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  1. they are currently proving what they think of the fans,taking us all for mugs,we gave him a chance last season because he was young ect,but to give him a new contract at the end of the season was unbelievable!!,
  2. somebody should go to her house and do the now cringeworthy famous "where are you speach"
  3. does morty work for the club?,because his defence of them is unbelievable!!!
  4. i dont often post on here but after last nights shambles yes it was a shambles!!! i felt the time had come to express my opinion, lets start with the defence edworthy just not up to it ,headed the ball to stellios for their goal im glad he rejected his contract offer i hope he dosnt get another gives us time to get ayounger player in . fleming what can i say is it because he is the captain that he is not dropped ,if so give someone else the armband   shackell without doubt our best player why he has waited this long for a chance beggers belief ,he should be given a five year contract now!!! drury played ok still some shortcomings . stuart added nothing to the squad waste of wages, holt obviosly worthys favorite running around like a headless chicken might work in div 1 but not in prem, francis has dropped off badly needs to be dropped to try and get him going again ,huckerby not in the game but even the best cant do much without service ,ashton still looks quality ,does more  work than most of the others ,mckensie loads of energy but desperatly needs to work on his ball control . worthy the best thing this club has had in ten years ,he will learn from this season ,he needs to be a bit more tactally aware i could see we would be lucky to get anything from the game after ten minuites last night . at least 5 changes are needed in the starting 11 in the next match weve got nothing to lose ,were as good as down already and we need to get rid of 7 or 8 players in the summer . remember this is only my honest opinion    
  5. i think nw should consider changing the captain again ,i think he should give the armband to francis who imo is by far the most consistant player in the team ,this would give nw the chance to drop fleming who imo has been average at best this season,this is just my opinion but i would like other peoples veiws.
  6. what nigel needs to do is spend a bit of money on getting some decent backroom staff ,somebody with a bit of tactical knowledge ,i wouldnt mind losing if we at least gave ourselves a half a chance to start with .whydo we keep picking the same team when the performance from certain players is the same week in week out? i am afraid to say that we have only 5 players who can cut it in this league just  .!!!!!
  7. i was just wondering if the supporters on here could get a full team together of shirts with players names on the back,i havent got a name on either shirt and i know some players are liked more than others .iwill start you off as my son has green on his. god i must be bored!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i am starting a petition to have leon start the next game ,i believe he is the best option .
  9. How many of you are going to eat humble pie ? all of you who slagged off the doc before he had even signed ,now he is suddenly the best thing since sliced bread . I along with many others will im sure leave judgement until he has at least played a few games ,and for all you who slagged him ,i cannot really recognise you as true supporters
  10. reading through all these mbs ,and there are a few !!! lately all optamism has turned to doom and gloom just because nobody new has turned up in the last couple of weeks.i dont know how long most of you have been supporting the club ,but any long time supporter will know that our club NEVER runs that smoothly ,just as we are on the up something orSOMEONE knocks us down .so i for one am looking forward to the new season evan if we dont sign anyone else ,as long as they all try there best ,because MOST of us know things could be a hell of a lot worse .
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