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  1. maybe cos he''s realized thats blatantly the quote of a rogue trader and perhaps blinds are a better option anyway.
  2. you clearly needed helpwhat if you had gone and booked a room. its a long stroll to milton keynes.16 and counting.........
  3. you''re both looking at the wrong picture. foghorns link is the right one.
  4. I will answer for youthat IS the real karl pilkington, either the greatest comedy talent this country has ever produced or in the words of one ricky gervais "a partially shaved monkey with a perfectly spherical head"if you have a sense of humour check out the ricky gervais show podcast
  5. fair enough, and i agree completely, it is worthingtons choice and ill support whoever he picks 100 % at the game- thats why i didnt say anything negative or boo then. If ian henderson does read these pages then im very sorry hendo. p.s. i think its great he feels like a kid at heart - even if it means he plays like a kid at football.....again, VERY sorry Hendo
  6. ok, NMTD Worthy was not refering to me. i didnt boo once and sang the whole 90 minutes. I kept my frustrations inside and that is why i felt the need to vent them in my post afterwards. admittedly i was maybe a little bit harsh but still i just dont want to see him in the team. You all tell me hes too young and inexperienced and so i should lay off him, so youre really just agreeing hes not up to it. Loan him out and if he comes back resembling a professional footballer then give him a chance. im not opposed to seeing younger players given a chance, infact id like to see shackell and jarvis given more games, especially if we secure promotion before the end of the season. I just think we have much better options than henderson.
  7. what a t*t after a performance like that he should never be considered again. dont reply telling me hes too young so leave him alone. whatever the reason is he isnt good enough. hes bad to the point hes a hinderence to the team. cant attack cant defend. Id prefer to see jarvis, who actually looks like a genuinely decent player, played out of position on the right wing ahead of henderson.
  8. dont knock glory hunters glory hunters make good clubs great.......where would man utd be without glory hunters. the moral of this post is, if people want to put money into our club, let them cos it can only make norwich better. anyway, you never know, with time some of them may become "die hard" fans like the rest of us
  9. ok ok i was just trying to start off a bit of a debate. however, i still stand by my comments about his arrogance. His attitude isnt great either. i dont how many of you are aware but at youth level they have a "three strikes and youre out" type policy. well, i know of a couple of youth team players who broke this rule and got kicked out and ian henderson should have been one of them. by this time however norwich had realised they wanted to keep him on and so just let him off. no wonder hes arrogant. he thinks hes got a god given right to play for norwich. Just read some of the comments of his youth team coaches, they all hint at a bad attitude. maybe its just a personal vendetta, but i really dont want to see him back in the team now or in the near future
  10. i understand completely that hes only a kid..............so why do we play him. The reason hes not up to it may be because hes so young but the fact remains hes not good enough. i think the best thing to do would be to loan him out to a lower league club (although i appreciate now isnt the perfect time). If after this time he improves greatly then bring him back. The problem i have is that at present he cant even worry the average div 1 defender......image him up against a top premiership defender.....embarrasing. i wouldnt be too worried about his confidence either, he oozes arrogance. remember his celebration after his goal against Millwall, ive never been so p****d off after a norwich goal. if he had the skill to back it up i might be able to let it go..........
  11. Is it just me wondering how he is getting any where near our first team? From what I''ve seen he does not appear to have any attributes that are required to be a professional footballer, His first touch and control are poor, his strength is non existent and to my knowledge he has never beaten a defender in his life. Fair enough he works hard, but in that case I could play for Norwich! I expect the "He''s only young" arguement will be used but surely he should have shown some sort of potential by now (like Ryan Jarvis has, who usually does not even get a look in.)
  12. i have a season ticket and although i havent made it to any away games this season ive seen a bit of svensson. From time to time he shows a bit of skill a good touch or makes a good pass but the rest of the time he seems to spend giving free kicks away. i havent seen nearly enough of him to say conclusively what type of a player he is but the above description just about sums up his performance against west ham today i think. Also i dont think he has the airial presence you might expect from a big "target man". i certainly wouldnt write him off yet though. Give him more games and well see what hes really got to offer
  13. i dont think it has to do so much with the possible addition of a second tier. I was told it was set back a bit further to allow extra room for the corner infill i.e so the corner stand can be bigger than the small ones either end of the city stand. in any case, i am also informed that the pitch will be widened at some point to bring it closer to the south stand. wether this is a good or bad thing in terms of the way we play im not sure.
  14. If norwich do go on to get promoted id give it about 3 months before greeno gets into the england sqaud. hes already englands best goal keeper in my opinion, but sadly, i feel wont get the exposure and hence recognition he deserves until he plays in the premiership. greeno for England!!
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