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  1. smallest man, i think you have come in for a lot of stick because of the title of the thread. wenger''s track record speaks for itself, so no contest in most peoples eyes. however, it would be interesting to see the approach that wenger would have made if he had come to manage norwich when roeder did. it may well be that given the situation, roeder performed better than a lot of the prem managers would have done - although why would they have accepted the challenge in the first place? it''s really all hypothetical, but could have been interesting to hear some positive reactions instead of shouting you down.
  2. of cardiff''s 16 home games, they have won 7, drawn 3 and lost 6 = 24 points out of 48 (50%) - same points as norwich. barnsley are much harder to get points from at home having got 32 out of 48 points (67%) - didn''t we do well?   
  3. "Hi Karen, Doomy here" "Hi. Ringing about "Tiny" again?" "Yes. Will you accept our offer of 750k? It is the last day of the transfer window" "I read your supporters have just contributed 250k towards his transfer fee." "Yes that''s right because otherwise we would not have been able to make this offer.." "Oh how sweet of them! Tell you what,  you can have him for 700k. Best regards to Delia"
  4. DB i suppose you saw this advert did you? TEMPORARY MANAGER sought for ambitious north east based company currently lacking vision. Candidates must present a long-term strategy for success but accept that this will be a short-term position. Candidates should be able to accept unnecessary criticism on every decision they make. Be prepared to travel throughout the UK - European travel is not expected anytime soon. Accept living in the shadow of a former employee of the business. Immediate start required. Please send CV and salary expectations to jobs@nufc.co.uk.
  5. "For the last 15 minutes Derby were virtually playing with 10 men, when having brought on all three substiutes, Rob Earnshaw was unable to contribute after he injured his calf." i was watching the match here on tv in the philippines. earnshaw came on as sub after 56 minutes, did nothing except get injured about 10 minutes later and just stayed on the pitch hobbling around. he looked out of his depth when he was able to move, but maybe because he''s in a struggling side. derby were actually making liverpool worried at times and were unlucky to lose on 90 minutes.
  6. it''s a temporary thing for most of the players i think. if qpr are successful they will be looking for better premier class players. if they are not, the current players are not good enough and will be sold.
  7. A very Happy and successful New Year to everyone on here from the Philippines. We are really 8 hours ahead, but i was not able to access the message board until today.
  8. [quote user="King Juan of Spain"]I have watched Smith on many occasions, in training at Cobham, for Chelsea reserves and for QPR. Judging him on the three or so games he''s played a part in at Norwich is a sad indictment of just how idiotic some of you are. He is a class player when played through the middle - he has a way to go yet, and no, he isn''t good enough for the Chelsea 1st XI right now - and he will come good for us if and when he gets match fit and plays in the right position. Mourinho really rated him and he''s not a bad judge of character, is he? [/quote] I''m sure you''re right KJoS, but you can''t really believe Mourinho''s judgement is as sound as the experts on this thread !  
  9. and for all those who complained about russell''s comments being negative in a previous thread!! the team are very likely confused, disillusioned and need motivation (like us). there is still time for the right manager to turn this around, so let''s try to avoid the negative and depressing comments until we have a decision from the board.  
  10. maybe he should tell them all that they are one of the best teams in the league - that should really be a confidence booster!!
  11. all fans seem to want a well-known, experienced, previously successful manager at Championship or Premiership level to come to Norwich and re-instill into the team attractive attacking football which will eventually lead to Premiership status. if they have all those qualifications, why are they not managing a premiership club? in the event that any are available, the position at Bolton is up for grabs, with possibly Birmingham and Derby to come, so those managers would want to apply there first. if the board are waiting to see what happens at Bolton (Jewell, Coleman and Bruce interested) it makes sense to keep jim duffy as caretaker for the time being, as i don''t think team morale and performances can get any worse - can they?
  12. [quote user="lappinitup"] I think Grant and Duffy are sharing the coaching at the moment. Nothing wrong with that! Just wish they were better at it though!! [/quote] Yes, but what happens if one of them gets injured??
  13. [quote user="sig"]I agree, I can''t believe we haven''t signed anyone.  However I take issue with the fact there are plenty of good players out there.  Over the past few months there have been so many strikers linked with us, but when it comes to central defenders, you could have counted the number we''ve been linked to on one hand.  I don''t think it''s a popular trade to learn these days.  Most young players probably want the koudos of being a striker and scoring goals.  It''s certainly a position in demand.  I wonder if we''ve searched abroad?[/quote] You mean Scotland?  
  14. [quote user="ricky knight"]Wiz, thats what you have been on aint it, why is it if anyone says something against city they are a binner, dont you live in suffolk. I am looking at the whole picture, there is shutting up shop and there is being careless, you dont find man u or chelsea being careless, they are pros. Carry on in dreamland guys just like you did when we hammered Barnsley last year, there is still a hell of alot of work to be done imo, oh yea morecombe beat Preston last night, the fortress where we were lucky to get a point. We will see wont we Wiz.[/quote] Ricky You don''t?? Chelsea 3 – Birmingham 2 It was an entertaining match, with Chelsea playing some thrilling football and dominating huge phases of the contest, despite conceding twice in the opening 36 minutes.   Reading 1 – Chelsea 2 Cech, who fractured his skull last season in the game at Reading, made an awful hash of a punch allowing Andre Bikey to put the home side ahead.   Man United 0 – Reading 0 Manchester United had an uncomfortable start to the season as the champions were outsmarted tactically by Reading.   Portsmouth 1 – Man United 1 "We controlled the game in the first half but Portsmouth put more pressure on us in the second half and we lacked a bit of composure. "Defensively, we did not look on Benjani''s goal."  
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