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  1. oh how the memory deceives- When Hayden was announced it was for the vast majority hailed as a massive achievement. I do not recall any one voicing to much concern at long term injures- just frustration he wasn't available right away- don't let this get in the way of blaming Webber for everything though. No one could have for-seen the extent of the injuries and it was likely at the time of signing he would be ready to play within 2 months.
  2. 20 corners.. would expect at least one goal if you have some one that specializes coaching set pieces in the team. He talked a-lot about his time with England, and certainly has a pedigree but I don't see anything special about our corners or set plays in general.
  3. what on earth makes you think he would be the best choice? to quote Iwan Roberts- Look at MK Dons – when he left they’d finished 13th in League One. Last year they finished third under Liam Manning. There was a massive improvement after he left. Swansea – they finished 15th last season and they are 16th now I don't see why any one would want Martin- he is a league 1/ lower championship manager at best with no real success yet. Its illogical to want a manager that has no proven success in any form.
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