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  1. I will be in Croatia unfortunately!! Agree with you about inept,overpaid and underperforming though. They have alot to prove on Wednedsday night.  
  2. Greeno should have been going anyway despite Kirklands injury.How James keeps his place is beyond me.Yes he makes good saves,but most keepers do.Every time i watch highlights of Man City games he is making basic errors. And yes i was in Denmark to watch his horror show for England against the Danes.  
  3. I think in all honesty we have left it too late.We can''t afford any slip ups from here on in,and who can honestly say hand on heart that there is not a couple of Palace/Luton/QPR performances left in us!!      
  4. Spot on DDiM. I too am in the Worthy out camp as i feel we have underachieved over the last 2 years given the resources available. I am first and foremost though a Norwich City Supporter and would welcome an upturn in fortunes be it with the current manager or a new manager.I have nothing against Worthy personally and those that verbally abuse him or sing anti-worthy songs during the game are out of order.I have reason to believe that Worthy is a genuine fella and i hope that i am proved wrong and that he can turn it around. However,from the evidence of the last 2 years i don''t believe that he will and that is why i want a change.      
  5. Going out hopefully with 5 others(4 Norwich and 1 West Ham!!).Guaranteed tickets for semi and Final if England get there as on 14 caps in the members club.Relying on the ballots from FIFA and the FA for the other England games.  
  6. I was there last night and the reception he got was a disgrace. It was totally unjustified,didn''t think he did too bad on Saturday or last night. May have been the manure fans in the crowd(Liverpool connection et all)?
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