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  1. its about the system as much as lack of striker. Under Lambert we would have taken off Surnham for Kane. Changed the formation and gone for the win. Houghton keeps the same system, and keeps it tight. Without a pouches this system will be tough. Instead of winning or losing 3 2 we will see many 1 1s.
  2. If we don''t claim 2nd place I hope Swansea do. Partly because they play attractive football but mainly because they are the one team who are set up perfectly to beat the diamond. Quick wingers, attacking fullbacks, two holding centre mids who can spread it wide. We were very lucky to beat them at home and they deserved the win at theirs.
  3. I feel sorry for Steve Tilson. When Peter Grant was shown the Carrow Road exit the Board approached Southend about bringing Tilson in. Tilson was really keen on coming. Southend refused and at that time we didnt have such a cut-throat Chief Exec so we didnt pursue it, and got in Roder. Soundend were then rewlegated, went to administration and Tilson was left with a rubbish squad and quit. As far as Im aware he is not managing a football club. Moral of the stroy is that Lambert did the right thing to leave Col U for us, and it would be right for him to leave us for a Villa.
  4. Askou seems like a nice guy and he did a decent job in League One last year. His heading ability is freaky, he gets in the way but I never thought he stood out as being a class above others in League One. Is Askou the best possible defender we could get? The answer is of course no. Barrett has played in the Champ and the Premiere League, is young and Lambert knows a bit about having scouted him before. If he is better than Askou, and his experience suggests he is, then its right to play him.
  5. For those of us who live outside Norwich WTF is going on? Can we have a link or an explanation of what the EDP story said. Ps 24hr boycott will achieve f-all.
  6. Maybe he wanted to get away from nosey neighbours... or maybe he was just renting and the landlord has decided to sell the property...
  7. Owning Ruddy is better than re-loaning FF. When Lambert came in he said he would try and avoid loans. His hand was forced last year because he needed to get a goalie in quick. Fraser Forster did well for us in League One but he''s no Gordon Banks. He was also unknown until he played for us.
  8. Let us not discount the fact we own him. I would rather have a decent young Keeper who is ours rather than doing another club a favour by improving their player. Foster had some excellent strengths, shot stopping in particular, but he also had some weaknesses. I like the fact Ruddy for such a young goalkeeper has played a lot of games, and he seems to be improving with every step he takes.
  9. Yes. Winning habit and money are both useful. Fulham are still doing alright this year even though they are in the Europa.
  10. We are Norwich. We dont need to worry about what other clubs do. On the ball City.....
  11. Selling Theo to Melbourne Tinnies is a disgrace. They said that none of our stars will leave in Jan. Sack the board!
  12. I don’t like this ‘barging’ mentality. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. If NCFC mainly buy League 1 and League 2 players they will become a League 1 side.   Our two best ‘bargains’ of recent time have been Earnshaw and Ashton. These were players who came in and did a fantastic job before being sold on for big profits. Lets pay the going rate and get good players.
  13. I started thinking about this last night but then quickly stopped myself. There is a long way to go this season. Lets get promoted first before we start thinking about who is good enough for the Champ.
  14. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="First Jedi"]Come on guys - how did he leave badly?[/quote] How''s about a questionable injury whilst talking to West Ham for starters! [/quote] Lambert is a saint but Ashton is Judas???? You need to clean those rose tinted glasses of yours. If we would have been challenging for promotion he would have stayed with us. Ashton did his best to try and ensure that we stayed up. Im sorry that he never got a chance to play for England.
