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  1. Rumours are created my Newspaper reporters & fans, what more can he do other than announce that these players are not for sale. I do however feel that the Board have left it to Worthy to try & dampen the rumour flames & the Board have been conspicuos by their absence & lack of comments regarding the situation.
  2. Martin O''Neill left Celtic to look after his seriously ill wife, so it''s ridiculous to even think about him coming back here, I would also presume that Martin O''Neill would disagree with your Shankly footer & would consider football totally irrelevant to the situation he is dealing with in his life.
  3. Looks to be goals in that team, cracking line up, I would have Hendo, McVeigh, on the bench just in case 1 of the strikers got injured.
  4. My sentiment exactly, I would play Deano & Hucks as our strikers & tighten the left side up. Last year we were fine when Hucks was up front with Mackenzie whatever would he be like with Deano. I prefer Hucks to play as a central stiker & roaming all over the pitch.
  5. Ted Super MacDougall & Phil Boyer, although when I played football to a decent level I used to model my full back play on Stuart Pearce but only because the way he played was the way I saw it when out on the pitch.
  6. No legs my point exactly, we are getting close to being a cracking side yes there are teething problems, but in a couple of weeks time watch us go we will be unstoppable once everyone is match fit & are more aware of each others game.
  7. Absolute rubbish, all we get is Flem this & Flem that & yet again we have to have a fall guy,  Flem made a cracking tackle before their goal & then Louis Jean out of position attempted a half hearted tackle & the ball is played into the space where Louis Jean should have been. Flem won everrything last night & is good at this level, just get off his back & let him do his job.  I despair that Norwich fans what ever the line up have to pick 1 player out of the team who they can pick on & it goes Docherty, Flem, who''s next Hughes, Deano, I say shut up moaning start supporting our players & team & then we might get somewhere.
  8. Try this http://www.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=897&p=2&stid=8380228
  9. Well I apologise to all for raising excitement levels, I can''t beleive it was for boxing.
  10. I agree Ipswich are in dissaray & thank you for pointing the fact out on a Norwich messageboard, when you have any further bad news on your sad bankrupt little 3rd rate club please post it on here so we can laugh at you some more.
  11. Good old Wigan, offering £3.5M for Jagielka a player unproven at premiership, how much is Francis worth now? If we are asking £2M I''d say thats a snip for a player who scored 7 Premiership goals from midfield last season.  I think I would double his price for any prospective buyers.
  12. Yet again our Norfolk born & bred (mostly) cricketers do us proud & will appear in the Minor county cricket final, I can''t wait for on the ball city to echo around that old ground again to the horror of the stuck up MCC members.
  13. Good old Wigan they have offered £3.5M for Jagielka, what does that make Francis worth? £4M not knowing the situauion here who would you rather have? A player who played in the premiership last year & scored 7 goals or a player who has never played in the prem.
  14. Charlie I wouldn''t want him training my kids in FITC, what a great influence he would be on them. Let him sit at home & rot.
  15. How about you, you could put a curse on yourself not to annoy other posters & not be a miserable old so & so.
  16. Andy Who''s , I really cannot understand why we signed such a player we could easily have bought Patrick Viera who was made available for sale, we were never mentioned when Gerrard was looking for a new club.  Typical Norwich going out and signing a player we can easily afford who''s proven at the level we are playing at come on show some ambition. Just for you Wiz  
  17. I agree, we are moving big earners off the books who quite frankly under performed last season & I am sure that in the next few days players will be brought in who will excite us & make a squad better than last seasons. I as much as anyone want to see new faces but Patience is a virtue.
  18. Well Norfolk won at cricket yesterday & me & my boy saw Robert Green their cheering the boys on, they are 1 match from a final at lords. Bradshaw took 7-15 a competion record including a hat-trick.
  19. Keely We could never afford your wages & if you are who I think you are your golf needs improving.
  20. I sit at my desk & when I look at my Desktop Calender I see a Notts Forest player in a yellow shirt, In August I will look at Damo who maybe wearing a Pompey shirt . A) Do I stick a picture of a current Norwich player over these monthly cards. B) Grin & Bear it. C) Get back to work. D) Use my Outlook calender Thank you in advance for your help
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