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  1. It's funny. Scots are apparently the ones who considers "playing against England as a cup final", yada yada yada, and yet on here the Scotland threads are perpetually spammed with hate, xenophobic slurs and insults. Meanwhile, me (the only Scot here) has never uttered one insulting thing in a thread dedicated to England. Just shows you that the fallacy that the rivalry Is one sided is just that. A fallacy. Namaste.
  2. Total arrogance. You've won one trophy in your whole illustrious existence. Let that one sink in.
  3. A wee bit of light reading. Would appear an education is required: https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Scots-Invented-Modern-World/dp/0609606352
  4. Anyway. I've given my fan club enough attention* McLean came on and at left back and looked pretty good. Definitely NOT a starter. Never has been good emough. But a nice player to come on to consolate matters. *Always leave them wanting more.
  5. And they've won 16 more major trophies than England. Ouch. Besides, they're independent and don't get robbed. And also, you just dissed the captain of your club. Hope it was worth it.
  6. And England are 11 times bigger. Try comparing your sole triumph to Brazil, Argentina, etc. I'd put some aloe on that burn.
  7. An English football fan being elitist. That's a rarity. You're a Norwich fan. For all intents and purposes you could find yourself in the third tier. As Stated, England have won one trophy in their entirely of their history. England aren't a part of the elite.
  8. Don't you want to pull up the Scottish drugs data? Cos, ya know, that is all colours of relevant to nothing.
  9. Two friendlies and we beat Spain the same score as they beat us. Don't trash Germany.
  10. Let's compare the one with your "rivals". Including World Cup, European Championships and Copa America: Argentina (18) Uruguay (17) Brazil (14) Germany (7) Italy (6) France (4) Spain (4) Chile (2) Paraguay (2) Colombia(1) Czechoslovakia (1) Denmark (1) England (1) Greece (1) Netherlands (1) Peru (1) Soviet Union (1)
  11. You've won one more trophy than your opposition tomorrow. Biggest underachievers in football.
  12. Also, Billy "I suck" Gilmour keeps the Norwich captain out of starting for Scotland. Ouch. Norwich must really suck.
  13. McLean came on and did well. He assisted the first equaliser:
  14. Yes. Let's see how many England score against the mighty Malta that's ranked 171. Should be a battle for the glorious England who have a mighty haul of one trophy.
  15. Yes. They actually played against one another in February for the u16s. Tyler for Scotland and Jack for England.
  16. A leader who wishes to surround himself with yes men is no leader. Wouldn't surprise me if there were English voters who would vote for the SNP if they could, or a party who shared the same morals and decency and humanity and who represented the working class. It isn't Labour.
  17. The Starmer "I'll fire any Labour MP who votes for a ceasefire" was a bluff. Imaging if his whole cabinet voted for a ceasefire and there a full-on mutiny. There's no way he would've sacked then all. The Labour MPs who voted against the ceasefire should be embarrassed. The abstainers:
  18. Darren Fletcher's 16-year-old twin sons, Jack and Tyler, both joined their dad's former team after agreeing to sign for Manchester United in a transfer deal worth £1.25million.
  19. Yes really. Manchester United owe £1billion. Aren't Norwich £100m in debt?
  20. Well, idiots are a pandemic. No country is completely perfect. I never once claimed that Scotland was without sin. In a world where women are raped every single minute of every single day, doesn't paint a rosy picture of human beings.
  21. Well, you certainly picked the wrong time to besmirch another nation when yours has a core of racist, right wing troglodytes. Neighbours from hell.
  22. And what's this got to do with Scotland being independent? Or anything? Why not pull up the stats of gun deaths or knife deaths or gang related deaths, etc. I'm pretty sure Scotland would be low on the aforementioned statustics. You've just pulled up an arbitrary statistic that's not relevant to anything. The way that I see it it's just a cheap way of smearing an entire nation of a negative stereotype by someone who appears to be xenaphobic. Is this the point where I list all the amazing things that Scotland have given to the world? Forget about TV. telephone, X-Ray machine, etc. All i have to do is mention penicillin to make my point. Penicillin is the most effective life-saving drug in the world, conquering such dreaded diseases as syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, gangrene, pneumonia, diphtheria, and scarlet fever. It is estimated that penicillin has saved at least 200 million lives. Since you didn't bother watching the video I'll give you the main gist of what Richard Murphy said: "Scotland is a mid-sized European country that is more than capable of standing on its own two feet. Making its own decisions. Raising its own funds. Have a vastly better tax system. Be a fairer country" Before you accuse Richard Murphy of being a Scot with a chip on his shoulder who blames England for all the Ills of Scotland. He's from the East Anglican part of Scotland.
  23. I couldn't care less what the streets are paved with.
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