  15. We looked ok going forward but abysmal at the back. Priority has to be two new centre backs and a confidence inspiring goalie. Alnwick - 5 – He did do one good save but his distribution was awful and he looked very nervous on crosses. Spillane - 5 – Got forward ok, without threatening to do anything productive and defended ok but was beaten for pace a couple of times. He is a solid player. Askou - 4 – He was a complete lump. His best moments were when he had to head the ball away. When the ball was at his feet he would just punt it aimlessly up the pitch. Got turned way to easily too. Doc - 4 – I could write exactly the same as I did for Askou. If I was a forward in League One I would be rubbing my hands with glee over the prospect of play against these two. I don’t care if Stevanovich is a mercenary. We need footballers. Drury 6- Was pretty solid in the tackle and distributed ok. It is tough having Hoolahan playing in front of you as there isn’t much cover.              Gill - 2 – Forgot he was on the pitch for the first 25 minutes. When I remembered I though that I would watch him for a few minutes to see what he was doing. This is what I saw: ………………………………….. Tudur Jones - 5 – He can tackle, play the ball simple and score from free kicks. He is the definition of towering presence. OTJ wont set the world alight but he can be a good foil for Hughes and Hoolahan. Whalley - 4 – Showed some nice touches but apart from that did absolutely nothing. He is a liability when we don’t have the ball. It also worries me that for a winger he doesn’t beat defenders. Hoolahan -6 – He really seems to care. He ran around a lot, played some incisive passing and tried to be positive. His link up play with Hughes was one of the encouraging things to come out of tonight. Holt – 6 I like how Holt plays. He lays the ball off well, gets into good positions and gives his all. But he needs the right service (ball to chest or feet). He is not big enough to be a target man or quick enough for over the top. The service tonight was awful but he still set up a number of goal scoring chances. McDonald - 4- I have mixed feelings here. Cody is both almost good and a long way off from being a first team regular. He is not the finished article. In fact he is a long way off. He has pace and he will chase every hoof ball that the defenders send over the top but he doesn’t have a quick enough instinct for this level. We should use him as an impact player and then assess how he develops. . Subs - Hughes 7 – This guy is better than the division that we are in. He passes and moves in a neat but penetrating way. I do not understand why he did not play at least the whole of second half. A non-match fit Hughes is double the player Gill is. Martin 5 – He was played out of position on the right wing. He tried his hardest and had one excellent effort. Manager Butterworth – Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. As its his last game I will be kind and give him no mark. Whoever thinks that Team Gunn needed more time should have anything of any value confiscated from them.  
  16. According to the Col Utd chairman "I can confirm that First Team Manager Paul Lambert, Assistant Manager Ian Culverhouse and Football Operations Manager Gary Karsa have all left the U''s to take up positions at Norwich City."   Answers on a pink postcard please...
  17. How about giving him a place on the board?
  18. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"] Yes of course its a kick in the teeth. Keane is a manager who: 1) Has played at every level of football and is highly decorated. Along with this comes an extensive list of contacts "friends" and other associates who he can lean on for assistance 2) Has already proven he can get a team promoted from the championship to the premiership on a pretty decent budget.  (Refer to point 1 and 2 with the signature of Dwight Yorke 3) He is a natural born winner with a Midas Touch. He WILL get the binmen back to the premiership 4) He has played for arguably two of the best managers ever to grace English football. Sir Alex and Brian Clough. Like anyone he will have picked up tips and tricks from his former mentors. [/quote]   I agree with most of this. The kick in the teeth is not the actual appointment Keane (which could go very wrong) but the fact that we could never convince someone of his stature in the game to come and manage us. Well were are only lil old Naarichs o shouldn’t have unrealistic ambitions.
  19. Here are a couple of quotes from a recent article about him in a San Jose publication: "It wasn''t about money," said Huckerby, who has an 18-month contract with the Quakes. "Don''t get me wrong, I''m well-paid and I''ve been that way throughout my career. But there was literally 20 times when I could have left Norwich for more money. They could have offered me 10 times what I was making and it wouldn''t have mattered because Norwich meant that much to me." "I wanted to come to America forever," Huckerby said. "I already had made up my mind that if I couldn''t play for Norwich, I was never going to play for another team in England. I''m a very loyal person. I know that sounds silly. But I guess I''m just a bit strange that way." http://www.mercurynews.com/sports/ci_10353094?nclick_check=1 You might be strange Hucks but we will always love you for it.
  20. Sort of. The most important thing is we want a good player but if we want to get promoted it would help to sign a quality striker who gives us something differant to the choices that we already have. That means a player who is good at holding the ball up or increadibly pacy.
  21. If we get a quality striker who can get 20 goals at this level, one more centre back to give competition (could be a young loanee) and Bell then I will be very happy. I think that Roeder will spend a couple of million on someone who he feels is a forward who can give us that all important edge. He is biding his time to make sure he gets who he wants at the best price possible. In the middle of last season he said that he believed that the way to get promoted was to have a solid team with a great striker. I would bet that he is going to test this theory  by signing Ameobi.  
  22. I was shocked when I saw this on the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/d/doncaster/7516900.stm    
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