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  1. Seriously, though, you could list the abysmal performances. Against Norway and especially Spain it was night and day. Tonight was awful. In fairness, 1 bad performances in 12 is a good ratio. I'm just happy that 1 came in a friendly.
  2. Agreed. I mention him in the other thread. I wouldn't blame Gunn for any of the three goals. 2nd goal Robertson practically gifted the goal. Gunn has been a great addition to the Scotland squad.
  3. Oh. Gunn also played well. Would be unfair to blame him for either goal.
  4. You played well. No point denying it. We simply didn't turn up. Collectively it was a stinker. Congrats.
  5. Yeah. It was an off night. In fairness, no one turned up. The only Scotland player that gets passmarks are McGregor and Hickey. The rest were just awful. From a Scotland point if view, it's a reality check. Gotta take the positives from it. We do have a long way to go but we are evolving. Well done, England. Much deserved win.
  6. Nah. Fair play. Hands up. England were far and away the better team. Scotland offered zero. We didn't turn up. No complaints from me. We didn't even deserve a goal. So, apologies for that. Congratulations, lads. Your boys done well. Bellingham is some talent. Sucks that Georgia failed to draw with Norway. So, generally, the night doubly sacked! lol Onwards and upwards. We have one foot in the Euros.
  7. Like how the dozens of people are claiming on here that they "don't care"? But I'm actually telling the truth. I'd accept a 0-5 defeat if Georgia and Norway drew. Easily.
  8. Exactly my point. Gilmour is getting better and better, Henderson is ag semi-retirement and yet people are saying they'd still choose Henderson. Nothing to do with injuries. Gross has been ever present and Milner is mainly been used at right back. He wasn't poor at Norwich. He was just levels above his team-mates. The nuances of his game was just ahead of them. You are free to disagree if you like.
  9. If Georgia draw with Norway tonight we'll be the first team to qualify for the European Championships. I'd swap a loss to England tonight if it means Georgia will get something from Norway. Sorry to break it to the "this is Scotland's World Cup final" mob.
  10. No. I generally support anyone who plays the Old Firm, foreign and domestic. Cool. A wee bit before my time. That was when Jim McLean was in charge. He was equal to SAF. Dundee United reached the Uefa Cup final in the 86/87 season, knocking out Barcelona along the way. Pretty much the same time as SAF's Aberdeen were knocking out Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to win the Cup Winnersh Cup. Ah. The days of the New Firm.
  11. Yeah. I actually called it on my OP. The lad has played for Scotland u16, u17. u18 and u21s and England u19. He's flip flopped so many times that if he plays for England, at any level, he's locked to England. I actually don't mind. He's a good player but if he wants to play for England it's understandable.
  12. Right. This coming from Mr "I can only act tough and insult people when there's an audience". My PM is open.
  13. Yeah. I'm delighted about that. I was a Rangers fan in my youth (before I knew about the politics, etc). Chris Woods was one of my earliest heros growing up. World class keeper.
  14. Directly insulting me. That's a rarity. I'm not wasting my time with a person who is perpetually rude, insulting and offensive. Namaste.
  15. He's not that good and yet he's a starter for a top 6 club in the best league in the world? Henderson is in Saudi, in semi-retirement. He's a starter for England. According to some people, Henderson is better than Gilmour. I don't see any English midfielders doing partly well in the EPL. take out Rice and Southgate’s hands are tied. Either is anti-scottishness, ignorance or stupidity. Pick one.
  16. My opinion is also the opinion of Scotland fans, Chelsea fans and Brighton fans. He's a starter for top 6 club. That's the thing, things are so thin on the ground that there's hope that TAA and Lewis will move into midfield. Two full backs. Bellingham really is better as a number 10. At Real Madrid he's pretty much part of a front three.
  17. And when English people say "The rivalry is only one way", or "this means nothing to England, etc. It's negated when people can't even bring themselves to admit that Billy Gilmour could get into the England XI. it's solely because he's Scottish. If he was a Brazilian called Gilmario it would be a different story. Nah. No rivalry there...
  18. I watched the Ukraine match. It didn't look like they were up for that.
  19. Agreed. however, opinions are only valid when they're honest. If anyone genuinely thinks that Henderson would start in front of of Billy Gilmour they're either bat-shut-crazy, on the booze, on the wind-up or they know zero about football. Henderson is picked because Southgate has no choice. He clearly doesn't rate Ward-Prowse. Phillips have merged into the Manchester City bench. Other than that, who is there?
  20. Is saying that a 33 year old who's in semi-retirement wouldn't play in front of a top 6 EPL midfielder that controversial?
  21. The lineup I want to see. However, wouldn't be disappointed to see Dykes in there to bully Maguire. The midfield battle will be won by Gilmour, McGinn, McGregor and McTominay.
  22. As for the people who mocked me with my "Billy Gilmour would walk into the England team". Your very own Chris Sutton has just said exactly the same thing by saying that Henderson (a first teamer for England) wouldn't play ahead of Gilmour, McGregor, McTominay or McGinn. Ha. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-12504771/Jordan-Henderson-NOT-start-Scotland-ahead-Scott-McTominay-John-McGinn-claims-Chris-Sutton-Mail-Sports-podcast-Kicking-Off.html Checkmate.
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