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  1. Anyone would think that I was talking about the French or the Spanish midfield. 30% of the EPL is English. It only stands to reason that Southgate hasn't got a deep pool. Shaw, Maguire and Stone aren't even regulars for their clubs. I don't really have to justify my opinion here. If people think I'm wrong, fair play. Doesn't change the fact that the England midfield gotta overrun by the USA midfield. Against Wales it's going to be s total scrap.
  2. Better at what? Defensively? Without question. Physically? Totally. But actual technique and passing and special awareness? No. Saying that, though, teams need midfielders like Rice. He's like a far more limited Casemiro. Gilmour's failing is that he's what, 21 now? and he's only had one full season of regular football under his belt. Formative years are important in a player's development. I do get it. "Everyone was building Gilmour up to be the new Zidane and that little Norwich are lucky to have him", he "failed" and it stuck in peoples craw a wee bit. So you stick it to him and laugh and laugh. But as The Smith's said, the joke isn't funny anymore.
  3. No. He can't get into the Brighton team (who are 7th and playing well) because his competition are currently playing at the World cup: McAllister with Argentina and a player called Caisedo who has been linked with Real Madrid and Liverpool. You don't think the likes of Phillips and Rice have limitations? Rice will most probably play in defence when he eventually moves to Chelsea. Gilmour didn't have the best time at Norwich (even though, numbers wise, he outshone McLean and Normann), we all know this. But the way that some people talk about him it's like he's the reincarnation of Carlton Palmer (if he was dead. Which he isn't.)
  4. Exactly right. Pretty much one of the many reasons why Pogba was electric in Serie A was because he had the likes of Vidal doing the dirty work. I was thinking that, too. In Serie A, etc. He'd have more time on the ball. Would love to see him go abroad.
  5. Even the most ardent critic of Billy Gilmour would say that his main attributes are showing for the ball, taking it on the half turn and doing the simple things. England do not have that. Graeme Souness said it after the England vs Scotland game that England don't have a player like Gilmour. And he is right. It's not about Gilmour. It's about the type of player he is. THE MIDFIELD TEMPLATE HOLDING BACK ENGLISH FOOTBALL FOR DECADES AND SOLUTIONS IN SPAIN
  6. No. That's fair enough. I do think against a France or a Brazil the lack of a deep-laying playmaker might prove to be a problem, though. USA were huff and puff, and I suspect Wales will be the same. I'm not saying that Billy Gilmour is already a world class player, but I do respect his skillset. He takes the ball and shows for the ball, no matter where he is. I feel that that's what England are lacking. Another issue (maybe the biggest one) is that the EPL has 30% English players. That's the downside of having the biggest league in the world, everyone wants to play there.
  7. Oops. I don't want to spam the thread any more than you have. Want to chat more on the subject? Shoot me a PM. Namaste.
  8. 1. In the context that a player like Zidane or R9 would fetch £500m+. Then yes. 2. He would. (I've seen him from Scotland u15 upwards. In fairness, even Gareth Southgate said the same anout Bellingham. Southgate called him a "pressing 10 but he could end up being a roaming 8".) 3. What do you plan? Foden and Maddison as a double pivot? Good luck with that...
  9. Yeah... That doesn't cut any ice with me, either. You said that you could walk into the Scotland team. Is that a lie? Are you even eligible?
  10. Mate, you said that you could play international football for a team ranked 40 in the world. THAT'S hilarious.
  11. Watch it again. Mount was a part of a midfield 3. It was a 4-3-3. It may have began as a 4-2-3-1, but it certainly didn't end like it. That may have been because the US midfield were outnumbering the England midfield that it forced Mount back. And thanks for posting the ratings of the midfields.
  12. Yeah. That's funny. Remind me, what was the score was when Scotland met England at the Euro's. You could walk into the Scotland team whose midfield competed with England's? Does that mean you're really good or England's midfield is really bad? The rankings are purely for seedings. This World Cup, with all the upsets, are making a mockery of the ranking system.
  13. Both are number 6s (anchormen). Actually, didn't England play 4-3-3 against USA? No. Gascoigne and Scholes were number 8s. Oh. I know what I'm talking about.
  14. Most people are asking why USA dominated England. The lack of a really traditional deep-laying playmaker Is thr reason. Couldn't agree more. Hate to admit it, but maybe he should have stayed at Rangers, at least long enough to get a hundred or so games under his belt. If he doesn't get a regular game soon, I'm dreading it for him. Could end up like Gael Kakuta who was at Chelsea for 6 years and made 6 appearances.
  15. Do you really put credence in the FIFA rankings? Do you think England are better than Spain?
  16. Bellingham has been described by Southgate as a "Pressing number 10". Henderson is a number 6. Same with Ward-Prowse. Dier is a number 6. Ramsey is a number 10. James is a fullback. And Reed is at Fulham. Obviously, rather than read my posts, you've just dived in to make quips. I'm talking about a Carrick, Robson, Gascoigne, Scholes type. I'm not dissing England. Most countries would kill for Harry Kane.
  17. Great question. The major thing? No one knows. He hasn't really played enough. I wouldn't trust him as an anchorman, as I don't think he's defensively good enough. Honestly, I don't know. Probably as a roaming number 8 where he can knit things together and be a metronome. It's not a sexy role, but every team needs at least one. His ball retention is probably his strongest asset and his counter press.
  18. In fairness, the Brighton duo of McAllister and Caisedo would walk into most EPL teams. And Brighton are 7th. They're hardly struggling. And no. McLean is atrocious.
  19. Fine. Take out Rice and Phillips. Who, like-for-lke, would replace them? Only 2 English midfielders (number 8s) are starters for top 5 EPL teams
  20. Your entire midfield was dominated by a Leeds United player. In a world were Jadon Sancho Is worth £70? And Declan Rice has a £100m tag on his head, then yeah. Bear in mind that Haaland would go for £500m. Put all that into consideration, then yes, Laudrup (and Michael) would easily be £200m players. If you want to judge players of other generations then we would be here all day. God knows what Maradona and Zidane would be worth.
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