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  1. Behind who? The only comparable player to Gordon is Saka. Is that so? We'll see in 16 days.
  2. Talking of dual nationality. Theoretically, five Newcastle players could be in the Scotland squad: Livramento, Ashby, Gordon, Barnes and Anderson. I don't think any of them will. We're stacked with top full backs so that rules out Livramento and Ashby. Barnes had made it clear that he has no intention of playing for Scotland. Gordon will most likely be called up by England soon. That leaves Elliot Anderson. He will play for Scotland if England don't call him up. The only one that I would willingly take is Gordon.
  3. Ironically, I remember back in the day, his wife or girlfriend said that she doesn't talk to "ugly" people.
  4. It's the face of someone who The Ghostbusters are after:
  5. An interesting one would've been if Leeds born Haaland chose England.
  6. If anyone thinks the football rules are crazy. The Rugby Union eligibility rules are truly nuts. If a player resides in a country for x amount of time (might be a year) he is eligible to represent said country. Even with zero lineage link.
  7. Yeah. I was told that here before he made his debut. The thing is, especially against Norway, facing crosses it was like he had velcro hands. I'll happily admit that I was wrong about him. He's definitely won me over. He even contributed to the equaliser against Norway (31 pass move) with about 3 passes.
  8. Bryan Gunn was a unit! It was probably the only advantage that he had over Goram and Leighton. In ant other generation Bryan would've won 50+ caps. Unfortunately for Bryan, Goram and Leighton were world class and the best keepers to ever play for Scotland. As for dual nationality, it's a nuanced one. Some players can be born in country X and have more affinity for country Y. Apparently, Don Hutchison was approached as a kid to represent England, he said no. Same with Messi, he was approached by Spain. Roy Keane tapped up Darren Fletcher for Ireland. Similarly, of the 22 players the Republic of Ireland brought to the World Cup in Italy in 1990, 16 were born in the United Kingdom. In Morocco, 17 of the 23 players brought to the 2018 FIFA World Cup were born outside the country. Every nation does it, to an extent. If it's not breaking the rules it's fair game.
  9. Tell me about it. They also tell you that grinding whole spices tastes better. It doesn't. It's just snobbery. The trick is just to buy small quantities of powdes, that way you'll replace them before they have the chance to go off.
  10. Good question. I haven't. I don't think you'd have to adjust much, apart from the passata/liquid, etc. The only thing that I've used the slow cooker (Ninja Foodi function) for is when I was making gallons of the Curry Base Gravy. Back then I was using all sorts of vegetables. Very welcome.
  11. Cool. Thanks for the answer. Yeah. But he won me over. I'll happily admit that I jumped the gun (pun intended) on that one. Plus I'm not Steve Clarke so I'm not exactly privy to who plays and who doesn't. I don't want Stuart Armstrong to ever play for Scotland again. But I know he will
  12. I have no idea who that is or what that means. I spent a season here taking pelters for defending Gilmour. Am I going to apologise for turning the tables now that he's doing well? Nope. If you live by the sword you should be willing to die by the sword. Don't like it? Tough ****. Namaste.
  13. Plus, watching him belt out "Flower of Scotland' is heartwarming. Can't wait to see him belt it out against England in 16 days time. His Dad must be proud. I was a fan of his Dad, too. Too bad he had two world class goalkeepers in front of him. Also, there's a massive Norwich connection with Scotland's goalkeeping position. Chris Woods is our goalkeeping coach. Woods was actually the first player who I really looked up to growing up. He was sensational at Rangers.
  14. Do you think his performances have improved or do you think he's improved since playing for Scotland? I was watching the Norway and Spain matches a few days ago and the sheer joy on his face at the end of the matches was lovely to see. You can see that he's genuinely loving playing for Scotland. It helps that we're winning and the camaraderie in the squad hasn't been this good since the days of Craig Brown. He's now got four caps and he's been faultless. He hasn't made one misstep or mistake. He has a clean sheet against Spain on his CV. He's conceded once. A Haaland penalty. Even then the ball literally slipped under his right hand, so he almost saved it. Must be good for his confidence. Plus with a win against Cyprus next month it'll make it five wins out of five and we'll have one foot in the European Championships.
  15. Exactly. Plus with winter coming, all that Indian cooking will warm up the cockles!
  16. You're very welcome. People say that you can't make restaurant quality currie at home, but with this goldmine you absolutely can! If you perfect the base gravy and spices mixes and the method, it steam-lines the process and you can knock a restaurant quality meal out in minutes. (There's recipes for curry base gravy. But honestly, the simpler you make the curry base gravy the better. Just think of it as a spiced up onion soup. There's no need to use dozens of vegetables) Plus, it'll save a small fortune from buying takeaways, etc.
  17. I'm currently writing (amongst other things) a BIR cookbook. The following atabase contains a lot of the Indian dishes that I've used. These recipes aren't mine. They're a great framework, though. That's the great thing about cooking, especially with Indian cuisine, you can be as creative as you like. This British Indian Restaurant database has hundreds of India dishes, desserts, spice mixed, sauces, etc. Thought I'd share: http://www.cook4one.co.uk/c2/rm.html#pagetop
  18. Nah. It's cool. I'm used to it by now. (I wasn't really referring to you. Just my stalkers. You're one of the good ones.) Awesome to see Norwich heading for promotion to where they belong.
  19. Did you even watch the game or are you just mirroring your peers? If you think I'm having a shocker by bigging up his performance today, it's fairly obvious that you didn't watch the game. 95.2% success rate from 60 passes. I'll give you a hand. The higher the number, the better. And I've just been called Welsh. I don't know what to make of that one. Anyway. As I said, only positivity, please. Any negative comments? Shoot me a PM and stop spamming the thread. Thanks.
  20. I agree. It's getting bizarre. I was just accused of being Welsh. Anyway. This thread has been derailed quite enough. Only positive comments, please, or none at all. Thank you.
  21. Anti English? That's a pretty hefty claim. Regardless. I'll reiterate for the illiterate: This forum isn't exclusively a forum about Norwich related things. It just isn't. As much as you wish it to be. On page one there's a thread about the Saudi league. Be a dear and tell me how thats connected to Norwich FC in any way. This place is a football forum. In a general capacity. Thanks. Bye.
  22. Oh. I'm not going anywhere. And yeah. It is. Wounds haven't healed with everyone. Poor diddums.
  23. Manchester United are an absolute mess. We have Eriksen and Casemiro in midfield. Both scored, but neither have got the legs or thd engine to last playing regularly. Sancho and Antony are wingers who have a phobia against running at players. (4 of the worst signings in United history) We have a captain in Bruno who spends 90 minutes moaning and throwing his arms around when he's in a huff. We'll fluke the top 4. If you think Norwich fans are hard on Gilmour, you should see how the United fans treat McTominay. Ouch.
  24. If fairness, if I were Welsh I'd happily pretend to be anything. Even English. But no. I'm Scottish. Just counting the days before we gain independence and England lose their golden goose. Anyway. We'll see how England deal with Gilmour in a couple weeks or so.
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