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  1. Well done Freddy I will try to remember it for Saturday.
  2. I agree Bly Bly but I also thought the defence failed to push out as a unit & just watched the 2nd cross come in, if they had pushed up to the penalty spot it would have been an easy catch for Greeno. Bottom line is we don''t have a leader on the pitch capable of organising the team.
  3. Due to a lack of football I have been checking out some old videos that my boys found. Watching the likes of Flecky, Butterworth, Linighan, Crooky, Bowen well the list goes on & mostly these players had been plying there trade in reserve team football. Norwich at this time were 1 of the top 5 teams in the country & do you know what I don''t think I fully appreciated the players or the Clubs acheivements at this time (I took it for granted). Where & how do you buy these types of players these days, hopefully with Deano we have got the next Chris Sutton but overall very talented reserve players these days are worth mega bucks. There doesn''t seem to be players available in that middle of the road part of there career who years ago would have bought developed & sold for plenty. Football has changed drastically over the last 10-15 years & probably will continue to do so over the coming years.
  4. Overall DDIM we are roughly where I expected us to be with a chance of beating the drop. What I am most disappointed about is that at the start of the season we looked fairly tight at the back with Charlie playing as centre half & looked dangerous on the counter attack away from home since the turn of the year our tactics have changed. I feel in the first part of the season we dropped points against Palace, WBA, Blackburn, Everton, Villa, Portsmouth and all games should have been drawn or won if chances had been taken. Since the turn of the new year we haven''t carried the same threat or performance level. I feel as a club both on & off the pitch we have progressed & that as all you can ask for. It has just been 1 steep learning curve for everybody involved with the club including us fans.
  5. I must admit Kathy I heard the Everton fans calling Rooney a fat bar steward, I wonder if the stadium manager will construe that as racial abuse.
  6. Team V West Ham 21/02/04 1 Year on against Blackburn our team was R Green R Green M Edworthy RB S Charlton RB M Mackay CH G Doherty CH C Fleming CH C Fleming CH A Drury LB A Drury LB P McVeigh RM G Stuart RM D Francis CM D Francis CM G Holt CM G Holt CM J Brennan LM J Brennan LM I Roberts CF D Ashton ST D Huckerby CF Hucks ST Only 4 different players 1 year on which would leave me with the question is the team any better 1 year on & has the club progressed. Personally I think team 1 would win because of the spirit of that team.
  7. Does anybody know the man who had the funny Tweety Pie / chicken headwear at the Blackburn game. He stood out on Match of the day brilliantly.
  8. I was never one to criticise Neil Doncaster but after listening to his comments on the Radio I have never listened to such aload of old drivel. Speaking about the write off of debt as underwritten by Mr Watling he says that it will make little difference to our debt & cash situation. Bo**ox it means that in 2 years time when the £1.5m liability was to be re-paid we will not have to find the £1.5m funds meaning we are £1.5m cash better off. I am sure that has had a massive impact on the long term cashflow forecast. If £1.5m is insignificant it makes the few thousand pounds me & my family spend on auctions, kit & just supporting the club totally meaningless, so when you are next auctioning a shirt off for academy funding or selling replica shirts & season tickets will you look at the money raised and say it is of no benefit to the club? the £1.5m written off in the clubs balance sheet far outweighs any of the sales I have mentioned.
  9. Usually come off the training groung between 11.30 - 12.00 & are there from around about 9.00.
  10. Fair Play: Premiership 2004/05 Rank Team Yellow Red Pts 1 Norwich 21 1 23 2 Charlton 23 1 25 Man Utd 21 2 25 4 Southampton 28 0 28 5 Chelsea 30 0 30 Liverpool 28 1 30 7 Tottenham 31 0 31 8 Middlesbrough 30 1 32 9 Arsenal 34 0 34 Man City 28 3 34 West Brom 26 4 34 Crystal Palace 34 0 34 13 Everton 29 3 35 Bolton 33 1 35 Portsmouth 31 2 35 16 Aston Villa 35 1 37 17 Newcastle 37 1 39 18 Birmingham 36 2 40 19 Fulham 37 4 45 20 Blackburn 46 4 54 * Teams penalized 2 points for a red card and 1 point for a yellow
  11. For the past seven years the BH&HPA’s David Bellamy Conservation Awards have celebrated and inspired an amazing variety of conservation projects in camping, caravan and holiday home parks across the UK.David Bellamy. Photo courtesy of Bourne Leisure. A message from David Bellamyhttp://www.davidbellamyconservation.org.uk/home/images/54.gif
  12. Stevenage fan I am with you on this , but you appear to be very very rattled don''t let them bug you aas there is nothing you can do about it & the more rattled you get the more Bellamy posts there will be.
  13. I agree I thought the same Barclayendboy, I also thought that when Holt & Safri came off Mullers looked like a man who was about to cry.
  14. I bet Harry Redknapp will take Bellers to Soton on loan & I would be gutted if we missed out on him. He would fire us to safety along with Deano, Hucks, & Leon.
  15. At last an intelligent post, this season is just one step on the ladder towards our re-establishment in the premiership. The club is becoming stonger all the time & in 3 years time we will be a fixed term premiership club.
  16. I hope Holt is fit to start on Saturday, at last we could have a midfield player who is capable of workrate & protection of our defence, I would also play Brennan for Drury & lets go for it & give Hucks a free role & partner Ashton with Leon.
  17. If its sponsored by Norwich Union they will probably move it to India for next season. I have a link the Cobra stand as in Indian Cobra beer & the snakepit.
  18. Players train at Colney until about 11 - 11.30 & usually sign as they come off the training pitch.
  19. I agree splendid, I believe Worthy is protecting the players by saying how great Villa were on Saturday but deep down he will be aware that a number of players were lacking commitment & some simply not good enough. Saturday was my darkest day of the season & the only thing I could bring home with me was that Ashton is going to be very good & he showed promising signs of linking up with Leon.
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