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  1. I also wonder with the end of the parachute payments is it plausible that we will need to sell all the family silver which weakens our bargaining position?
  2. I think you make a lot of very good points. The last three seasons do feel like a bit of a write-off now and we could have spent that time building something. My feeling is that for a club of our size and financial backing, our best chance at relative success is to build something, develop talent and then ride some luck & momentum. We did this very well in Webber & Farke's first years, promptly hit the ceiling of the model and then abandoned it somewhat in summer of 2021 and the sacking of Farke in the hope of breaking that cycle. In fairness though a lot of our fanbase did seem to welcome that change at the time, frustrated by our limitations at PL level (elephant in the room there being the Buendia sale admittedly). Problem is, it seems like that was as good as we realistically were able to achieve and we've drifted away from that. It's easy to say with hindsight though and I can sort of get why the club tried something different, but equally I think we have been a bit reckless with our choices since trying to chase a return to the PL. I agree about the team this year. There's such a big difference between making the play-offs and being good enough to go up (yes it is a lottery to some extent, but the gulf in quality this year was particularly clear). I know technically we were two games away from the PL but it felt so much more than that watching the game on Thursday. There's been some real bright sparks in Sargent, Sara, Nunez and early-season Rowe, but I've not enjoyed watching the experienced heads that were brought in to make us more streetwise. I'd much rather watch talent being developed even if raw and based around a clearer identity. All in all, I am very much hoping that we can start to build something new again and aren't too stifled by what looks like some pretty sorry finances.
  3. I'm pretty sure Knapper will twist. He will surely (I hope) have arrived with an idea of the system he wants to put in place and so I would expect he will want a selected manager to implement that over the longer term. All considering Wagner did well to steer us to the playoffs but to have any chance of sustained success I think we need to build something. The squad needs an overhaul and given the end of the parachute payments we will have to fund that with player sales, so developing talent will be key.
  4. Same here. I don't understand why anyone gets so riled up against Wagner. He seems like a decent bloke, probably not the right fit long term but it would have taken a very good manager and a fair chunk of luck to have got this squad up.
  5. If they are not out of contract I'm not sure we can ship them out, unless someone is willing to take them. I would let them all go personally, we haven't demonstrated any of the extra nous and backbone they were likely brought in to provide. Also our team has felt very slow apart from the wingers.
  6. I agree. I think this squad was capable of play-offs but would have been very lucky to get promoted.We are very reliant on a few players and very poor without them. Although this current performance is embarrassing, he's done reasonably well with the limited squad we have. If we want to build something though, which I imagine Knapper does, he will have his own ideas of who to employ. The only thing I can see altering that is if we can't afford to change managers. I imagine it wouldn't be prohibitively expensive but not sure exactly how these things work.
  7. I agree they are a much better team and we simply don't have the answers.
  8. He might have been at fault but certainly not at fault for us being way short of what is needed to get out of the league. He is one of the players who has elevated us this year.
  9. I do think they are just way better than us. The gulf in quality is obvious and we don't have the skill or tactics to rise to it.
  10. I felt like the disallowed Coventry goal in the FA cup final summed it up for me - even though it was the 'right' decision. What has always frustrated me with VAR is that it was supposed to be for 'clear and obvious' errors and yet we regularly have to watch them faffing about with the offside lines for ages. If it's not clear within a few seconds then the original decision should stand. It's needlessly overcomplicated.
  11. I am excited and want us to get promoted...but in all honestly it's not at a level at all comparable to the 2015 playoffs or getting over the line in 2019/2020. I think it's a mix of low expectations for the playoffs and the likelihood that we would get battered in the PL.* I guess also it reflects the mood in the terraces. The atmosphere is much better than it was recently but apart from the Ipswich game it's hardly been rocking and there's a fair bit of negativity around Wagner which is quite unique for a team in the play-offs who didn't realistically expect to be any higher than the playoffs. *I don't buy into the theory that we are better off staying in the Championship, it's just hard to get excited about a repeat of the last seasons we had there even if it does help us financially.
