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  1. All joking aside. Craig Gordon is probably one of the unluckiest footballers. He's the type of guy who would drop and lose a £100 note from his pocket as he picked up £10 that he saw dropping from a person's pocket, before returning it to them. Jermaine Defoe broke Gordon's arm when he was on an upward wave at Sunderland. He was never the same when he returned. But somehow rediscovered a semblance of his past greatness. Now he breaks his leg in two places. It's a shame, too, as he seems like a genuinely nice man.
  2. Youch! You're right, though. Most of us remember '66 like it was yesterday. Yep. Our past lives really jived it up back then.
  3. After almost 27 years of feeling English. Of wanting to play for England. And rejecting several attempts by the SFA, Steve Clarke and previous Scotland managers, Gunn has now conceding that he'll never be picked for England in a competitive game. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/angus-gunn-could-make-scotland-28887803 Hopefully Gareth Southgate reassures Gunn that he's in his plans.
  4. His Juventus partnership with Ravanelli was legendary. Great striker for club and Country. More importantly, seemed like a genuinely nice and humble human being. RIP.
  5. I don't know. Where there's one Kieran Tierney there's a few dozen Andrew Robertsons (who got released). The old Firm don't exactly go the Ajax route. The main problem with the Old Firm is lack of humility and self-awareness. They think they are massive clubs, so instead of producing their own, and then selling them on (Like the likes of Ajax and Benfica do) and settle for being feeder clubs, for decades they have spent millions trying to replicate the top clubs by buying stars. That's the reason Hickey joined Hearts from Celtic, Morrison and Hepburn joined Bayern Munich and Doak joined Liverpool. It is nuanced, though. Morrison and Hepburn are probably learning more playing for Bayern Munich II than they would be playing in the SPL. I certainly did. In fairness, I have been thinking about it. Deep laying playmaker seem to be underrated in England, unless they're Spanish, French, Italian, etc. I genuinely think that's why England fail to produce them. If Gilmour played in Italy or Germany, he would be appreciated more. That's what happened to Paul Lambert. He was in Scotland. Playing as an attacking midfielder. Moved to Germany. People in Scotland laughed. Borussia Dormund converted him into an anchorman. He won the EuropeanCup. He transformed into a decent player into a world class player overnight.
  6. Ben Doak. I've not been as impressed by a young winger since Ryan Giggs or Cristiano Ronaldo:
  7. Good point. So strange, though. It would be like Cristiano Ronaldo teaching a class on humility. All of my teachers were a-holes who couldn't do or teach.
  8. The way that Allan Russell has reinvented himself is bizarre. I remember him at my home club Hamilton Accies. He was one of the worst strikers I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of bad ones. Then all of a sudden he was striking coach for England. It's like being in Bizarro world.
  9. And the weaponising of the word "Woke" Is very uncomfortable. Definition of woke: Being against social injustice and discrimination. Yes. Being woke is obviously a bad thing... says Jim Davidson and the ghost of Bernard Manning.
  10. Is he known as a hardman in England? Just read an article heading about this incident and it said "Ex premier league hardman". Good thing I wasn't drinking, as I would've tested the Samsung water resistance level. If he came up against prime Dave Mackay, Billy Bremner, Graeme Souness or Duncan Ferguson, he would've resembled a jigsaw puzzle. In Scotland, as a player, he was a bit of a powderpuff. Talent wise, never even close to a Scotland cap. Certainly not a hardman. As a pundit and commentator he struggles to strong 5 words together. Is he a coach at Reading? I dread what he's teaching the kids. He once said about youth football: "There's no point in trying to play like Barcelona if you can kick the ball far." Pretty much sums it up his football philosophy.
  11. lol Oh. It is! At Dundee United he beat up a guy on crutches (at the bus stop, if memory serves) At Rangers, he Glasgow kissed a player, subsequently sent to jail. At Everton, he nearly strangled Steffen Freund to death and he sent a couple of guys who burgled his house to the nearest hospital. Leaving Ronaldo sleeping like a baby on a clothes hook would be progress.
  12. He's not really. As a kid and as young adult, yes, he had anger management issues, but he's definitely mellowed in time. Whisper it, but human beings are able to evolve and change. That isn't to say that if a player stepped out of line they wouldn't be eating through a straw for a month. It would take a brave (or stupid) player to step out of line. Can you imagine Ferguson being the Manchester United manager as Ronaldo refused to be subbed on and then subsequently storming down the tunnel? Ronaldo would be hanging unconscious from a clothes hook in the dressing room.
  13. True. But Gerard Houllier didn't. PS: Nor am a Liverpool fan.
  14. Have any of you heard of Ben Doak? You will. A few days ago he played 7 minutes against AC Milan, he got one assist and he hit the post.(I've seen him from Scotland u16 - 21s.) Celtic were so desperate to keep him that they gave him his debut at 16 against Rangers. Only 17 years old. I've not been as impressed by a youngster since Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs. If you got him on loan, you'd get promoted. Klopp loves him.
  15. He did and he was incredible! Scottish football doesn't get to laud much... or anything over English football, but they got the pleasure of watching Brian Laudrup and Henrik Larsson at their peak. (Two world class players) One of my most vivid school memories was actually rushing home to watch a Uefa Cup (or it might've been the cup winner's cup) match between Motherwell and Dormund. That's when Lambert caught the attention of Ottmar Hitzfeld. The reason he joined Celtic instead of Juventus from Dortmund was because his child was ill and he wanted to return to Scotland. It's a shame, a midfield consisting of Zidane and Lambert would've been immense.
  16. D'oh! I meant Villa. Sorry. His playing career was like a real life Rocky story. He left Motherwell for Borussia Dormund. Everyone in Scotland laughed and expected him to return with his tail between his legs. Yes, he returned alright, with a European Cup winner's medal in one pocket and Zinedine Zidane in the other.
  17. Yeah. Let's be honest, what he went through with Derby is something that 99% of managers will never experience. You can tell that he genuinely loves football, so I hope he gets a crack at a big job. Maybe Norwich? Yeah. I do respect Gerrard and Lampard for giving it a go, as opposed to Rio Ferdinand, Scholes, Carragher, etc. I do agree about Lampard having a longer management career than Gerrard. Gerrard only won the SPL because Celtic took a dive. It's rare for managers that start with big clubs having success. In recent memory, only Guardiola and Zidane have pulled it off. I was actually gutted thar Paul Lambert failed at Norwich. He legit was a world class player, who incidently, man marked Zidane out of the 96/97 European Cup final (Juventus actually tried to buy Lambert because of his performance).
  18. And now Beale is the Rangers manager. Says a lot. The most telling stats is that he won 1 domestic trophy from a possible 9. Callum Davidson won 2 domestic trophies in the same time frame with a club who has spent £248k (Net profit of £1.85m). The standard bearer at Rangers is Walter Smith. Steven Gerrard is a massive drop in standard. The Norwich job is too big for Gerrard. He needs to push his ego aside and drop down to league one, etc. Sir Alex Ferguson started with East Stirling and then St Mirren, and he learned and got his mistakes out of the way where no one noticed. That's pretty much why the likes of Gerrard and Lampard will end up retiring from management soon. Their egos are so big that they refuse to go into the trenches.
  19. From the man who claimed that he was being "Forced out of Old Trafford" in November, even though he requested a transfer back in June and refused to particulate in pre-season. I've now added Portugal to the countries that I don't want to win the World Cup.
  20. As long as Brazil don't win the entire thing. Neymar is a cancer on football. However, Pele being ill may just give Brazil the incentive they need to get over the line.
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