club has not started the season as well as we would have liked, but I am absolutely convinced that the future is looking good & in 2 to 3 years we will be a top 10 premiership team challenging for Europe & Cups.  I see this season as just another part of our re-establishment from a skint Division 1 club going nowhere to a club who want to be an established Premiership club. This rebuilding has taken years & will not be complete for another couple of years. With this Board & club structure we will finish what we have started. The club will have a long term plan & it is important to stick to it &  be drawn into fan pressure or foolish decisions.  City fans please be patient, stick together, lets not slag each other off, lets get behind the players whoever is out there, let the manager pick the team & lets wait for the bigger plan & most of all for the rest of the season lets support the team like no Norwich team has been supported before.
  19. I Must admit it is very uplifting & shows the feeling within the whole of the club.
  20. I am very confused by the same failings in most games. 1) Crosses from the left are leading to goals in most games going back to the 1st game of the season. In recent games Kilbane & Ferguson scored after crosses from the left, Willo Flood scored after a cross from the left, Dickov scored after a cross from the left. We are weak on that side whoever we play there & what ever formation. I felt McVeigh coming on the left led to the goal on Saturday just as it did against Crystal Palace with McVeigh easily taken out of the game. In this league I can only see McVeigh playing as a striker or just behind the front 2. When these crosses are coming in our whole defence is drawn to the near post leaving players unmarked at the far post & as much as I like Flem & Charlton they are just too similar. We are supposed to be the fittest team in the league but Blackburn''s 10 men looked fitter than our 11 & we won very few 2nd balls. Holt & Francis often end up to deep & playing as virtual centre halfs. Why take McKenzie off he was defending from the front closing there defenders down , when he went off there defence started playing in our half. Retention of the ball is poor & seems to be getting worse as the season goes on & this has been a failing all season, I feel that at times we need to play a more direct style of football instead of trying impossible passes. Every week substitutions are made that seems to generally disrupt the team some are through injury but generally its the same players removed week in week out it''s like a planned substitution before the game has even started. If I was an opposing manager I would work on these areas of weakness & I believe this is what has happened but our management team don''t seem to be able to react. Oh well as management, players & fans we are all learning the harsh lesson of Premiership football.
  21. There was a little incy wincy football club based in the southern part of East Anglia. 1 Year they flukely got promoted to the top league called the Premier league & on limited resources they finished in 5th position with basically the same team as they were promoted with. After this there obnoxios Chairman lost sight that they were still only a little incy wincy Football Club & went out & spent lots of money on all differnet types of Globetrotting Football stars. The players who had brought the little incy wincy Football Club a degree of success got all upset the new players also got all upset but not too upset because they were earning lots of nice money for not alot of effort. Anyway all the little incy wincy Football Club needed was a new striker & defender like nearly all clubs & that would guarantee them Champions league football. However when they had spent all their creditors money & realised they were going back to were they came from they decided to have 1 last throw of the dice. They spent what little was left of their creditors money on retaining most of the under performing & 1 season wonders to try & get them back in the biggest league. After a few months they realised this was not going to work & completely shafted everyone who had been near the little incy wincy football club. This meant that the Creditors did not want to do business with the little incy wincy football club anymore & those who did charged inflated prices to get some of the money back that they had lost. The little incy wincy football club lost fans because of this & are despised by most of the other Clubs around the country for trying to gain an unfair advantage. Even today the little incy wincy football club are still suffering even though there currently lofty position might state otherwise. Many other clubs have taken a similar route & not many of them have lived happily ever after. The moral of the story is don''t spend money you can ill afford if not you will live happily ever bankrupt.
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