  12. These were my thoughts exactly when I read the story. I've followed the team properly since the early 00s and the Lambert era was personally the most enjoyable & the only time I've ever seen us look consistently comfortable at PL level. It was also the time when I think the connection between players, manager, club & fans felt strongest (maybe 18/19 under Farke could rival it but we never came close to competing in the PL). So given all that, it's very strange how negative/indifferent Lambert has always been towards us - especially as it was also probably the peak success of his managerial career. As others have mentioned I can only assume it was the off-pitch elements of his life. I don't know if people do dislike him as much as he thinks either? I'd have thought on balance most fans look back fondly on that era than feeling sour.
  13. I would think these sliding-doors moments aren't too uncommon for footballers. As fans probably underestimate how hard it is to maintain standards & consistency to stay at the top level. Throw in a bit of luck and circumstance, too. I think back to our 2002 play-off and some of the players we might have taken to the PL had we won.
  14. I wouldn't say any of them were overrated but I thought our 18/19 team would do much better than they did at PL level. Also there's not many players who reached the full potential I saw in them when they were here. At the point he was being linked with Barca I didn't expect Aarons to eventually move to Bournemouth. Buendia I thought could have gone to a 'bigger' club than Villa at the time but they are essentially knocking on the CL door now.
  15. I have been of a similar opinion re. McCallum and Giannoulis - I would keep McCallum as the cheaper and younger option and let Dimi go as he is more expensive and not quite a PL player. However, I wonder why it is taken as given that Dimi would be too expensive? If he left NCFC I can't see him going to a team much higher in the pyramid - so why would he command a wage higher than what we can afford?
  16. I agree. It is not a big surprise losing away to Leicester but it's alarming how uncompetitive we are given that this is what would await us in the Play Offs.
  17. It's like watching an FA cup tie with a league or two between the sides. But surely we can offer a bit more threat?
  18. I have wondered this recently, apart from OTBC do we have any chants/songs unique to our fanbase? (Genuine interest and not a dig at our creativity!) I think there have been some great chants this season (Salt n Pepa, Voulez Vous, that Sainz one...) but I've also heard them sung by the away fans and at other games (maybe not Salt n Pepa?).
  19. You've got to feel for the team/the fans/Wagner here. We were completely dominant and through nobody's fault except the ref/Borja it has gone out of the window.
  20. I wonder how much the club would consider selling him for? Interested to see where his career peaks. I can think of a few strikers over the years who were very impressive at Championship level but fairly anonymous in the PL, but he does seem to have the attributes so I imagine some are considering bids this Summer.
  21. It's been a long time since we had a 12th man crowd at Carrow Road. You can debate the reasons for that (e.g. getting battered in the PL, poor PR from the club etc.) but I think some of us underestimated the difference it would make. We have also been somewhat spoilt since the Lambert era. There were some dismal days in the late 90s and 00s where there was little to get excited about and a lot of random players coming through the team. There was perhaps a frustration amongst some that we never 'upgraded' from Kenny in either PL seasons but I certainly think if we don't go up this year we could look back in a couple of seasons and wish we had a Kenny in there again.
  22. I really liked Bradley Johnson. As I recall he put in a decent shift as a CDM at PL level under Lambert and Hughton, then had another lease of life on the left of midfield under Alex Neil where he scored a few belters. As @Mr Angry says, not sure why we sold him really and by all accounts sounded like he didn't want to leave.
  23. That's a good point. The recent few months do seem to have bucked this trend. Although I do wonder whether over recent seasons the crowd atmosphere will have played some role in influencing which direction games have gone.
  24. Very much agree on that, I never relished playing the 'top teams' either as they generally thrash us and sometimes the players don't even celebrate their goals. I don't think being in the PL has to be so miserable though. I think if Luton do go down this season their fans will still have enjoyed it. We just want to see a team that is at least competitive. It's the last two relegations that have particularly ruined fans appetite. In 2004/2005 we were still in it until we collapsed on the final day, and in 2015/2016 we had our moments and got to 34 points which is far better than the last two efforts. Although ultimately relegation was horrible the seasons were enjoyable at times. The relegation under Hughton (and ultimately Adams) was pretty grim, but again we got to 33 points. The first relegation under Farke was rather men against boys, although I do think we could have at least got a higher points tally with some different factors. The last time under Farke/Smith was the most soul destroying, and was accompanied by a strange shift in how the club engaged with fans and media.
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