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  1. Its got to be worth signing Becchio just to see WACCOE go into meltdown again....
  2. I havent posted on here for ages but I have broken my duck just to say that this is without doubt one of the funniest things I have ever read anywhere.
  3. we could use a scorer like McAulay though - he''s scored more for us than Lappin has!!
  4. There''s one way to find out if there''s anything going on with this - someone pop down to CR and see how Lambert has parked his car this morning. Alternatively, someone check Asda/Morrisons. Great if its true though
  5. Even Graham Murty on Sky said it was never a red card. The ref was dreadful and shouldn''t be reffing a grown-ups game.
  6. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"][quote user="BroadstairsR"] I always like Scandinavian footballers. They are usually strong mentally and physically, with a good attitude. We could do worse than to scout that area more. [/quote] Hmmm, or alternatively we might unearth a pair of nuggets like Worthy did when he signed Helveg and Mattias Jonson (the latter being quite possibly the worst excuse for a winger I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on - and I had a season ticket back in the days of Louie Donawa) [/quote] the same excuse of a winger who has 57 caps for Sweden?
  7. [quote user="jammy"]i know you should not judge after one game but what a load of rubbish.[/quote]Yep, had a hand in all 3 Watford goals I think, 2 through his legs. Come back Doc, all''s forgiven. Ward is rubbish, no pace, can''t head, can''t tackle.
  8. [quote user="Boogle"][quote user="OutGunn-ed"]Ruddy and Ward are officially $hite[/quote] Although I agree that Ruddy, Nelson and ward look suspect, its too early to get carried away. 45 games left. Fair enough Watford are relegation favourites, but so were Blackpool last year. P.S. Are people going to start a new thread for every goal? Where do you draw the line? The "weve got a corner" thread? [/quote]...when we get one....
  9. Ruddy and Ward are officially $hite
  10. Second half starts off better with a great goal from Crofts.But Ward and Nelson aren''t a viable combination as a central defence partnership in this league.Watford blew a chance to go 3-1 up, Ruddy fumbling badly
  11. [quote user="supercol"]is out of his depth... Cody is better.[/quote]is also rubbish
  12. It''s been very disappointing so far.Jury''s still out on Ruddy, his kicking looks very suspect and he''s slow to cover ground shots. Nelson and Ward just awful, neither has won a header yet. Simeon Jackson is a headless chicken and Hoolahan can''t find a pass for the life of him.Come on Lambert, sort it out!! Get Holty on asap.
  13. Yawn....here we go again. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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