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  1. With all this effort being put in I am pleased I posted to get cheesboard back to page 1. It was slipping down the thread listing & I don''t think it would have been on the board by late afternoon yesterday. All of a sudden it could have TV coverage, how amazing.
  2. Zipperdee doo daa Zipperdee day Huckerbhy will score followed by swifty McVeigh. 2 - 0.
  3. Top of the league Double over our enemies Greeno in England squad Hendo & Jarvis getting praised for their performances in the England U19S Joe Lewis getting Man of match in U17 I look at the threads over the last few days & think what a miserable load of old gits Norwich fans are. Most of the threads are about self pity so lets move on & have some decent threads about actually supporting our wonderful club. Lighten up everyone I for one am as happy as a pig in the proverbial.
  4. Cheeseboard needs to stay on page 1 I hope I''ve done my bit.
  5. If I really wanted to got to a certain match I would get a ticket no matter what. I have been to 6 away matches this season & will probably end up going to 9 does that give me a right to a ticket over someone who has been to 1 or 2 cause I don''t think so. The club must ask where does it stop because in the end you could say in my life time I have attended 1000 matches does that give me the right over someone who has attended 500. On any given away day people have other family commitments & can''t always go to away matches. The Club cannot help it if demand outstrips the allocation levels provided & this is not part time support or glory hunters the fact is Norwich is developing a young, hungry & tremendous support with over 40000 supporters on there database & long may it continue.
  6. Good on you, I recently took my wife my 6 year old & my Norwich mad 10 year old who is as mad as me to Crystal Palace. I don''t go to all away matches but I am planting seeds so that my wife & 6 year old (i also have another 6 year old) will in the near future have season tickets if they upgrade the capacity at Carrow Road. I am off to Burnley on Saturday but as I don''t go to all matches away it does''nt make me a part time supporter. I have to say that my whole family are Norwich mad & always will be.
  7. I heard about 1 month ago that a deal has been agreed in principle that provided Norwich go up he will re-join. I would like to add that I am not one for spreading rumours about new signings but I honestly beleive that this one is a real possibility.
  8. My understanding is that the Club receives 1p per minute for every call, any business can apply for an 0870 number & the call provider reimburses you on a monthly basis.
  9. I remember the game Kenton was taken off after 35 minutes to save him any more abuse, I don''t call that supporting the club. Youngsters need all the support & help they can get even though I am not fond af Danny Mills he is another who has gone on to good things but at Norwich the fans never got behind him.
  10. Why do City fans always want a fall guy, Moaning & whinging at players is counter productive. We always have to have 1 player in the match day team who is going to get aload of flak. Togetherness is what has got the club to the top so those who moan shut up & support the players. After the game compain all you like but for City''s sake stop this negative critisicm whilst the game is going on.
  11. You are all crackers, there must be a butter thread than this.
  12. Come on you fans lets make Carrow Road a white hot, intimidating & cauldron of noise tomorrow. The support is always brilliant from the Barclay but lets make all 4 sections of the ground as noisy as Carrow Road as ever been. A win tomorrow with the fans playing its part & we will nearly be in the promised land. This game is massive for the Players the fans & the management team & as fans lets not let tomorrow pass us by & I am sure we will walk away from Carrow Road tomorrow with huge smiley faces. Encourage all fans young, old & reserved to make some noise for the Canary boys.
  13. Who is moaning? you can''t knock what Worthington has done but all I am suggesting is that when you have a small squad you can''t afford to have a whole load of players out of favour & common ground between players & manager needs to be found. I am also convinced that Huckerby will be the next player to fall out of favour but I hope I am wrong.
  14. How many Norwich fans think that Worthy holds grudges for too long. All players at times deserve a rollicking but with Worthy you are either in or out. You can keep bringing in players & falling out with them. Has Huckerby lost a bit of form since he & Worthy had an on pitch slanging match against Ipswich? Everyone knows that you call the shots Worthy but don''t drop players for the sake of showing them whos boss. Players he has fallen out with & who I think all provided good service are Libbra, Rivers, Kenton, McVeigh, Brennan?, Neilson all players with a bit of attitude. What do other fans think?
  15. I am disappointed to read that Worthy reckons the squad is good enough to get us to the promised land & we don''t need to sign any further players. I think we are so close to getting promoted that 1 or 2 real quality signings would guarantee success with no real risk. I feel that a signing at this stage would just give us that final momentum we need to complete the job.
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