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  1. Mark Bowen was a fantastic player, I''d rather have him here as manager than Worthy (not starting one of those debates, I just really like Bowen) I think he''d probably still be better than a fair few of our players.
  2. You can keep your 6''6", fast and strong, I''d take Bobby Moore any day and he wasn''t any of those.
  3. Doesn''t a football messageboard seem like an odd place for girls to be coming? Isn''t there plenty of other websites you''d prefer?   Some of my cousins children go to the Heartsease and are the same age as you... God it makes me feel old.
  4. Isn''t Jonson technically a striker who''s being played out of position rather than a midfielder? Disgarding him the midfielders we have are all central midfielders, fantastic.
  5. I was under the impression he had trials with us, spurs stole him from us and man utd stole him from them?
  6. I''ve been playing Football Manager 2005 pretty much since it came out as Norwich United (I edited it by putting them in the conference league south) I''m now in the 2009/2010 season and Norwich united are 2nd in League One. Norwich are still in the premiership although they are the new Southampton, practically every season they''ve come 4th from bottom and mostly on the last day of the season, a position they are currently occupying. They''ve gone through about four managers all of whom were terrible, they even offered the job to me (I suppose because I have my favourite club listed as Norwich) an offer I found hard to turn down. Fittingly Ipswich sold all their best players before one season and now they occupy 15th in League One, after I beat them 4-0 at Home. Only players I can think of that are particularly well known that I have is Zoltan Gera (fantastic) Rohan Rickets, Mikele Leighetwood (not entirely sure how to spell that, think its close enough) and a Mr John Sutton who is as much of a legend for me as his brother was really. I also have a player called Stephen O''Donnell who came from Hibs (I think) if he is half the player in real life as he is in the game we need to buy him.
  7. I think Mr Sutch and Mr Llewellyn need to be added in to the team. I''d add Rivers in too but he was actually good just bloody lazy. He''d certainly be in both the lazy XI and the burger eating XI.
  8. I think they are more likely to feel pressure on them because next season we will be expected to win like we did last year and everyone will want to beat us more. I think those are more likely to do us damage next year in the First Division rather than getting used to losing this year.
  9. Out. I''m not just saying it because of where we are in the league I am saying it because of his ability with team selection and use of subs mostly. It took him thirty... THIRTY odd games to give someone everyone in Norwich has known is a great player a chance in a defence that is just terrible, how could Shackell have done any worse? and even when he did finally give him the chance, he dropped the wrong person to play him! He persists in picking Fleming and Holt (don''t get me wrong I love these two but they are simply not good enough anymore) and I have absolutely no idea why! when we have much higher quality people he has bought in just to sit on the bench (Safri and Doherty) If he continues to play Edworthy when Helveg is fully fit then not only does he need to leave but he needs to be shot too! Same goes if he continues to play Stuart has been dreadfull (I was actually quitely happy about getting Stuart in so not criticizing the buy, but will do if he keeps playing him) Against Bolton is just one example I can think of, of his use of subs, brining Doherty on in the last five minutes, why didn''t he do that 10-15 minutes before that, five minutes is not enough time. His ability at using subs has always been terrible, last year included. For that matter his team selection has always been dodgy with his favourites.
  10. I agree, all my friends are being negative about City (the ones who go and the ones who don''t) I''m practically the only one who isn''t having a pop at them and getting worried. They will come good, wether they''ll stay up or not I don''t know but if they carry on the way they can play (for 45 minutes usually, but extend it to a full game) We''ll get a few wins.   Didn''t we all know it was going to be hard? 
  11. I personally back stadium expansion before squad strengthening, buying a player for 1.2 mil and he might get injured, be off-form, fall out with the manager, etc etc. The ground will always be there, always (unless someone sets it on fire... again )   Then again that''s mostly because I am happy with the current squad and for the first time in my history of football I''m not upset with anyone of the players.
  12. Now that a couple of the kids in my family are a bit older and I''m one of the few blokes who likes football in the family, I''ve been selected to take them to a reserve game.  I''d appreciate it if anyone could tell me when and who the next reserve game at Carrow Road is. We did have a list of reserve fixtures but someone has thrown it away.   I know I will get in free because of my season ticket but how old do children get in free upto? I''m taking four, six and nine year olds. Would they all get in free (I assume if they don''t it''d cost a quid or so but just want to know) and what stands are open to go in, is it still the city and barclay or have they opened the south stand to reserves? (I''ve only ever been to a couple of reserve games and only one in the last ten years)   Thanks
  13. [quote]Same old story it seems to be 1 rule for Norwich & 1 rule for everybody else. Even without being biased we have had the following decisions go against us. Lauren should have been sent off on 2 s...[/quote] Yeah all those decisions you mentioned were wrong but we were not being victimized or anything as ridiculous. Referees get things wrong - for everyone, not just Norwich. Admittedly they always seem to get them wrong in favour of Ipswich (They got more penalties last year than I''ve had hot dinners) Then again in my opinion, that challenge Helveg did on Giggs was a red card in my opinion as a proffessional foul even though I did clap it I can''t remember any others but then again the ones that go our way don''t stick out for me.
  14. The difference between Duff/Giggs/Pires and Huckerby, is that when the opposition has the ball they track back and don''t put their hands on their hips and stroll back onside. This makes him a striker, if he ran back to defend he''d be a decent left winger (he didn''t do it last year but we coped without it, but this year we''d be killed) If he was played as a winger (Ie to get crosses in for the ''nod in at the back post'') then he''d have to be right winger as he cant cross with good consistancy with his left, the reason he goes to the left is so he can cut inside and shoot - Like a striker.
  15. I''d rather it was someone like Green Day, Dire Straits, The Kinks, The Beatles, Oasis, Blink182, Jet etc etc (Yes people tell me constantly that I have strange sense to have all those as my favourites) but at least it wasn''t Mcfly. Busted and the rest.
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