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  1. [quote]Mrs Wiz might argue with you there Canary Wench, mind you I wouldn''t!. And would little old me, be that transparent about Greeno?.[/quote] hmmmmm.....maybe - I think it is more to do with little old you relishing the opportunity to wind someone up!!
  2. "Mind you, for £2.million, I''d drive him down myself!.   " I have a feeling that this is in response to me telling Wiz last night that I thought that Green was sexy and he should leave him alone! Not a compelling argument maybe, but good enough for me! Don''t worry, I still find Wiz jr sexier! 
  3. Hi all, Can I first of all thank everyone who has sent messages, I have printed them off and taken them to Wizard, and his wife and son in particular are overwhelmed by the good wishes sent to us all. He is feeling a lot better and as long as everything goes to plan today will be discharged this afternoon. He claims that he is going to stay away from the boards for a while to make sure that he does not raise his stress levels, but you all know what he is like!! Thank you again for your messages, I will be back with updates as needed and will now return to lurking!! Nicola
  4. Hi, My name is Nicola and I am a regular lurker and engaged to 1st Wizards son. He has asked me to post a message to explain why he hasn''t been around for a while and will be away for a few weeks. On wednesday night 1st Wizard had a heart attack, and was taken to hospital on thursday morning. He is convinced that it was the match on wednesday night that pushed him over the edge!! He is doing well, sat up and complaining about the food, but will be in hospital until early next week. When he gets out he is going to stay away from the boards for a while in an attempt to make sure that he is getting all the rest he needs, and asks if those who usually send him messages will hang fire for a while until he is fully recovered. He sends his best wishes, and says to tell you not to worry, the Wizard is still working his magic! I will visit the boards and let you know how he is doing, but as I said, he is a lot better and just waiting for the all clear to come home. Nicola  
  5. Not sure if any one has posted this yet - made me giggle!! Soccer fans refuse to board train  A rail company says a number of Ipswich Town fans refused to board one of its trains because it bore the name of Norwich City director Delia Smith. The fans were trying to get from Cambridge to Ipswich to see the Blues play Brighton last Saturday. They refused to board One Anglia''s "Delia Smith" service. The operator says it has a number of trains named after local celebrities including the former Ipswich Town manager Sir Alf Ramsey.
  6. I lurk to hide my ignorance!! Fairly new to this football lark and just getting to find my way around - and yes - I do now understand the offside rule!!!!
  7. I agree - and while we are at it - can we please have more diversity in the positioning of the coloured shirts - it is discriminating against the yellow shirts to have then surrounding the green shirts - makes them seem less important somehow. And, why are all the taller players at the back?? Isn''t that discrimination as well? And the white shirts - what is THAT all about!!!! In fact - while we are at it - do they have to have different coloured shirrts - they so clash with the grass!! Where are the women? Disabled players? Discrimination is a serious problem - don''t fight the stupid battles where it really does not exist!!!!
  8. Bless him, he had a lot on his mind - takes a while to figure out where to put his next tattoo!!!
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